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Auto 00 Kush Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Auto 00 Kush Feminised Seeds on the web this instant from 00 Seeds with prompt and tactful transport to any global destination.

Auto 00 Kush is a glorious ganja breed ready to buy as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop purely feminine reefer flowers while common seeds offer pollinating and feminine herbs at about balanced ratios.

The flowering pattern of Auto 00 Kush is Autoflowering. Auto-flowering pot species bloom notwithstanding daylight hours whilst photo-period phenotypes answer to daylight cycle.

The 00 Kush x Ruderalis genes of Auto 00 Kush bestow the choicest virtues to this cannabis species. The outcome has terrific terpene combinations that bring forth sensational odors and qualities.

Picking up Auto 00 Kush Feminised Seeds by 00 Seeds gives you the means to nurture this jaw-dropping weed breed in your residence or wherever. The value of the product is striking.

Your Auto 00 Kush Feminised Seeds are promptly forwarded in merely a handful of days following paying for these pot seeds online. The seeds are stealthily encased for maximal stealth.

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As the first-class supplier for amazing ganja seeds, Starseeds is dedicated to client fulfillment. Please do reach out to our kind sales service if you happen to want any support getting Auto 00 Kush Feminised Seeds on the internet.

Auto 00 Kush Breeder Description

00 Kush Auto is the auto-flowering version of our 00 Kush. Rapid and vigorous flowering and producing large and rich buds covered in resin. Training is recommended to support side-branches and maximise potential. Exotic, aromatic and tasty qualities with relaxing and cerebral effects. 17% THC.


  • Yield: 400 – 450 gr/m2
  • Total cultivation: 65 – 75 days
  • Height: 80 – 100 cm.


  • Harvest: From April to November
  • Height: 120 – 140 cm.

Auto 00 Kush Growing Information

Begin your Auto 00 Kush Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Retain the growth substrate wettish by issuing water, except do not let it get waterlogged.

Present the saplings with light right after they’ve sprouted. Deliver fert once Auto 00 Kush has ended its sprouting development stage.

During the course of the vegetative period, empower your ganja plants to grow and establish mass. Habitual reviewing and TLC will facilitate a productive weed crop.

The flowers are finished growing after a flowering phase of 65 – 75 days, perfectly caked in resin and masked in crystals. This herb strain is esteemed for its fine quality.

Auto 00 Kush provides a rewarding harvest of high-grade Mostly Indica flowers that produce pleasing feelings.


00 Seeds

Flowering Time

65 – 75 days


00 Kush x Ruderalis

Pack Size

5 Seeds, 3 Seeds

Flowering Type

Plant Height

Indoors: 80 – 100 cm; Outdoors: 120 – 140 cm.

THC Content