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Aurora Indica Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Aurora Indica Auto Feminised Seeds on the internet on the spot from Nirvana with quick and cautious transport to any location worldwide.

Aurora Indica Auto is a leading marijuana cultivated variety offered as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up exclusively female marihuana reefer flowers yet common seeds yield masculine and female marihuana plant life at almost split ratios.

The flowering kind of Aurora Indica Auto is Autoflowering. Automatic marihuana variances bloom careless of light schedule whilst ordinary photo-period genetics react to daylight time.

The Aurora Indica x Ruderalis parents of Aurora Indica Auto lend the ultimate features to this weed chemovar. The final product has wonderful terpene combinations that bring forth magnificent fragrances and tastes.

Acquiring Aurora Indica Auto Feminised Seeds by Nirvana gives you the ability to raise this mind-blowing weed cultivated variety in your home or wherever you want. The nature of the product is outstanding.

Your Aurora Indica Auto Feminised Seeds are expeditiously sent in merely a number of days from buying these marihuana seeds on the internet. The seeds are cautiously encased for peak concealment.

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Aurora Indica Auto Breeder Description

Aurora Indica Auto is a short indica-dominant strain. It is resistant to insects and is also tolerant cold and wet conditions. Stable genetics produce uniform plants are easy to grow and require little maintenance.

Aurora Indica Auto plants grow to a height of 80 – 110 cm. tall indoors and outdoors. Indoors, the life-cycle lasts for 9 – 11 weeks and a dehumidifier is advised in late flowering as the buds are very dense and can become susceptible to mould. The best indoor yields per area will be obtained in a SoG grow. Growers should harvest 400 – 500 gr/m2 from plants that need high nutrient levels.

Outdoors this strain can be planted between May and October in the northern hemisphere – staggering the crop will result in two or even three harvests per growing season with each plant capable of producing 80 – 100 gr. Other than nutrients, these plants require very little maintenance throughout their life other than perhaps some leaf tying to aid light penetration as the internodal length is very short..

The scent of Aurora Indica Auto is pungent, with musk and spice overlain by savoury and herbal notes. The taste is earthy with spice and pepper notes and this becomes even more pronounced when hash or other extracts are produced. THC content is between 14 – 17% while CBD is low at less than 1%. The effect is that of a very full-on indica, heavy, physical and rather couch-lock in nature. Perfect for a quiet evening after a long, hard day’s work.

Aurora Indica Auto Growing Information

Spring up your Aurora Indica Auto Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Retain the soil or media damp by applying water, nevertheless do not let it get marshy.

Supply the saplings with brightness promptly after they’ve started growing. Feed plant food immediately after Aurora Indica Auto has concluded its germination development cycle.

During the course of the vegetative cycle, support the marijuana plants to thrive and establish mass. Habitual checkup and pest control strategies will guarantee a lucrative reefer seed grow.

The nuggets are harvestable succeeding a bloom phase of 63 – 77 days, completely hashy and coated in trics. This cannabis variety is revered for its first-rate crop.

Aurora Indica Auto offers a noteworthy Medium – High crop of phenomenal Mostly Indica nugs that provide pleasing Body, Couch Lock, Physical, Relaxing, Strong sensations.



CBD Content



Body, Couch Lock, Physical, Relaxing, Strong

Flowering Time

63 – 77 days

Flowering Type


Aurora Indica x Ruderalis


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Pack Size

5 Seeds

Plant Height

80 – 110 cm.

THC Content

up to 17%



Medium – High