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Holy Smoke Seeds

Atomic Sherbet Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Atomic Sherbet Feminised Seeds on the world wide web promptly from Holy Smoke Seeds with swift and tactful transport to any location across the globe.

Atomic Sherbet is a revered cannabis genetic up for sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop exclusively feminine ganja flowers yet common seeds grow pollinating and feminine trees at approximately split proportions.

The flowering class of Atomic Sherbet is Photoperiod. Automatic marijuana chemovars bloom heedless of lighting schedule whereas ordinary photoperiod phenotypes react to lighting cycle.

The Blue Strawberry Guide Dawg x Sherb Sauce genes of Atomic Sherbet supply the ultimate traits to this cannabis variety. The crop has prodigious terps that create awesome fragrances and essences.

Bagging Atomic Sherbet Feminised Seeds by Holy Smoke Seeds grants you the ability to tend this stunning marijuana genetic indoors, outside, or wherever you demand. The excellence of the matured crop is incredible.

Your Atomic Sherbet Feminised Seeds are promptly posted in only a short number of days following paying for these marijuana seeds online. The seeds are inconspicuously boxed for optimal secretiveness.

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As the top-notch store for matchless cannabis seeds, Starseeds is devoted to shopper happiness. Kindly email our cordial product service in case you require any support obtaining Atomic Sherbet Feminised Seeds online.

Atomic Sherbet Breeder Description

Demand for the Blue Strawberry strain and outrageous growth from her has ensured her place in multiple operations and having had a bit of time with her we are buzzing to finally blend her with such precision ..bringing the girth of the Sunset Sherbert into play has tightened up with such density literally doubling the weight that can come off her.

She tastes so damn good, she’s a blend of berries with a slight citrus hint just woven in,. She pushes so very hard with exceptionally tight internodes now and dense as nuggs which fluff out massively when chopped huge amounts of such top quality stone and wow she has some gorgeous colouring.

We are so in awe at the prospects of this one and with the Guide Dawg steering this too she’s super strong now. She hits and sits for ages, very introspective with the sativa push still just within grasp so she keeps u able as long as u look after her such a glorious quality stone, she’ll repay you many times over, she really is one of the new school expect serious results and share responsibly as another very high THC strain from the House of Holy Smoke Seeds.

Atomic Sherbet Growing Information

Sprout your Atomic Sherbet Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Have the growing material wettish by adding water, except do not let it get too wet.

Supply the weeds with sunlight promptly after they’ve begun to grow. Provide fertilizer as soon as Atomic Sherbet has ended its sprouting growing period.

Within the vegetative growth period, permit the weed plants to grow and establish in size. Recurrent supervision and pest management will contribute to a triumphant pot patch.

The nugs are harvestable succeeding a bloom phase of 56 – 63 days, perfectly oozing with resin and enclosed in trichome crystals. This marijuana variety is distinguished for its splendid finish.

Atomic Sherbet supplies a lucrative harvest of first-rate Mostly Indica nugs that provide gratifying stones.


Holy Smoke Seeds

Flowering Time

56 – 63 days


Blue Strawberry Guide Dawg x Sherb Sauce

Pack Size

6 Seeds

Flowering Type