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Amnesia Early Harvest Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Amnesia Early Harvest Feminised Seeds on the net without delay from World of Seeds with rapid and tactful delivery to any nook of the earth.

Amnesia Early Harvest is a famed cannabis breed on sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate solely feminine weed reefer flowers yet common seeds offer masculine and feminine weed greens at almost balanced proportions.

The flowering kind of Amnesia Early Harvest is Photoperiod. Autoflower herb chemovars bloom regardless of daylight cycle whereas conventional photo-period genetics answer to lighting schedule.

The Amnesia x Auto f5 parents of Amnesia Early Harvest impart the finest traits to this cannabis species. The matured crop has prodigious terps that bring forth divine scents and qualities.

Bagging Amnesia Early Harvest Feminised Seeds by World of Seeds gives you the ability to produce this jaw-dropping cannabis breed indoors, outdoors, or wheresoever. The caliber of the load is incredible.

Your Amnesia Early Harvest Feminised Seeds are speedily expedited in only a short number of days following paying for these herb seeds in real time. The seeds are cautiously wrapped for max stealth.

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Amnesia Early Harvest Breeder Description

Amnesia Early Harvest is the fastest sativa strain available anywhere in the world! Bred by crossing an Automatic f5 variety with our already famous Amnesia strain. This strain began with obtaining of clones from Thai seeds, in whose genetic pool we looked for the necessary genes to provide this strain with stimulating characteristics, physical highlights and earthy-citrus aromas. These duly selected clones have been crossed with a great Skunk # 1 male in the first generation to increase the density of bud, the production of resin and at the same time it served us to domesticate some of the wild Thai genes that we were least interested in for this cross, such as the very long flowering time.

Subsequently the result of this cross has been further bred with a selected male of Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer and a male ruderalis 100 automatic. The end result of all this alchemic work is a hugely productive, ultra-fast strain, with very dense and resinous buds, an exceptional and very special taste / smell, as well as higher percentages of CBD than in Thai Landraces.

Amnesia is very easy to grow. It doesn’t have many leaves, is nearly immune to spiders, mites, and grows exceptionally well under the right conditions. Amnesia is a great producer and needs a shorter flowering time than any sativa on the market, 45 – 50 days, making it perfect for indoors and easy to control. Outdoors Amnesia is capable of growing into a cannabis plant over 2.5 meters high, depending on the length of the vegetative period. The effects of Amnesia are very intense and full of positivism that are expressed through a euphoric, energetic, communicative and very creative state. With earthy flavours of lemons and citrus, Amnesia is a perfect strain to start the day with a smile and a burst of positive energy.

Amnesia Early Harvest Growing Information

Spring up your Amnesia Early Harvest Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Sustain the potting soil or media damp by issuing water, yet do not let it get too wet.

Bestow the plants with brightness at the moment when they’ve started growing. Deliver plant nutrients right after Amnesia Early Harvest has fulfilled its sprout development state.

At the veg phase, permit the weed plants to develop and build leafage. Periodic examination and TLC will foster a prosperous pot grow.

The budlets are finished after a budding time of 45 – 50 days, entirely soaked with resin and masked in THC crystals. This herb strain is beloved for its top-notch terps.

Amnesia Early Harvest offers a gratifying harvest of phenomenal Mostly Sativa nuggets that provide pleasing highs.


World of Seeds

Flowering Time

45 – 50 days


Amnesia x Auto f5

Pack Size

3 Seeds, 7 Seeds, 12 Seeds

Flowering Type

Plant Height

Up to 250 cm. outdoors

THC Content