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Universal Ascension

A way through the hall of mirrors, straight to your hearts desire. Yes, this is within reach. For the answer may also be found outside of the place you have discovered from within.

Here are some networks we think you'll like to get you started with the growth of sharing with others. Let it be known when you join, or if you decide to sign up, ISN has sent you their way in appreciation.

Starseed Hotline

Light Grid

Saviors Of Earth

Telepath City

Elven World

Earth Changes

Alchemy a Journey Of Love And Spirit

The Gathering Of Wise Ones

Home Of Metaphysics

Pagan Souls community

The City Of Shamballa

Love Peace And Harmony

The Spirit Guides Network

Spirit Rescuers

Metaphysical Sciences

Spirit Awareness

The resistance Movement

Sovereign Warriors

soul Voyagers Community

A New Gaia Community

Pagan fire Side

Global Psychics Community

Architects Of A New Dawn

Winged Ones

Galactic connection

Enchanted Forest

Temple Illuminatus

Ashtar Command Crew

Ashtar Galactic Commanders

Galactic Federation Of Light

The Federation Of Light

2013 Rainbow Round Table

Poll Shift

Pagan Space

One Vibration

Shattering The Matrix

Wiccan Together

Love Is The answer

The Power Of Blessings

Humanity Healing

Galactic Spacebook

Love And Light World

In The Dark

Esoteric Online

Rosey's Realm

Psychic Knight

Liciferian Research Society

Women Of Spirit

Native Spirits Tribal Community


Shadow, Heart And Soul Of The Black Rose

The Nocturnal Cauldron

Spiritual Forums

The witches Den

Witch Unknown Coven

The Daily Spell

Seventh Sight Society

Lightworkers Community

Indigo Society

Spirit Forums

real Pagan community

Enjoy and send us your love if you become connected in this way.


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