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I know that it’s her because her pleiadian self visited me in abductions to say so. I also remember her from my past lives, and it’s the exact same person. I am not the same person as I was then. I have changed dramatically. Dramatically. So maybe, she doesn’t recognize me.

I had strokes without her and more. My body is in an exceptionally bad state that I can’t even talk of here for personal reasons, so I am sensitive to any event. She has a healing energy.
I wish that I didn’t need her. But I do. We used to have children. Only 1 life she rejected me, my Japanese life.
I can’t take it physically or emotionally. A guy said he went through similar things with himself. Then they got together 7 months later.
I am now reaching out for advice. Don’t say ”universe wants to teach you a lesson” etc. Please give me useful advice on how to fix this relationship without her thinking I’ve forgiven her etc. Because I havent.


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I hardly know anything about the subject but a friend made this reading last week and it's a general reading which means that it might apply to anyone who resonates with it:


Dear Flames, it is time to detach from the Fear of Loss of your Beloved
This is the only reason to why you are clinging and obsessing about your connection
Loving in a balanced way will require trust and freedom
You can not control your Twin
Sometime they will journey what seems further away from you, but actually is closer to you

From celstialtarot1111

Well I tried this in my Japanese life as well, he got another woman and even married her, but on the inside he couldn’t stop thinking about his twin flame. I remember not much from that life, but I am a bit similar to that man in this life. I dated another woman indeed, who even had a child, but I still thought of my twin flame in my heart. I really am that angry with my twin flame, but I still need her. I told you my body doesn’t do well physically from this. Emotions affect our bodies.

So this advice is good but it doesn’t work. I need some advice on how to make peace with someone who forgot about me.

As one who has found his twin flame again my advice is to not only find forgiveness for her but for yourself, you have stated your body is in a bad state that speaks much as the body reflect the emotional magnetism of where you are inside. This is how one flame journeys threw the dark night of the soul. Look within it is each others peak barriers that need to be crossed to once again align each others energies to be able to vibrationaly connect together otherwise the repulsing magnitude of energy will push farther and change the opportunity to come together again in this life. Hed my message as this is the best advice i can give you that will help.


Thank you.

Looking for reunion advice in particular. If anyone has any ideas please message me or comment here.

You want advise? I say get back to the jungle, and do this like any male animal does: earn her!

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, "what must I do to be a successful provider to the woman I've chosen?" Do you need to learn new methods of handling your emotions? Do you need to get an education upgrade and seek a better paying job? Okay in past lives you got together more easily, but reincarnation is meant to present us with NEW challenges. You're not gonna win her with romantic gestures or creepy stalker actions, so focus on who you must become in order to be the man she will GROW ALONGSIDE WITH FOR THE REST OF THIS LIFE.

You want to reunite and make this work? Bring the best of you to the table, and let her see what you have to offer. You have the rest of this life, so work it out over time. Let her make the moves while YOU focus on becoming the best you you can be.

Thank you. I like this response.

I’m having a hard time even finding my tf...I gave up though.

I’m sorry. Remembering your past lives may help. Best of luck to you

I believe I don’t have one, I’m not as fortunate as you people.

My best advice is... best conveyed in song:

Please, feel it out, let it happen. What is fated to be yours will be yours.

Thank you


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