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We're looking for administrators or moderators to help out with the running of the site.

1. Managing content.

2. Managing members.

3. Updating the design.

4. Technical concerns.

5. Site promotion and direction.

If interested please reply. Let yourself be known when or if you are available.

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I can't be here all the time. I can make sure payments get sent to keep the site online and to when I'm online, be supportive of what's going on at the time. but when I need rest, someone else ideally should be on in case some scammer or spam bot tries to come in and cause problems. As I've already had to remove another one, it is a possibility. So just know that I've tried to delegate enough responsibility where you if you have limited time, can just focus on key areas based on interest. Other terms are available if you wish for more or less control. I'm not just giving it to anyone, but I am putting the volunteer thought out there. Knowing what makes a good mod or admin involves excellent observation skills, and communicative abilities for a start.

Cheers Carl, we can collaborate on the site's appearance, and indeed, If it was another ning you worked on it wont be any different here I reckon...

The site looks already a lot better after those changes ; ) I am working on a banner image ...

I can't seem to get the banner centered and fitted... Yes, instead of the site name we could indeed add text from coollogo. First we need to get that banner's placement sorted out.. not as easy as expected.

Carl and Jolan, its looking great an I'm loving it. thanks for your trouble.

Registering here that I'm putting my hand up to help out. :)

Amber, I'm in eastern Australia and can be on the site to moderate from 9am to 9pm most days. Its just after 10pm here now to give an idea of time.

   I am interested in a moderator position, I feel like I've been doing this long enough, and I also feel like I understand the kind of atmosphere ISN wishes to condone. I am a reasonable and practical person. I'm on during eastern times until My shoulder is healed, when I'm working, I wont be available around 2pm to 9 or 10pm (eastern time zone). Thanks for considering me!

I can be admin or mod which ever :)

Hey, it's looking great guys, am lovin the changes you've made - just one thing the grey text for the headings is a bit dark. I can see it on my computer but it almost disappears on my Smartphone.

Yeah- -it looks excellent Carl :)

I’d like to help as a mod only because there have been pretty crazy mods in the past.
Power hungry lunatics shouldn’t be in control.

Alas I’m content with my two cents of input


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