"it is a 'monster' of a starting position I've got". Here is some questions.

Hi all God bless all all all you

I hear from different medias that we're now at the tip of the tipping point. They also just shared this video at the Galactic Mails recently

This thread is for you to share how is your 'starting position' and to me my starting position are very crazy after all this traveling the last 3 years and 11 months.

Here is some questions>

_1: What is your projects or jobs?
1> Well I am doing many different things, it will be interesting to see what will be my main focus when things start to happen. I love experimenting with many websites, I have website about monthly StarseedConference, I have website about sending baby clothes from middle east to western europe, I have website about my silly music, I have different menu-websites pretending that the different menus are competing with eachother about which is the best menus to make myself make better websites.
And I like to help my friends to travel. And I have friends in transport work, I help them as assistant sometimes, they are driving all the time up and down between Spain and England, but they are also interested in other places.
I have too many projects. Even I have started to make comedy manuscript. I want to make movies with Armenian and Georgian people. I want to help people living a luxury life with my experiences from growing up in Norway. I draw hearts all the time, putting up posters with many hearts and with text "peace in Manchester" for example. I want to help Norwegian and Liverpool friends to travel, and ofcause people from other countries too, so I might end up making some sort of travel company. I want to have a house on the countryside and start to do things as a farmer, and to make a vegetarian farm or vegan farm, in pleiades they actually drink milk so I don't think it is too bad to take milk from cows as long as the cows are happy, and I always question myself about eggs, especially when I read that it is very normal that the soul gets in to the body at the time you are getting born for instance if a chicken soul know that the egg would be roasted why would the chicken as a soul go in there?
I would maybe love to go together with people about building houses.
Yeah, and I forgot about my "profession", ofcause I want to find a "9 to 5" work at grocery store again in the future, food shop, and probably I end up as a second manager, or to make a international supermarket in Norway or Sweden with all my contacts around the world and with help from my english transporter-friends. Also I have started to translate youtube videos from English to Norwegian and from Norwegian to English, if you speak two languages this is a good way to get karma.

_2: What is your countries or continents? Feel free to add a picture of your favorit place(s) and of the place you feel you belong to, also outside Earth.
2> I must admit I am very a fan of Europe. I am in Batumi in Georgia now, I want to live here for awhile, its on the seaside. It is very cheap here and fantastic nature and the locals are very friendly.
I also like Liverpool in England, Scotland, Sweden, Spain, Armenia, Karabakh, Nice in France, Warsaw in Poland, Bulgaria and I am so happy that it is so much more for me to explore in Europe. I added a picture of Batumi and a picture of the map of Georgia, with circle on the three biggest cities, I love Kutaisi too.

_3: What do you prefer, to have your focus to outer space or to make family? Ofcause you can do both.
3> I want to make a family

_4: How is your economic situation? (this question you can skip if you want)
4> not too bad.

_5: What instruments do you play?
5> I love to play the piano, but I am mostly playing my own things, because I never went to piano classes. I want to learn how to play guitar.

_6: (a) What languages do you speak and (b) what languages do you speak a little and (c) what languages do you want to learn?
6a> I speak Norwegian and English.
6b> I speak a little German and Spanish, I want to be good at those languages, also I am learning Georgian, I have learned the alphabet, somebody voted the Georgian alphabet as the most beautiful alphabet in the world.
6c> I want to learn Armenian, I can a few words. I also want to learn Korean, and maybe Icelandic too.

7> White and pink, then light green and blue.

_8: Will you live on Earth or will you explore outer space?
8> Live on Earth, but I would love to live at Pleiades for a year or two, if I will get permission to do that.

_9: If you had a million dollar out of the blue what would you do with it?
9> Share much of it with other people who want to have a million dollar out of the blue, hope I will not be selfish, but actually I don't like too much money, its like bad luck to me sometimes, but as I am Norwegian I feel kind of a responsibility to 'mess' about money, but all I want is to feel happy.

_10: mention some of your idols.

_11: add one extra question to your own interview.


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