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2 why ets and government abduct people, what they do to people
Disclaimer ! by the being reading, seeing or understanding any thoughts, words, emotions heir by will are never to use this information to : miss use, manipulate in any time line, existence, dimension, plain or realm of energy against me, the timelines, parallel universes or of any existence or creation, on rules of the multiverse law set by the immortal 8 and TRUE eternal being of source..

why ets abdcut people.
this depends on the agenda of the et individuals, group or faction. this can be complicated as many agendas can be stacked and mixed. some reasons are : genetic gathering of materials, subconscious knowledge of information or experience of life here, soul knowledge extraction, egg and sperm harvesting, personal interactions { wither be sharing of knowledge, of friend or family visit}, general health checkups, rare case food, human trafficking, experiment subjects.

what ets do to people when abducted
many et factions have a verity of technology. even same factions may not use the same tech depending on things. so some times it can be hard to tell who is abducting people. they use a verity of ways to do to from : dimensional shifting of them self or the abductee {they can work on you while still awake dong normal life things}, tractor beams, reatomizer ( this takes one subject brakes atoms down and reforms them to new location " this one hurts and makes me sick afterwards" grate for long ranged use and do not have to worry about weather. forced astral travel.
they have many ways of subduing a person: telepathy, psychokinesis { ability to move things with your mind}, power of suggestion, technology- emotion transmitter ( a device that triggers a specific emotion" like the emotion of suddenly wanting to be alone"} or brain wave transmitter {same thing to me}, and chemicals.
depending on the ets agenda they may use you for , the hybrid program { making genetically altered or genetic selective breeding children} , cloning, DNA memory, experiments of new technology- chemicals- diseases- implants- scenario simulations. and above examples. clone replacement, in most cases depending on the territory , government contracts and what category a person falls into they may be mind whipped, memory suppressed or memory altered of the abduction. people can ask for memory whipping.
visitations are not abductions per say though they can be sudden and some times unknowing to the person of who they are being visited by...this can include friendly or family visits, shearing of knowledge, exploring other places other than earth, being shown truth of the reality beyond what ets and government allow public to see. they may be introduced into some cultures that are not of earth, from eating food to enjoying entertainment. in most cases depending on the what category a person falls into they may be mind whipped, memory suppressed or memory altered of the visitation.

government from my experience of why abductions
abdicating hybrids born on earth for examination, people with abilities { they have a device that can track energy type depending on where you live in the world}, DNA extraction, sperm and egg extraction, information extraction, experimentation, implanting implants.
what the can do to people they abduct" not so much as in the right they have to people depending on where it is but what they have capability to do of their tech and knowledge depending on government. many governments of earth have ets that work for them or have exchanged knowledge, resources, or humans under their citizen ship. the government as far as i know may use subjects to: cloning people or hybrids , use collected seamen and eggs for making hybrids or selective breeding. observe hybrids by keeping them or their clones. implanting new technology into experiments. experimenting on people with abilities to understand how their powers work. use people with abilities to do many things depending on the powers they have.

my sings and symptoms
there is some difference in abductions of the government and of ets.. ets depending on the reason for abductions/ visitations may be nice or not.. m
noticed that when i got abducted by one of the government factions they used iodine wash on my entire body all except my face. i have had this a few times in my life waking up with strange tarnish orange die on me. though it was more odorless than normal iodine. i woke up with more of what i know now as a chemical feeling of knock out sedation. had no recollection of what happen or just fragments of seeing human officials in uniform with dr and gray ets with some other spaces..some looked like Andromedans in the room.

ets depending on faction and what tech they use. what they use you for. the needle marks are different than earths, even if they use chemicals or injections to subdue the after effects are more natural chemistry than that of humans. strange pattern bruises- puncture marks- or branding of the skin. skin scoop marks, people may have a different smell to them then what they had before the abduction, bruises that are unexplained that are clearly hand, or finger prints of non humans. having the feeling of being full from eating when you did not eat and have no history of sleep walking. your skin being striped of natural oils or being ungodly silky or hydrated with no lotion or bath. chemicals may be left behind of what you can see with a black light, depending on what they do you may feel better or worse in health " some illnesses may just go away or cancers, sudden bumps- colorless moles- scars- injection marks- soreness in sinuses or behind one eye, soreness in ears or ringing- sudden odd pitch and tone when around higher energy area, lightning storms, electronics or high sun activity. if you have a implant wither it be physical or on just your matrix shell ( a shell out side of the physical body that is not the aura ) you may feel pain during: for no reason to you, sudden pain when around electronics, high magnetic fields, around certain people who have also been abducted. implants can be for many reasons such as : health observation, location, communications, altering ones dimension- behavior- emotions, monitoring thinking- emotions- behavior and the world around them. scouting/ observation missions subjects may or may not be aware they are being used for this. having a feeling you have information regarding ets or other beings but can not bring it to full comprehension or memory( this feeling you may feel is about you involved or has nothing to do with you completely and more like a message to people or a specific person or group), waking to feel like you have had physical intercourse or have unknown pain in area. ( some abductees or hybrids are infertile do to unknown reason of scaring this can be seen with CAT scans or implants by ets} more bloody noses than normal - as a child mine were almost daily until implant got removed from in sinuses, the feeling of having high technology being used on you when it does not exist yet. being trapped in scenarios payed in your head that feel real- or forced astral travel to be forced to play them out and have sudden bruising- cuts- body pain- feeling of being beat or abused- electrical shock even though my psyche is that of kind and caring for the way i want to be treated there should have been no explication of why i my self would put me threw those scenarios. the feeling of things crawling in your or feeling people touch skin, body inside and out or in ears (with out the use of drugs of any kind or substances and have a clean psychological bill of health)

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Abductions are done by the military,MILABs when ETs take people on their space craft it is done by free will with the right to chose to board the craft or not, but people still refer to that as being an abduction... making ETs look like the boogeyman , then you get people who just like to imagine a story so they can write a book, gain popularity, compete with the well known ufologists(who are also fakes) to make money for business or put food on the table, usually it moves from putting food on the table into greed, while in the process of making people scared and afraid of extraterrestrials.

my personal abductions by ets and government alike have been good and bad...mostly bad though by government ets.. only visitations have been good experience.


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