Subliminal Program - Evolving Mind (low volume multi voices)

Subliminal program made by me (truth4ever).

Listen every day or night for at least 21 days with headphones or speakers.

Download audio file here: https://files.fm/f/xst66kk7

I realize the limitless potential of my mind.
My mind and brain are developing in super speed.
My mind and brain are developing spiritual and vibrational sensitivity.
My mind and brain are transcending limitations.
My super awareness are activating now.
My mind is super intelligent and has universal alignment.
My focus is powerful and limitless.
My mind ascends to higher dimensions of consciousness.
My mind is rooted in limitless intelligence.
My mind expands and integrate limitless potential.
My mind is infinite and limitless.
I can sense any aspect of reality.
My intuitive powers are activating and developing.
I can intuitively know anything.
My brain are in syncronization with my evolving mind.
My brain are in optimal form and function.
My brain heals itself from any injures.
My brain purifies itself from any detrimental substance.
My brain replaces uneffective neurons with supereffective neurons.
My limitless mind heals and purifies my brain.
My limitless mind reshapes my brain to limitless potentiality.
My mind is developing in super speed within my awareness.
I am spiritually active and conscious.
I have limitless potential.

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