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Comment by Dean on June 20, 2017 at 1:00pm

Hey Joshua, hope this message finds you well.
I will speak to my friend to ask him for his email.

Comment by Joshua on June 18, 2017 at 4:34pm

Much thanks Starseed yves, almost everything you mentioned, I have researched and learned already and I thank you for letting me know and giving me a heads up. I love to soak in knowledge and I thank you greatly for sharing with me the wisdom you have gained through your experiences and research.

I have been fasting on and off for a period of 3 years so through the fasting, I eat way more healthier than I did before so each time I fast it becomes easier for me.

Yes, I would be greatly interested in communicating with your friend. please leave me his contact info.

My last dry fast was a 6 day dry fast but I wasn't prepared mentally as I thought I was for it because I kept on saying to myself, "I will become a Beatharian:) " But quickly reality set it when I felt my body shutting down and so I broke the fast.

This time around, I am not sure how many days I will do the dry fast for so I will just take it day by day.

My main focus is to get rid of the collagen scarring I have which has affected my chakras in some strange way???

A few Starseeds whom I have communicated with, continue to tell me they sense I have blocked chakras and have offered and done distance healing on me but still I feel the blockage so when I volunteered in Israel, I had whats called an "Energy Cleansing" which was such an incredible feeling but here in Colombia I have had the most difficult time finding a healer to heal and clear my chakra blockages with the healing hands.

So here is an interesting quote from a youtuber, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on it,

Namaste and peace be onto to you my cosmic friend*

Youtuber comment from Breatharian video I came across.

"i know many people who have very deep knowledge and experience of things that would baffle career scientists.. and they live very simple and modest lifestyles..
what most people call a demanding or productive lifestyle.. is nothing but a denser puzzled form of collecting knowledge.. for example. mainstream doctors, nutritionists, cancer researchers, .. these guys spend their whole lives studying complex academia but achieve almost next to nothing in terms of curing or discovering causative solutions..
on the other hand.. there are countless holistic herbal, ancient , yogic practitioners who cure peoples cancer in weeks by fasting..
the difference is, some people waste their time dissecting and obsessing with finding complex things inside the box.. while some people tend to apply solutions based on simple principals.. nature is simple not complex.."

Comment by Dean on June 18, 2017 at 2:44am

Hi Joshua , I hope you are well and the fast is going well ;)
Dry fasting is fantastic.. Its for deep healing :D The only thing to watch out for is your own state of your own body..I mean if you just coming off meat and dairy and processed foods its not advised to go directly onto a water fast..

The reason is that the kidneys and liver have gotten used to the meat and dairy and all the other un natural foods and un healthy foods..so over many years the kidneys and liver get backed up..if you want a sign , if someone gets a zit with puss in it, doesn't matter if its on your face or anywhere it means that your liver and kidneys are backed up..

if the kidneys and liver were not backed up nobody would get those type of zits..

its not advised to go directly onto a dry fast if the body is over worked..because in a dry fast the deep healing will be too much for the already over worked kidneys and liver so death will come within a week mainly because of the amount of poisons in the body.

The top people in this fasting like dan McDonald, lou corona and john rose..

I think they would first say , "alkalinize" the body first..so I would say first go on a 3 month raw food diet of fruits and veg and green juices..

Then you are ready to do a water fast..after you mastered water fasting then move on to dry fasting..

You will have good results from a juice fast because a juice fast breaks up the colon plaque and alkalinizes at the same time , so much less headaches..headaches in detox is caused by too much acidity been released into the blood or it means heavy metals are been pulled.

lol me personally am not ready for a dry fast..im just sticking to juice and fruits, soups and nuts and seeds, my supplements..

I don't want to do too much too fast..:)
But you do what you want , but I wouldn't recommend more than 3 days.. Until you sure your body is fine for a dry fast..

The man aim of this fasting business is to get to the point of pooping out all the black dead matter know as colon plaque or Beelzebub.

40 Day water fast was used by jesus and many others..some it comes out after 29 days some 49 days..depends on each person.

After 6 months juice fasting and purification you will be floating..

robert morse went on a 6 month fasting having oranges only , he didn't die.. he said he was vibrating so fast it was hard to stay in his body.. so he went started having veg again or something less vibrational otherwise its hard to stay in the body ..you go into spontaneous Samadhi with ease if you that pure. :D

Anyway hope that helped if not I can give you the email of my friend, he knows more than me about this..I know he did a 7 day water fast once or twice..also told me how the bliss and pure joy came after 6 months of intense juicing and raw fooding:) He will help no problems..

Comment by Joshua on June 17, 2017 at 10:07pm

Yves, any comments how I answered this question from Starseed "peace2theworld"

I am curious what your thoughts are on dry fasting. Namaste

Peace2thewold, says and asks,

"I just dont understand Joshua, dry fasting, no water for 2-3 days is often deadly according to science

So you say science is wrong here?

People cannot survive over 2-3 days without water, science tends to say iirc."


To answer your question "peace2theworld" Science when abused for a specific agenda is similar to Big Pharma.

If people knew that dry fasting is the key to heal their diseases, illnesses and various injuries, imagine how many people would be dry fasting in which the junk food, meat and fresh produce industry would suffer and drop with their profits.

I'm just now reaching my 2nd day of my dry fast with no food and no water and I'm "A" ok.

Sure I have headaches today, some discomfort and the thoughts to eat but when I think of the healing that is taking place throughout my whole body, I continue the dry fast.

In short, its about not having "fear" and researching about dry fasting and to manifest it one step at a time.

So is science wrong in regards to a person not being able to live if not having food or water for 3 days? All I can say is "maybe" It all depends on the situation and the stress factor involved.

Most people who do dry fasting are mentally and spiritually ready for the challenge. Of course people who don't have access to food and water, I am sure their stress and shock level causes their body to go into "panic mode" so of course they are more likely to suffer and perhaps die quickly.

People that dry fast approach it in a more calmly matter and they do have access to food and water if needed to break the fast so there is little to no stress while dry fasting.


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