Cyndi Lauper-All through the night

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Comment by John W Baldwin on May 28, 2012 at 4:42am

The music movement of the 1980's through MTV was a magical time that birth actions of activism of humanitarian for global consciousness of caring people in many corners of the world that was united by musical artists & celebrities that placed political pressures & concerns that focused on human suffering, Mother Earth and wild life...

These were outside of the distractions & pure pressures of fashion, entertainment, the parties, fame & glamour and the materialistic world of gadgetry and posessions that influenced many people globally of living that image of lifestyle was a mere illusion...

Bono of U2, Bob Geldof and many others of their passion to invoke everyone to get involved and many of us still remembers and how they were of great influence even today just as those generations of the 1960s & 1970's activisms for great causes... 

Comment by John W Baldwin on May 28, 2012 at 12:06pm

I love how people everywhere that got sick and tired of the status quo of so much suffering and injustice and no longer to be docile and finding their voices again and to take back their power that so many of us gave & entrusted to those that is to represent everyone working towards peace & the betterment of the world; only to fail us all in the controlling interests of corporate greed and to the political & religious powers and the very power of the Dark Cabal and while other nations had no voice and just to accept the ruling family classes to self-made dictators...

The Arab Spring was the begining and protesters everywhere will never stop as they are faced by ridiculed from the main stream media and the general public that is still asleep, harassed, killed, arrested & beaten by the authorities...

Happy to say & know that these powers are crumbling down and cannot continue as they fight on to hold onto their power & controls is futile - the old paradigms & systems will be replaced for a new era of humanity and unity collective consciousness will prevail...

Be @ Peace, Be of Love & the Light that you truely are


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