Ascended Masters Galactic Federation of Light January-04-2013

"Many of you have been learning fourth dimensional lessons for some time, and those of you who have already been able to Master the lessons of compassion, understanding and the need to avoid self-martyrdom will handle the coming weeks and months quite gracefully as you will find yourselves breezing through repeated lessons that are only being repeated within you because the entire collective is (and will be) experiencing such fourth dimensional lessons."

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Simon loved Angi's profile
58 seconds ago
Dave Stevenson replied to I Transform's discussion 4D
"i am vibratin at 78t vibration lol"
7 minutes ago
hyeta replied to Merlinus Matinus's discussion Offering a healing
"im not feeling anything is this normal?"
7 minutes ago
Sarthak posted a status
"Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished"
29 minutes ago

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