Telepathic communication with Sirians 05

Beings onboard (addendum 2):

  • “The Hexagon”:
    • Is an organizational structure composed by 6 crews (each of them having 6 beings).
    • The 6 crews are: the telepathic communication crew, the observation crew, the information crew, the permanent infiltration crew, the sporadic infiltration crew, the environment crew.
    • Each crew has one small ship and the necessary equipment to fulfill their specific missions.
    • The crews are independently and do not interfere in each other’s missions.
    • Is coordinated by 2 beings (male and female) that are spiritual parents of the members of the crews.
    • The mission of these 2 coordinators is to bring together all the pieces of information gathered by the 6 crews.
  • The telepathic communication crew:
    • The description of the members and their missions was specified previously.
    • This is the crew that one can telepathically contact if wants to.
  • The observation crew:
    • Has the mission to observe/ record the impressions, feelings, thoughts, desires etc. of certain human beings incarnated on Earth.
    • Doesn’t interfere in the life of the human beings observed.
    • The human beings are selected randomly and periodically.
  • The information crew:
    • Has the mission to gather information about the human society from human sources such as: books, radio shows, TV shows, internet, printed press, electronic communications etc.
    • This type of gathering information is done from the ship.
  • The permanent infiltration crew:
    • Has members that are born out of the planet Earth (not incarnated star souls in human bodies on Terra).
    • They act as independent individuals or organized in small groups as “normal” human beings.
    • They are infiltrated in human society on different levels.
    • Their mission is to prepare human’s organizational structures for future projects.
  • The sporadic infiltration crew:
    • Has members that came here on Earth for short periods of time (from hours to couple of days).
    • Doesn’t interfere with human beings at all.
    • Their mission is related especially to military actions.
  • The environment crew:
    • Has the mission to collect valuable information about Earth environment and creatures.
    • Does researches on meteorology, hydrology, land tectonics, volcanology, wild creatures from sea/ rivers/ land etc.
    • Analyses the intentional and unintentional impact of human technologies on environment.
  • “The Tube”:
    • Is an organizational structure composed by 6 Hexagons supper imposed, connected via 2 x 6 coordinators of each Hexagon.
    • Is coordinated by 2 light beings (energetic beings).
    • Has the mission to coordinate, analyze and compare the information gathered by each of the 6 Hexagons. After the analyze is done the information is used to take decisions related to collaboration between Sirians and human beings from Earth.
  • “The honey comb”:
    • Is an organizational structure composed by countless “Tubes”.
    • The coordination is done periodically via collaboration among the light beings of each “Tube” (a network structure).
    • The number of the “Tubes” may vary accordingly to the number and complexity of the missions related to human beings from Earth.
  • Keep in mind that crews, hexagons, tubes and honey comb are organizational structures (onboard mother ship) specifically created by Sirians to implement projects here (on planet Earth) in collaboration with humans!

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Comment by Nanaoa Numono Bluestar on January 22, 2013 at 2:44pm

Odd. This was discovered in July 2004 via the Cassini probe. The recording brought two things to mind: one, if there are any similarities between this particular recording, and those of the "Bloop" and other anomalous audio recordings found in our own oceans. And two, considering i had read previously (The Sirius Mystery 20th Anniversary edition) that there is some possibility the Nummo (Sirian Mermaids) actually are still in our own solar system, near Saturn...if so, and this track corresponds with that of the "Bloop"...

And in spirit with this particular entry...speaking of hexagons...


All blessings of the deep sea upon you :)

Comment by Aseorkha on January 22, 2013 at 3:51pm

Thank you, Delphina Bluestar!

Comment by Aseorkha on January 24, 2013 at 12:52pm


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