Solar Plexus Pain, Ascension Symptoms, and Psychic Defense

Hi Star Family!  This morning I was overcome with severe pain and discomfort at the top of my Solar Plexus Chakra.  If you  have been having the same kind of experience with stomach pain or pain in any of your chakras, I would love if you would share about it. I believe that our 5D Selves are being activated and the old stored emotional pain is now being forced to vacate what is left of our 3-D bodies. If you are experiencing unusual pain in your solar plexus(3rd chakra), it is possible that you might be able to allievate it with essential Tea Tree Oil.  After about 5 hours of pain, I decided to rub some Tea Tree oil on my hands and inhale the fragrance.  Within ten minutes, I was feeling much, much, drastically better.  Inhaling the fragance helped to relax me and my stomach muscles.  If you are experiencing pain, you will only make it worse if you do not deal with the feelings that are coming up for you in your life right now.  The solar plexus is the Power Chakra of the body.  It is about taking responsibility for how you feel about who you are.  Also consider that as we are going through these changes from the 3D to the 5D timeline, we are probably more vulnerable to negative energy and psychic attack.  I went to see a very gifted psychic today and she told me that I needed to protect myself better.   Then, as fate would have it, there was a Triquetra( I dont know how you spell it but I am talking about a very common Celtic symbol) that was on sale for only $12.  I asked the Saleswoman what that symbol was for, and she said, "Protection."  So I have my Tea Tree oil, and my Triquetra, so if the pain continues to be a problem, I am armed for this transformational battle.  One more thing before you go.. if you have a stone or Crystal shop near you, try and see if you can pick up a black stone called Spinel.  It enormously amplifies positive energy and it will lighten the load on all your chakras.  And of course, please, if you really think you need to, see a doctor.  I hope this information helps.  My prayers and love are with you, whatever Ascension Symptoms you may or may not be experiencing. Peace to you and yours.-Amenti

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