The Comet is like a hologram of the Sun. We are being moved inside of the Sun so that we may have the rebirth through the frequencies of the Sun. The comet ISON will pick up those frequencies of the exact atomic radiation of plasma that becomes visible light when the agent interacts with the Sun.
I have practiced this formula of interaction with the gamma radiation and the heliotalic frequencies to create the neutron frequency so many times, that when I read about Comet ISON, I clearly understood what all of this studying had bee for over the past ten years.
This is why it is important to know that the large amounts of electromagnetic frequencies increase the electron proton ratio from one electron to one proton, up to three electrons and no proton and then flash we GET THE POSITRON. The Sun is now emitting the positron. This is the proof that we have turned around. Now, as the meditation says, the 14th dimensional energy of the helium arches over to Sun Alcyone- the eighth sun in the parallel universe to ignite the Neutron Energy. That neutron energy is brought into the body in the merkaba vehicle that is instantaneous at one ment. The neutrons replace the protons. The helium replaces the hydrogen. The process will be gradual, but can be as fast as we want if we consciously work on it with the frequencies and the meditations.
Basically, the Lift Off Meditation is simply the activation of the light body plus placing two helium rings in the crystal heart area and then riding down into the core of the Earth to break through the veil of the Earth's Core and the Inner Earth of Shamballa. Once we ignite the frequencies in our bodies, our body template shifts into a fifth dimensional reality. Our consciousness begins to see a new reality.
So, it is not really as if there will be spaceships landing on Earth from other planets in this first stage of meeting our families from other times. First, we must merge into harmonic unity with those in Inner Earth. This is our first stop on our way into complete spiritual oneness with Tara and Gaia.
We do not need to walk down stairways or get on space ships to go to Inner Earth. Earth will morph into atunement with Inner Earth. When that happens, we will be able to see that reality. That reality is already here. The Blue Maharaji from Sirius B are already here. It just requires fifth dimensional vision to see them.
Please listen to the Lift Off Meditation playing on the website.
So, I am very happy to learn that some will finally be getting our NEUTRON bodies this year. That means our Seventh Seal will pop off and we will have the MIND OF GOD, the immortal body, the new standing wave pattern of a new reality opened up to us. I have had three people report to me that this has already happened to them as a result of listening to their Eternal Life Albums and the Ultra Violet Blue Sun Albums.
I also remember the my Starry Family telling me that Crystal Dust would remove all pain, the Crystal Light will transform our reality, the Crystal Liquid Light will correct the miasms in our frozen crystal cells, and then our bodies will translate into Crystal Gel. Our Gelaisic Snowflake Elemental Bodies will transform our Carbon Based bodies.
You will find Ascension Meditations, Frequencies of Ascension including the Ascension Kit, Ultra Violet Blue Sun, Eternal Life mp3's for sale at the Purchase box on the Main Page. You can also enjoy listening to frequencies on the Main Page.
To read meditations and learn more about them, go to the Meditation Box on the Main Page.
To learn more about Merkabas go to the Merkaba Box on the Main page. To read all of the articles that I have posted in the past go to the readings boxes and to the Discussion Box.
The Purchase Page has detailed explanations of every album sold on this site. cosmicdolphinmagic.ning.com/love

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