Zohar answers, “That is immaterial. We have spread out among the stars so completely that we ceased having a home planet many thousands of years ago. Like you, we evolve, and like you, we are not the same as we were when we first engaged with your species. It might be more productive if you ask “WHEN are you from,” or “HOW are you from?” We are extraterrestrial/extra-dimensional beings. We exist between worlds, and we exist on many worlds where we are conducting the same experiments we have done to your species on earth. Like you, in fits and starts, they are coming along and will soon leave their planets to begin exploration of the galaxy.

“There are other species like us who are also conducting experiments on your Star Seeds. Most of these we coordinate with so as not to disrupt one another’s goals. For the most part these goals are beneficent, but there are a few who do not have humankind’s best self in mind. Those are the Dark ones. Those are the ones we combat, and for the most part, we win, but there are still cases of their experimentation that we cannot reverse.

So… returning to your question as to “Where” we come from, we come from your own world and dimensions beyond your world, all coexistent with you but unseen by your limited perception. We coexist. We walk beside you. In a sense, we ARE you, a thousand years hence.”

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Comment by Jolan on Thursday

We coexist. : ) existence being the common denominator. To exist or not to exist that may be a question to pose while in search for the base reason for all life...

Comment by Leppender on Thursday

I am always cautious about channeled messages (hey the cosmos are infinite right?), but I can confirm from my own past life experiences that there are indeed beings existing upon multiple dimensional layers of reality.

Space is no less relative than time. Thank you Paul for dedicating yourself to sharing this wisdom, and forging the inter-dimensional bridge required for such communications.


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