The World we presently live in seems to be fraught with despair, suffering, depression, confusion, hatred, violence, chaos, entropy, warfare, greed, complacency, selfishness, self-destruction, megalomania...the list could go on forever.

But there is a solution. The problem is, it's so counterintuitive (literally) that it could almost be called "backwards logic". But it works. Because it is Divine, and is part of a perfect, Divine plan to pull everything back into perfect alignment. And this WILL happen. The more we realize this and subsequently cooperate with the Divine Order rather than struggling against it the way we've been (rather cruelly) taught and conditioned to, the faster this Divine change will occur, individually and collectively.

The key to making our lives, World and Universe the perfect place that we ALL are inherently seeking is this:

Ignore and disregard everything seemingly wrong or negative in your life and in the World. Do not give it your attention (your power) in ANY form.

Take the most intense, intimate, visceral, memorable, Soul touching, Loving moment you've ever had. Everyone has had that experience where you seem to step completely out if the time stream (Because you do), and you and that other person and that moment are ALL that exists to your awareness.

Freeze frame that feeling. Live it right now like it is right now. If you are no longer with (in any sense of the term - including relationship termination or death), this may be difficult. But it will be cleansing and purifying as well. The important thing is the super-intense Love feeling. There is NO ONE that can honestly say that they wouldn't want that feeling ALWAYS. The reason for this is because in that pure and perfect moment, a Divine Connection is being made (which is purely Spiritual, thus outside of time).


Now, this is the trick. Take that same blindingly intense Love and turn it towards everything and everyone else. And I mean EVERYONE else. This is no small feat for ANYONE, be they Saint, sinner, or any gradation in between. No matter who they are, what they have done (and may still be continuing to do), or any other faculty of judgement that could cause a division, you must forgive in totality and Love them in this way.

It can be done. For some, it will seek absurd and completely impossible. But it involves a type of resolve and an effort of the Will that most people are not ready or willing to put forth.

Trust me, though. If you choose to do this, you will be assisted in ways that it would be a bit extensive to discuss here, but suffice it to say, there are a wide array of positively oriented beings (Angels, if you prefer, amongst a Host of Others) that will make the process all but automatic.

This process is the most direct way that I know of to find what you are seeking, no matter what it is from a personal perspective. Deep down, there is only one thing TO desire, and it is the return to our ORIGINAL State, as described above.

No matter who you are, what you have done, what you have said, what you have believed or not believed prior to right now IS IRRELEVANT.

Call it Christ consciousness.

Call it enlightenment.

Call it Human evolution.

Call it Islam.

Call it Hinduism.

Call it Buddhism.

Call it Jainism.

Call it Theosophy.

Call it Theurgia.

Call it Rosicrucianism.

Call it Taoism.

Call it Zoroastrianism.

Call it Universal Wisdom.

Call it Wicca.

Call it Agnosticism.

Call it Paganism.

Call it Atheism.

Call it anything.

Call it nothing.

It works. For you. For me. For everyone.

It is Divine Law.

This is the key to Magick, Miracles, healings (remote and spntaneous), psychic functions (ALL of them), alchemy, etc., and is a DIRECT connection to The Infinite Absolute/Intelligent Infinity.

Attain to this, and you will know, experientially and deeply personally what I am trying purvey in all my work. Attain to this, and this World will transform. Attain to this, and you WILL be free.

Love you all...more to come...


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