ArchAngel Chamuel Message for 23-28 Oct 2017

Open your wings, fly! Rise up for a while from what you are inside. Go higher, from all the details you think you are nose to tail and you see, go higher. As you spread your wings, as those you have become visible; go higher as if embracing your own treasure. Go higher and spread your wings, flap your wings, let each flap air another layer. As you get higher and as a level is lifted, let all illusions be noticed one by one from among those you thought were visions, but do not give up from going higher, from flying, scattering your dust with each flap. Get lighter, freer as you fly, as you go further away from the details approach yourself, approach the whole. Look at the big picture, do not rush for the choices, decisions offered. Watch it from where you can be the most objective, glide for a while over your relationships, choices, your steps, your path. And feel how your wings, your lightness, your flaps are in harmony with the wind, rain, day, night? Can you fly in harmony, without getting tired, able to surrender yourself? Are you one with your heart, your breath? When you are ready give your decision, make your choice, flap your wings, and go higher.

Channel Mavi'nin Sesi
Translation Turkish to English Arzu Altınay

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Tags: angelic, archangel, chamuel, message


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