13-Chakra System and from a Carbon to a Crystalline Base

Dear Lightworkers,

As many of you know, our physical dense bodies are mutating from a carbon-base, into a new type of crystalline-based life form, which is due to utilise a 13-chakra harmonic...and a fully integrated light body and aetheric body...We will look the same, but will be able to absorb far more light into our bodies than before...as Ascended Ones.

As a part of cosmos, our bodies are simply changing as instructed...

These transformative energies are sourced at the galactic core and relayed out in pulse waves...the galactic max will occur in December 2012, as a result of the alignment, but we are already being subject to the higher aetheric light code frequencies, which are being received by the encoded filaments within our DNA....We have been within the Photon Belt since 1997, albeit a diluted effect.

This is a natural process, but can be enhanced as we respond with co-operative intent with this divine will...as our thoughts of acceptance produce an energy signature that attracts even greater change, and so on...so a loop, as follows:

Cosmic impulse--DNA stimulus--mental acceptance--feelings of gratitude--modified lifestyle--raising consciousness--hormonal change--physical aetheric change--new energy centres--Novaman


The final mods will be completed within Federation Light Chambers, as those particular mods are the most dramatic and dangerous...

like putting a finger in the live mains, unless conducted scientifically within the chamber...each being calibrated for the individual user's use.


In summary, all chakras are being modified, but the new ones are starting out as lesser energy centres, which are fast becoming more powerful, consolidating their status within the aetheric body, then the various centres inter-react with each other in a new way, in preparation for the ascension of the physical body. 

The new and prior chakras are listed as follows:


1... Root
2... Sex
3... Solar Plexus
4... Diaphragm
5... Heart
6... Thymus
7... Throat
8... Well of Dreams
9... Pituitary
12..Galactic Female
13..Galactic Male


One of those newly forming chakras is the diaphragm centre, found at the base of the thoracic cavity. It will be replacing the solar plexus as the centre for storing negative emotions, eventually removing all stress from the bodies by empowering divine will energies, currently stored in the modified solar plexus. There is a newly forming chakra that is placed at the base and back of the head, near the occipital lobe, which is the “well of dreams."


dramu kas….! (Sirian for much love)


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)

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Comment by I am a FIXED China Doll :) on April 29, 2012 at 12:59am


Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on April 30, 2012 at 11:05am
The solar plexus chakra has changed for me, thank you for this information, it explains a few things I had not considered.
And the centers within the head are really active now, wowza, Well of Dreams here we come!
Comment by Drekx Omega on April 30, 2012 at 12:18pm

Your most welcome, Kel.....Nice to see this blog got some likes. The data has been reproduced across several websites, to get it out as far and wide as we can manage...  ;-)

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on April 30, 2012 at 5:42pm
Right now I am studying the effects of the pole shift and what it means for us as humans ascending into our higher expressions...
Check this out "Recently, researchers [21, 22] have found the mineral magnetite in human brain tissue, where it may represent part of a magnetic sensing system. The consistency of size, shape and distribution of the crystals has suggested that the magnetite has some biological function. In addition, such magnetite containing tissues may interact directly with weak magnetic fields.

Interactions of human or animal tissues with magnetic fields include the possible link of electrical distribution power lines with heightened cancer incidence and the onset of Alzheimer's disease [23]. In addition, there is increasing evidence that low intensity electromagnetic energy interactions might be fundamental to life processes, including the potential for therapeutic use [24]. Gregor Wieser [25] has conducted experiments with human subjects which suggest that changes in a magnetic field, rather than its mere presence, is the important factor; and that furthermore, weaker magnetic fields (such as the Earth's geomagnetic field) may be better at influencing the brain than stronger fields! The human immune system efficiency appears to particularly susceptible to fluctuating electromagnetic field (EMF) effects [26]. Obviously, a rapidly fluctuating geomagnetic field or a field reversal would have much greater effects on the human organism. "

I leared recently that decreased magnetic fields break down the cell walls ... (allowing for a crystaline shape to form?)
Indeed, I would say many of us are well on our way to our evolved bodies :)
Comment by Drekx Omega on May 1, 2012 at 2:36am

That is a very interesting scientific study, Kel....I'm always pleased when objective science can sometimes verify our esoteric wisdoms...

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on May 1, 2012 at 10:44am
Thank you, Drekx, from what I have found we are on our way to the evolution of Nova human... the signs are there for those who seek :)
Comment by Drekx Omega on May 1, 2012 at 11:23am

Absolutely right, Kel......There are so many exoteric clues being provided by divine forces for humanity to observe and learn from...You are one of those seekers who picks up on them....I would love to see a mass movement that shines as you do...We can but continue to work on achieving it...  ;-)


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