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I know this was already posted but I wanted to have it on my blog as well....

I just wanted to clarify what I have noticed here and there within the starseed community at large and the world. Over time we have been made to see not that which connects us but that which separates us and from blinding us to our connection to one another it blinded us to our connection to the stars, it made us forget that we are ALL star stuff.


I have been pondering lately this label of…


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Our Sacrifices

As starseeds we (usually) have to make certain sacrifices in order to awaken and engage our missions. We loose family, friends, jobs, and even homes in rare cases. Sometimes our entire life is completely transformed. We can go from having a good career, a house, a partner, two kids and a dog to having no one and nothing at all.

Most times we can handle it because at a soul level we already expected it, yet other times we end up lost, damaged, afraid and confused but…


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Ancient Teachings And Guidance: We Are Closing Our Selves Off To Important Knowledge!

Please not, this may offend some people and it is NOT my intention to offend anyone, this is just my own personal opinion, if it resonates great, if not, please understand that this is my own PERSONAL truth.…


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Extracts from the Kharsag Epics

Data for the identification of the Kharsag Epic Tablets

The autographed texts and transliterations from the original Sumerian, cuneiform-inscribed tablets are to be found in Miscellaneous Babylonian Inscriptions by Professor George A. Barton, published by the Yale University Press and the Oxford University Press in 1918. The tablets, themselves, are part of the Nippur collection held in the University Museum at Philadelphia,…


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My Experience During Earth Hour Meditation (Online Past Life Regression Meditation Experience)

I apparently went through some very deep clearing and healing of a particular past life, it must be that, other wise I can't find any other explanation for the emotional reaction I had upon coming out of the past life meditation. I meditated first for the healing of Gaia, then after that I goggled: "Guided Meditations" on YT using my cell phone. I had not really given thought to what type of guided meditation I was clicking on, I just went for a nice long one but apparently my dumb…


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Jesus The Atlantean

When Jesus was born, it threatened the growing rule of the roman empire and catholic church (Not officially organized at the time), so the Romans [and others] set out to kill all first born thinking they could get to Jesus and stop him AND his lineage. But Jesus was special and would survive to bring the message to the world that they are divine and that we are all divine, of course that message got hijacked..But since so many people were power and money hungry, Jesus was betrayed, hung on…


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The Man And His Lunar Star Goddess

The man turned his

eyes towards the heavens.…


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Satan, Demons And Devils

I have always sought to understand the nature of demonic entities and evil beings. For me growing up I was attacked yes by negative forces, mainly when I was heavy in to Catholicism for whatever reason, I lived in fear because of it. Finally after leaving the church my life was finally freed if you will, I could sleep at night, the nightmares were over, and I could finally breath. Many will say that the reason I was being attacked was because I was following the path of the light, but I beg…


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Was Man Created As A Slave Race?

I have often wondered why the Annunaki/Anunnaki were said to have created man as a slave race, where did this notion come from? and why does everyone swear by it? personally I have always held the belief that if the masses of any group believe something, always believe the opposite and there you will find truth, it has paid off so far because I have through synchronicity and events in my life seen how true that is. The fact that some alien race came down to Earth and created humans as a…


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Origin Of The Anunnaki

After covering the topic about Fallen Angels (you can read part 1 and part 2 here) I have been wanting to shed some light on another topic, the topic of the race of the Anunnaki. I always hear talk of a race coming down from the heavens and creating man for a variety of different reasons (…


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Genesis: The Hidden Truth (Final)

It was, in fact, Pharaoh Tuthmosis III who had reorganized the ancient mystery schools of Thoth and founded the Royal School of the Master Craftsmen at Karnak. They were called the Great White Brotherhood because of their preoccupation with a mysterious white powder. A branch of this fraternity became especially concerned with medicines and healing, to become known as the Egyptian Therapeutate. Then, in much later times, the activities of the Therapeutate were extended into Palestine -…


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Genesis: The Hidden Truth (Pt5)

Between the 1850s and the 1930s, records which had been hidden for countless lifetimes beneath the windswept desert sands suddenly appeared, bearing the names of such well-known characters as Abraham, Esau, Israel, Heber, Nahor, Terah and others from the Bible. These were written during the lifetimes of these men or soon after, whereas the books of the Old Testament were compiled over 1000 years later. However, one-by-one, these documents have been classified as mythology. Why? Because they…


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Genesis: The Hidden Truth (Pt4)

In the Old Testament book of Exodus, at the time of Moses, we are introduced to a certain Bezaleel (the son of Uri Ben Hur) who is said to have been filled with the spirit of the Elohim (the Anunnaki) in wisdom, understanding and knowledge. We learn, furthermore, that Bezaleel was a skilled goldsmith and Master Craftsman who was placed in overall charge of building the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant.

In detailing how Bezaleel should manufacture various crowns, rings, bowls and…


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Genesis: The Hidden Truth (Pt3)

It was this very concept of self-completeness which posed the ultimate problem for Enlil-Jehovah. In contrast, his brother Enki knew that humans who partook of the Tree of Knowledge (the Anunnaki wisdom) and of the Plant of Birth (the Anunnaki Star Fire) could themselves become almost like gods. Even Jehovah was said to have recognized this and Genesis states that when Adam had taken the fruit of the Tree, Jehovah said, 'Behold, the man is become as one of us'.

Enki, the wise guardian…


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Genesis: The Hidden Truth (Pt2)

Another anomaly is presented soon afterwards in Genesis when we are told that Cain found himself a wife. Who on earth were her parents if Adam and Eve were the only couple alive? Then, without confronting this anomaly at all, Genesis proceeds to list the names of Cain's descendants! It becomes clear from all this that some very important information has been edited from the Old Testament narrative. Plainly, there were plenty of other people around at the time and it is not difficult to find…


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Genesis: The Hidden Truth

As discovered in previous studies, the Gospel texts which have been in the public domain for centuries often bear little relation to the first-hand accounts of the era to which they relate.

The New Testament, as we know it, was contrived by the 4th-century bishops to support the newly manipulated Christian faith and, in just the same way, the Old Testament scriptures were designed to uphold the emergent Hebrew faith, rather than to represent historical fact.…


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The Wise Ones (By Doreen Virtue)

I am adding this because there might be other people are seeking to understand themselves more as I was, who might feel that they don't really see themselves as starseeds or maybe they are both starseeds and wise ones. I have to admit that the info below by Doreen Virtue fits me better than any description I have ever read.

"Reincarnated Sorceresses, High Priestesses, Sorcerers, Wizards, Shamans, and Witches."

Intense, Exotic, Eccentric. The Wise Ones glow…


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