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The Winged Lions of Eremor

Dear All,

In Canopus: Return of the Navigator, we spoke about the star Canopus and the current ascension of its planet Erra’mu from a denser-drifting 4D to  5-6D as its new (or regained) ‘anchoring platform of frequencies’.…


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Long time, no post. ^^

It's been quite a while, how is everyone?

I've been making music recently and would greatly appreciate your time, in listening and maybe letting me know what you feel, or think, from my creations. :)

Thank you heartily and have a wondrous Morrow and Eventide.

With best regards,
Ishida, Haizuru. ^w^


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Quantum Energy Medicine is our Future for GALACTIC human's

An Introduction to Quantum Energy World in the perspective of QUANTUM WELLNESS CENTER, BANGALORE.

Quantum physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of ENERGY THAT FLASHES INTO AND OUT OF BEING in milliseconds, over and over again.

Nothing is solid in the world of Quantum Physics!

Quantum Physicists have proven that thoughts are what put together and hold together this ever-changing energy field into the ‘objects’ that we see. So why do we…


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My strange dream

I don't usually post dream related things... that's probably because I don't have many posts to begin with. Anywho, I was sleeping and I fell into a deep sleep (Which is rare for me) I'm a lucid dreamer so usually I control my dreams but not this one. I began lucid dreaming out of pure will. My father, me,and my brother all have regular terrible nightmares so bad that you can't even speak of them afterwords. My father stopped dreaming all together and my brother has not yet found a way to stop… READ MORE →

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Antigravity Hypothesis and hope of contacting more advanced race for sake of Transmigration of the soul and future survival

Antigravity Hypothesis completed just before typical midlife

I hit 35 in one week and that is about midlife on this planet and have completed my Antigravity Hypothesis a few days ago which may make an interplanetary integration possible.

Empirical Proof that an ET civilization has already visited our planet in the past

Latitude of Grand Gallery…


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The NWO Manifesto

The New World Order Manifesto

February 8, 2017

Sylvain Lamoureux, Contributor

Waking Times

As we have control of everything in the world: economics, agriculture, production, transportation, media, education, governments, alimentation, health-care, technology, water, land, sea, air, space, legal system (national and international) and we have reached a certain pinnacle of technology. It has become necessary to take steps to ensure our survival in this realm; this… READ MORE →

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I heard this one a long time ago.
There was a person coming to a new village, relocating, and he was wondering if he would like it there, so he went to the zen master and asked: do you think I will like it in this village? Are the people nice?
The master asked back: How were the people on the town where you come from? “They were nasty and greedy, they were angry and lived for cheating and stealing,” said the newcomer.
Those are exactly the type of people we…

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Message from the Pleiadian Councils of Light

People of Terra, we, the Pleiadian Councils of Light, come with an energy update for your planet. You seek these reports, do you not, in order to be assured that there is indeed positive progress on your planet? We wish, as always, to be of energetic assistance ~ to assist you in raising your frequencies so that you may fulfil your missions as agents of Light on Gaia. We assist through our channel in the form of guided meditations; through activations or chambers of light ~ and sometimes,…

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Galactic Travel Ban

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Breaking Karmic Patterns

All of us want to break our Karmic patterns and become as conscious as possible but many times we find ourselves stuck with the question: How do I actually do it? Altought it is not rocket science, the process can be very testing, difficult and quite lengthy. And begins with being clueless.

In this post I will break down the process and share the main information that you need when you’re working on breaking your karmic pattern. It will help you look over your own situation and…


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Endurance importance

Being a starseed is not all stars and rainbows at all...i guess im realizing this just now

Starseeds mostly are kind of being put in to a toxic location,and this has its purposes....


Added by Jay Vincent Ahih Jaihi Fesaha on February 2, 2017 at 9:31am — 2 Comments

The Orion Mind Project is questionable to me after some researches done.


Well, I'm really aware that this is a "hot" subject for some people here.

First of all, please moderate yourself, no insults or bad comments. Critics are welcomed but you are still expected not to throw your anger out to me.

The person behind the Orion Mind Project is Anita Ikonen, a swedish national who pretended to be able to look inside a person's body to see if a kidney was missing.

She was dismissed by a group of skeptics after passing…


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Hypnotising the Herd: Modern Technology and the subversive use of Hypnosis Techniques

How often does the average person experience hypnosis? You might think that hypnosis is hardly ever experienced by anyone, except…

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Guru; A Dirty Word?

Guru; A Dirty Word?
I've been wanting to do something, like write an article, or make a video about the anti-Hindu concepts that are present in modern culture, and academia, to explain my understanding of why "Guru" is seen as such a dirty word now. Gurus are from Hindu tradition, and it's been heavily stigmatized, even demonized, and there have been…

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Seeing Repeating Number 666?

Have you seen this angel number recently? What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 666 when it appears in your life?

Angel number 666, touches on our home, health, our senses and the physical body. Angel Number 666, is the frequency of our senses and it…


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Free heart readings

Hello I saw energy readings in here so I thought I may offer my services as a empath I learned awhile back how to glimpse into someones heart by using my empathetic abilities . Though to get an accurate reading I will have to have a moment to talk to you personally so I'll leave my kik down here shadowx1x (toxic lover as the screen name a joke nickname my freind gave me) or you could always message me on here though this inst a Mandatory step it just make the picture a bit more clear for me… READ MORE →

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http://CrystalMagicOrchestra.comI hear things and see things that others can not. I have been practicing seeing light spectrums that are not seen…


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Angel Number 444

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 444?

Patient, Focused, Disciplined and Devoted! 4s are solid, organized, practical and enduring. As I ponder on the spiritual meaning of this number I reminded of several symbols that are connected with the number 4. The square, the cross and in Greek, the letter delta is written as a triangle. Taking it a bit further and Delta is the brain wave signal of the subconscious, the seat from which intuition arises.

To read more click the…


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Ascension Energy Update - January

As we all know there was a SUPERMOON in December and with that comes HUGE energetic shifts that we will be experiencing for the next 3 – 6 months depending on how fast or slow you are able to integrate the upgrades.

A recent astrological alignment has triggered deeply seeded Atlantean memories. Atlantis experienced many cataclysmic events as a result of the technologies being misused by those seeking domination and control at the time. As a result Atlantis phased out and was rebuilt…


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soul origin readings please :-)

If anyone could give me a soul origin it would be great!

Added by Emily on January 19, 2017 at 11:05am — No Comments

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