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I ask, "Are you discounting the intellect?"

Zohar answers, “I am not discounting or placing into subservience the intellectual mind to the heartmind. They are two entirely different things even though they are closely integrated. In the ideal, in you as a Star Seed these two faculties must be balanced. Think of a problem that has some emotional content. Put your right hand to your head. Cover your forehead with your hand. Think of your problem intensely. Roll it over and think of its many permutations and…

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"What is 'heartmind'?"

Zohar answered, “As a Star Seed you must cultivate the heartmind. It is that capacity you have to think with your heart. There are more neurons connecting your brain to your heart than exist between any other 2 organs in the body. The heart literally is a mind of its own. It thinks of solutions even when the intellectual faculty is struggling with terms, and definitions of language received and symbols to be operated upon, and all…


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Is it all an ACT?

Lets get our ACT together!

ACT : Differing ways to ACT

Aether Community Trust…


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During the past 3 weeks or so, black helicopters have been seen by Pine Bush, New York residents. One red helicopter was seen too. Sightings of UFOs have been more frequent during the months of September and October. Has anyone else seen black helicopters in their area? Men In Black have made appearances in the Pine Bush area. Perhaps Disclosure is about to happen soon. In my opinion, if not Disclosure, maybe something else BIG is about to happen. What do you think?

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"What is spirit?"

Zohar answered, “Spirit is that aspect of you that confers with the divine. You are like an onion (how’s that for an analogy). You are built as layer upon layer. It is difficult to see when you have reached the very last layer. They do not end, but merely become more dense. That Is the spirit to you. It is that core, that aspect of your being that interacts directly with the divine. It is the core of the onion.

“Many people think of the human being as consisting of a soul, spirit,…


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I ask, “I thought Star Seeds were young children recently born in the past 10 years or so. How can I be a Star Seed?”

Zohar answered, "The age of Star Seeds is a general misconception in your world and on your shared media. I am not talking about so-called “indigos.” They are different. One can be a Star Seed at the age of 8 or 80. Age does not play into it.

"Yes, it is true that the number of Star Children is proliferating and that the younger generation will shoulder the ultimate obligation to usher in a New Age, but that is by happenstance more than circumstance. There have always been Star Seeds…


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AA Gabriel Message for 16-22 October 2017

Time to move beyond the moments you notice. You saw, you know, okay what comes after that? You

need to take a step and you are at the exact moment of making an action plan. In order to step into

new beginnings you need to leave behind the familiar, taking that first step you need to lay the first

tone of the building you need. Your body, emotions, thoughts even your soul is being restructured.

You need to give up on the traces you leave behind each time, for if you get…


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Are we bound to extinction and what the Star Seeds can do to prevent it.

I channel Zohar, an enlightened being. He has information for the Star Seeds. The last question I asked was, “Are we heading toward extinction?”

Zohar answered, “What is extinction? It is not so much the lack of humanity as it is the lack of human purpose. Your kin (not you personally) are a war-mongering, selfish, short sighted species. You are primitive in every sense of the word. You consume Gia’s resources and spread your filth across the world. You play chicken with nuclear…


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To love or not

You knew I felt this inside

from the unconscious urges of my being

I had never known or felt

but you had me when you saw me

You knew I was vulnerable and strong

My strength failing in love

And my emotions were a key to you

only a way to find yourself.

The external is only a game,

the one you cannot snap out of

and now you have chosen me

to play and you can't get over me

Am I to believe you admire me,

when the deceit is…


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The Fundamental Nature of Life

The Fundamental Nature of Life

It is difficult to speculate about the appearance of extraterrestrial beings, whether sentient or bestial, hypothetical or real, because the diversity of life is such that we cannot predict the number or nature of operable biochemical constitutions; the variety and trajectory of paths tangential to our own ancestral history, let alone ancestral history fundamentally distinct from ours; and…


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ANIMISM - Do you feel it? I do.

Animism: A religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.


Well, the reason why I am writing this article is to see if I am the only one who has been experiencing this (so I hope some of you will reply), and or if I am one of rarest who do, and what does that mean? Is it because I am hyper sensitive (which I know I am) or... is it because I am crazy?

The thing is... I don’t feel it by every object, as some… READ MORE →

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Be Your Divine Self With Your Every Breath By Steven Hutchinson

Be Your Divine Self With Your Every Breath By Steven Hutchinson

What I was divinely guided to share with you very much focuses on using your breathing together with the prayer affirmations to help you experience Your Divine Self & expand…

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Love is not a Feeling; it is a State of Existence

Close your eyes, go to your heart, inhale the sun with every breath you take and with every inhalation let your heart catch on fire. Continue to expand this flame for a while. When you feel ready, invite your Inner God and Inner Goddess to this bright world burning inside this aflame heart. Let them stand eye to eye, some of yours are hurt, some of yours are angry, some of yours are full of fear…let all the emotions flow. Flow, so it can transcend beyond the feelings. All feelings are a…


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Starseeds Existance already been mention in one old scripts in Archipelago Tribes

Star people or we call starseeds, to some people is a New Age belief and fringe theory that was introduced in 1976 by Brad Steiger, the writer of book "Gods of Aquarius". The term it of Star People its self was taken the Native American Spiritual Concept.

The book bring a good argument about some of people that living in this earth originated as extraterrestrials and arrived on Earth through birth or as a walk-in to an existing human body. It is a variant of the belief in…


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Being Love – Ram Dass

In 1969 I was giving a series of lectures in New York City. Every night, taking the bus up Third Avenue, I got the same extraordinary bus driver. Every night it was rush hour in one of the busiest cities in the world, but we had a warm word and a caring presence for each person who got on…


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Through life and its lessons we are given many opportunities for thanks. Life is growth! Be it growth in intellect trough observation and experience. Or growth of our biological body. Through repartition and exercise fueled with wholesome and humble foods. There is also the growth of spirit, through the nourishing warmth of sharing, kinship and Love. With time we can see the gain from being pushed to the ground.…


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Message from the Union of Angels

The road you have taken will be guiding towards an exit from the turbulence. But first of all, what will gain importance is whether during those times of turbulence you act as if you have never experienced this before, or whether you resolve each chaos in this path with the riches in your bag. Among the jolts, will you move ahead with emotional hurt as well as its physical effects and will retreat to your corner after the jolt, or will you realize what hurts you beyond the effects and…


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Will I be back..?

Taking a break. Will I be back..?

Change has been the way for me and it feels right for now so why should I get in the way. I feel a drawing towards something though I am not sure is what it is. I know it is not here at ISN. It would mean a lot to me to say something that is profoundly inspiring. Yet that escapes me at the moment. I wish to simply say that the experience for me has been good and that I feel that I have learned a lot thru the interaction with so many of you.



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The New Dawn

Enjoy, AD

Their once was an angel
looking for a new angle
How to save mankind
before it’s end time
Acting as the chosen one
his time had come
As he sang his song
knowing all along
New heights would be reached
right’s would never again be wronged
As he taught the new way
knowing no one would sway
For when he sang his song
all new they belonged to
The New Dawn

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Deck of Soul Cards “Quick Pick” Card Of The Day 09/25/2017 “TRANSGRESSION - When Worlds Collide”

Good Morning Everyone!

Tip Of The Day: Inner Climatic Changes In Motion For all Sentient Beings

For the General Public, General Reading

Deck of Soul Cards "Quick Pick" Card - Guidance Of The Day, 09/25/2017

“TRANSGRESSION - When Worlds Collide”…


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