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Dr. Angela Barnett



Hello, For those of you who are interested in looking at Dr. Angela Barnett's (my) BOOKs and CDs that are available on, click on this link and you can…


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Music Lyrics/Release

It has ben a reoccurring pattern in many of my life's that I never accept the loss of a love one and it keeps coming back. This time around I will get it right and with your help. If you do not have the ability to block stuff from affecting you then do not continue. I can have that affect and this time I can not leave it out of my words and thoughts as I post this.

As I press Publish Post and you read I will be freed.. Your comments or thoughts will help.

Just put some… READ MORE →

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Energy Update:The Stars Shining you Home

n tapping into what the coming Equinox gateway will bring to the us, I received a feeling of joy and excitement, visions and information. Woo hoo! We are ever expanding and evolving as a species. Are you feeling the intensity of it? Let me share what I am seeing and feeling as an akashic reader listening to cosmic information in a download. Please use your own guidance to know what the Equinox will be for yourself.

Vision: Seeing the cosmic whales connected to the stars, connected to…


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Lost Astrology Of the Ancient Celts

The astrology of the ancient celts is widely unknown, which is why I entitle it "lost". When I discovered it was out there and read it's meanings I felt in my heart the deep love and connection that the celts had for their surroundings and my own connection with nature and both love and understanding of them deepened.

These signs are based off of a lunar calendar and while connected to the stars in the celts own way, their roots are deep unto the earth and entirely based on the druids… READ MORE →

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Soul-Weaving: On the innerconnectivity of all things past, present, and future

A good while ago, I met an inter-dimensional spirit guide who identified themself as a past self from many many aeons ago. It would be far too much, and irrelevant to delve into the specifics too much but I feel it important to share what this past self taught of innerconnectivity, of why it is, and how it works.

This being was made of pure energy, and in my first sighting of her (and many more to come) was seen to be pulling energy from her very body and weaving it into various forms.…


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Toxic Attraction Between an Empath and a Narcissist

I've seen this very often, and have experienced it myself and thought this article might be helpful for those who are in similar situations.

article from

We know that “narcissist” has become a bit of a buzzword recently, and some folks are quick to apply it to an ex-lover or family…


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Era of Light

Check out this website that contains channeled information about astral events taking place in 2017 (the time-line bifurcation, etc.).

This is my first time posting an article, so please feel free to provide feedback!

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Open Letter to

Tue March 3, 2017

ATTN:Steve ( admin)


I [Interstellar Title "GOSH I ANNUNAKI"] am representing [Sun][Co] of Arcturus and am currently channelling Free Energy and Antigravity TeKKnologies which will be opensource and Free to build for personal use upon culmination. Monetization of Free Energy will fund WorldVision (62%) [Phi] and ANTEKK[Satellite of [Sun][Co] of Arcturus] will retain ownership of 38% to promote, develop and propagate…


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The Dark Night

Through out life I had some ups and downs. After my ayahuasca I was more aware of my ups and my downs. Feel like falling, that you loose your way and not on your right path.

I wanted to dig deeper in this and after a lot of reading this is want I found.

I hope that it can comfort you some with below, as you are not alone and it's ok.

“Like a lotus flower that grows out of the mud and blossoms above the muddy water surface, we can rise above our defilements and sufferings of… READ MORE →

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Tantra or Sex Magick…

This is a reminder of what I told you about it (I say more or less the same thing to everyone):

1. Okay, so I hear you asking about sex, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret about Sex Magick, Tantric Sexuality, and other forms of Sacred Sexuality and Sexual Mysticism.

2. Before I do, I’m going to tell you something important about what I’m igniting in you. None of these paths are about sex. I get that you think they are. I get that this is your…


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Mars, Gods and Martian Mercenaries

A few weeks ago I embarked on my most ambitious topical writing project to date and have decided to reproduce pertinent sections here. The full article can be found at my topical exo-politics website and there is some "big news" at the end. After a turbulent past seven years, my fortunes are begining to change and I was recently paid to do a DNA energy (auric ET field) reading via…


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Request For Prayers Or Healing Energy

Image may contain: text

Hi everyone,

Since I believe any kind of divine healing is definitely a part of spiritual upliftment, I am delighted to open my group for members who need healing or spiritual upliftment to request healing energy or prayers be sent them. I will be responding to such requests, along with any other members that feel inspired to do so. get this started - here's a request to help me with my own healing. For about 3 weeks now I have…


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Dr. Angela Barnett


This shift that occurred on February 3-6, 2017 was the harmonic shift that has been prophesied and awaited for…


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Dr. Angela Barnett…


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The Winged Lions of Eremor

Dear All,

In Canopus: Return of the Navigator, we spoke about the star Canopus and the current ascension of its planet Erra’mu from a denser-drifting 4D to  5-6D as its new (or regained) ‘anchoring platform of frequencies’.…


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Long time, no post. ^^

It's been quite a while, how is everyone?

I've been making music recently and would greatly appreciate your time, in listening and maybe letting me know what you feel, or think, from my creations. :)

Thank you heartily and have a wondrous Morrow and Eventide.

With best regards,
Ishida, Haizuru. ^w^


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Quantum Energy Medicine is our Future for GALACTIC human's

An Introduction to Quantum Energy World in the perspective of QUANTUM WELLNESS CENTER, BANGALORE.

Quantum physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of ENERGY THAT FLASHES INTO AND OUT OF BEING in milliseconds, over and over again.

Nothing is solid in the world of Quantum Physics!

Quantum Physicists have proven that thoughts are what put together and hold together this ever-changing energy field into the ‘objects’ that we see. So why do we…


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My strange dream

I don't usually post dream related things... that's probably because I don't have many posts to begin with. Anywho, I was sleeping and I fell into a deep sleep (Which is rare for me) I'm a lucid dreamer so usually I control my dreams but not this one. I began lucid dreaming out of pure will. My father, me,and my brother all have regular terrible nightmares so bad that you can't even speak of them afterwords. My father stopped dreaming all together and my brother has not yet found a way to stop… READ MORE →

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Antigravity Hypothesis and hope of contacting more advanced race for sake of Transmigration of the soul and future survival

Antigravity Hypothesis completed just before typical midlife

I hit 35 in one week and that is about midlife on this planet and have completed my Antigravity Hypothesis a few days ago which may make an interplanetary integration possible.

Empirical Proof that an ET civilization has already visited our planet in the past

Latitude of Grand Gallery…


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The NWO Manifesto

The New World Order Manifesto

February 8, 2017

Sylvain Lamoureux, Contributor

Waking Times

As we have control of everything in the world: economics, agriculture, production, transportation, media, education, governments, alimentation, health-care, technology, water, land, sea, air, space, legal system (national and international) and we have reached a certain pinnacle of technology. It has become necessary to take steps to ensure our survival in this realm; this… READ MORE →

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