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How do you know you're not just being manipulated?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kindle Jan 12. 63 Replies

I've been seeing synchronicities constantly for a couple of years. They have taught and healed me in ways I'd need hours to tell someone fully about.  They will 'talk' to me until I burn out from…READ MORE →

Cheth meditation

Started Dec 27, 2016 0 Replies

My synchronicities have led me to a "Cheth meditation" in response to my question of "how do I send my chi beyond the Saturn/Moon matrix technologies?" It was in a Tarot book and had something to do…READ MORE →

Kundalini Awakening story. Incredible gifts; where do they go?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kindle Dec 26, 2016. 2 Replies

High! I'm new and wanted to ramble. I've had a hard time feeling isolated after a Kundalini awakening a couple years ago, and it looks like I found a place where there's others like me and I won't…READ MORE →

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Nichi loved Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
Kindle replied to sothis73's discussion Free Q&A-Sirian Perspective-Hall of Records/Egyptian
"That you mention clues is very auspicious for me b/c I see multiple dozens of synchronicities a day. I've wondered if they are glimpses or "words" from the records before. Sometimes they make sense, but most are merely…"
Kindle replied to Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
"I'm sorry. Thank you for your advice, it sounds extremely sincere. I will definitely up the bar on what I need to sense before I alter my life in any way as a result of these."
Jan 12
Julien replied to Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
"Let me give some bit of advice, even if my experience was bad: If you do not know for sure that it is coming from infinite love, then do not listen or it could one day rip your mind apart. Imagine seeing these lighthearted signs for a year, then…"
Jan 12
Julien replied to Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
"No they haven't gone away, they've been here for about 2 years now. I expect with time they will cease, but I don't know. I tend to keep myself distracted these days because of it. "
Jan 12
Kindle replied to Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
"That reminds me of a time just a few months ago. I was walking near my house and I was wonder if the "reptillian" conspiracy is true. I think it is, but I wanted to know deep in my bones. Just about at that moment, a snake went slithering…"
Jan 11
reever 420 loved Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
Jan 11
peace2theworld replied to Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
"Speaking for the inner independent seems mostly possible if we connect to it. Else it's very hard. People can try doing right action whole life, yet they still get tangled up in bills, fired from work, girlfriend left them Only inside is the…"
Jan 11
Kindle replied to sothis73's discussion Free Q&A-Sirian Perspective-Hall of Records/Egyptian
"Hi sothis73. I would put my everything into my life path if I could find out.... What must I do to fully obtain my memories, to be able to come and go from the Akashic Records at will? I have an extremely strong urge to know my original plan for…"
Jan 11
Iulia replied to Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
Jan 11
Iulia replied to Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
"A lovely article. "
Jan 11
Arcturian Wolf aka Scott commented on Kindle's photo


"Nice to say hello to your human avatar face.  :)"
Jan 10
Arcturian Wolf aka Scott loved Kindle's photo
Jan 10
Kindle replied to Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
"That's very intense. I know what you mean about eyes dashing to signs you didn't consciously know where there. It's been happening at something of the higher rate that they tend to this week and it happened several times yesterday…"
Jan 10
Julien replied to Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
"Coincidence, I log on here once in a long time and see, for the first time, someone who has experienced something that I have. For me it started as a fascination with synchronicities and over time they grew more frequent to the point that my…"
Jan 10
Kindle posted a photo


My 3D avatar. He's pretty good.
Jan 10

Profile Information

What Do You Identify With?
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
What Is Your Soul Origin?
Sirian, Unknown
What Is Your Soul Group?
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
Truth in any form whatsoever. I moonlight in whatever works and read from any source that resonates with me.
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
A Kundalini Activation ("Awakening") turned my life on a dime sometime around 2014. It's been an intense journey and I have had to learn through its instruction on my own in a high amount of social isolation. After feeling an extreme amount of energy flood into my heart center (like a black hole), then soon after rush out of my forehead (like a nova), I somehow just knew that it was "Kundalini" despite having only had a casual understanding of that word. Since then I have been able to 'enter' into what I call "Kriyic states" where I can 'read' my surroundings and feelings and in that way be guided to a Yoga Kriya (spontaneous posture for healing), which has made me capable of a sort of "Satori at will" ability; I can enter an almost 'psychedelic state' to some degree at will. I could go on for a very long time describing any of this, but other meta-physical experiences I've had surrounding this include: being taught a form of Reiki, EMDR rapid-eye movement trauma recovery, a very accurate form of NLP 'reading' of other people (an intensification of my empathic Scorpio-moon and highly senstive/intelligent Aquarius-sun nature in general), what I call "body maps" where I can intuit how someone's/my bodily postures or sensations reflect the psychological/emotional state within, an ability to see fibonacci spirals and other 'matrixing' effects easily on anything with texture (carpet, gravel) as well as wave-like phenomena in my sight, and an event in which I "spoke in tongues" (I said "Babel" at one point) and did some kind of very... weird.... "kriyic" dance. 'Impossible' things, endlessly, ever since all this started.

In my deep study of it, I came to 'hear' ('see'?) the language of synchronicity at an overwhelming pace. I came to conclude that I was undoubtably being 'communed' with by a sentient force; I still am unsure if it is a bonafide external being of some kind, or if it is an omniscient aspect of my subconsciousness interacting with my conscious awareness through the "morphic field" or psychic field of nature. Either way, I could only explain this massive number (almost dozens of times a day, MOST days) of 'impossible' coincidences by speculating that something/one knows my reaction speed and inner states on a moment-by-moment basis--EVERYthing about my internal state--better than I do, and 'It' uses this intimate knowledge of me to somehow 'place' messages and symbols around me which would lead me to more rapid growth.

Aside from the constant synchronicity in my life, I've also had experiences involving unexplained phenomena around lights, some dream lucidity, intensely increasing awareness of, and interactivity with, my 'subtle body', and some amount of very mild but consistent (I can only call it) telekinetic interaction with plant life (I can get plants to sort of 'thrum' as I wave my hands around them and experiment with different mudras).

I could go on this way for a long time. But it's been this way for about two years now, and where I am at is a bit of an impasse where I simply cannot go on in isolation treating myself like a "prana battery". Talking about these things to my closest friends and family has been met with some intense invalidation and even accusations of insanity, despite my clear intelligence. I've proven my 'synchronicities' to a select few of my friends and family, but the support has been lukewarm and I feel alone without others like me. I am honestly at a bit of a brick wall; if I ask my 'higher power' about certain topics (namely "who are you?" and "did I choose to incarnate here deliberately?") it goes deafeningly silent. I am currently in an extreme state of isolation, feeling 'divorced' from humankind and like I'm not 'involved' with them in any significant way, as I lack the answer to that latter question ("did I come here with a mission or not?"). That is the primary reason I want to speak with others who believe they are not quite.... domestic.
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
During my above-mentioned Kundalini Activation, there was a period of time where I would come home and turn to look at the sky which I often do; but for some period I would gaze somewhere about 60 degrees up from the ground to the southern sky. I would stare in a pleasant state for several minutes straight. I had some synchronicities during this time also involving objects that would guide me to various synchronicities (they'd help me time when street lights were turning on, for some still unknown reason) which started to line up with stars and the moon's phases. It was too complex to get to the bottom of, but it was consistent and unmistakable.

One example involved being 'led' by my syncs to a nearby park where there was a group of trees that looked exactly like a cluster of stars I've always liked which looks like a bell; a very symmetrical bell. Shortly after this time I had a job teaching (I was a music teacher back then) a student names Isabelle.

Another time, I was in the mountains with little light pollution and saw an uncountable number of synchronicities in the constellations I could see from a deck outside of a cabin. I would need 1000's of words on this example to do it justice.

I also have had moments when I would look at a point in the sky for no explicable reason, then see a shooting star pass right where my sight was.

I have not had any known sightings or contact with ET's or UFO's. It is the one big gap in my speculation on this.

More generally and subjectively, I have felt extremely disconnected from even my closest friends and family, let alone the race in general. I have specifically wanted to "divorce" myself from them at many times. I have had lows where I simply hate it here and feel born into a mess of spiritual strife I had nothing to do with. I was always too smart for my own good, often picked for "advanced placement" classes in school which I always turned down for reasons unclear to me. I'm simply good at anything I try. I try to remain humble about it, but it's just obvious (I am an expression #22). It could be bullshit, but I once took an IQ test and scored 137. That number haunts me recently, btw. But at that time, I was severely stricken with the flu, so truly who knows. At one point early in my K Awakening, I had a seizure and ever since then I've 'seen' numbers in a new light; I am something of a 'multiple of 9' calculator.

Though I have no shortage of self-boosting traits to type here, I want to admit, I'm emotionally so hyper vulnerable that I wonder how I've slugged it out this long. My inabilities are startling, especially compared to my clear abilities. It truly feels as though I'm on the 'wrong planet' as the autistic/asperger's forum is called and I have been technically diagnosed with the latter.

So I have no clue (if I am a starseed or not) but I am moved to tears when I watch videos about Billy Meier and channeled Pleiadian messages. My synchronicities guide me to different sources of info, and this topic ALWAYS comes up even when the sources don't seem connected.

Regardless of anything I just wrote, this much is true: I am a hardcore Kundalini initiate and I commune with "something" that is clearly sentient and psychic and disembodied in nature. It's either my own subconsciousness coming into my conscious awareness...messages from the stars...interaction with 'Dog'/source consciousness Itself...or something like HAARP and/or archontic/Wetiko manipulation of my psyche. Either way, I need answer about it.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
What began as a diehard research binge into "global conspiracies" very quickly overlapped with ET and 'UFO' discussion by extremely serious and intelligent people, such as Richard Dolan, Richard Hoagland, Bill Cooper, and plenty of others. It became obvious that much of it was exactly as it seemed, no matter how much of it is red-herring crowd control by the 'elite' doing damage control. Plenty and plenty of the information I began to learn about was clearly true.

I think it's clear that even the most mundane scientific observations must include ET and/or interdimensional entities at the root of our true history. Plenty of it, to me, is self-evidently true, for example that the Dogon tribe knew that Sirius was a triple-star system so long ago and then 'modern' science affirmed it in the '90's?? What accounts for that except that the Dogons were right?

Also, many of the crop circles are impossible to deny. Not just that they are there, but aspects about the timing and the coordination about them. I'm thinking very specifically about the gigantic crop circles that were made outside of the heavily gaurded (military or NASA?) installation in direct response to the Carl Sagan transmission describing ourselves, and then how exactly a year afterwards they repeated the bottom portion of it (it looked like fractal triangles).

And even still, if one forgets about all of that, the fact of the pyramids/pyramid-shaped temples lain all over the globe, all referencing each other and encoding much of the same math and proportions, and the sheer impossibility of their construction, was plenty enough to convince me that we're either talking about ET technology or something close to (or maybe exactly) an advanced Atlantean race.

I have a feeling David Icke and the others talking about "reptillians" are right, btw. I see synchronicities about lizards as though in response to my internal monologue when I think about it at times. I'm not sure if my syncs are like a bonafide lie detector or what, but they have worked that way at certain points.

All this said, I AM still a 'skeptical' person, imo; I consider it that true skepticism SHOULD impel someone into this line of truth seeking. I consider everything I said "scientific" (and not "Big S Science Dogma).
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
I have been listening to various videos as I work about Pleiadians such as Billy Meier and this video series from a man who claims to channel "Adamu/Atlas". So that's been my basic thrust as of late, and I have also been seriously driven to find some resolution to the convictions I expressed above, namely that I am just NOT interested in this crap civilization (sorry but I'm being honest) unless I can AFFIRM that I chose to come here to help; any other explanation goes to the realm of aetheism, and I've seen way more than needed to know that's off the table.

And before that, I'd been looking into things such as "indigo children" and "soul contracts", reading the list of traits and thinking I may as well have just given a generic description of myself as I read them. But to be honest, I reached a point in my binge-researching it that I considered the topic overrun with people making things up off the top of their head, and feeling like many people who talk about it are just making up metaphorical concepts to cope with reality, as they don't talk about the _experiences_ they had which lead them to their conclusions. The "Starseed" talk is different in that regard, in that people claiming to be starseeds talk MOSTLY about the EXPERIENCES behind their convictions, and that's how I sort truth out for myself anymore; if someone describes synchronicities or other meta-physical experiences in ways that resonate with my own experiences, I feel I have reason to trust, believe, and go deeper in that route. I want to find out for myself if I am a star seed.

All that said, I honestly just stumbled onto it after looking up "starseeds". I clicked on this site and saw that there was a forum and that it was selective in its members, and it's worth it to me to spend time on this as evidenced by how much I am writing.

One last thing about starseeds that makes me more inclined to believe it via personal experience; I made an aquaintance with a woman who produces videos and podcasts about her meta-physical experiences. We got to talking and she inadvertently proved psychic ability to me, even though I had already believed she to be genuine. She was sure of the starseed phenomenon, and when I told her about my "staring at the southern sky" experiences I described way up above she urged me to explore that topic.

I'm just saying, I believe. But to be deeply honest, I have not had the lightning flash intuition that I am specifically a starseed myself.
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ ?
Yes I agree

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At 9:38am on January 10, 2017, Living Light said…

a short 7 min vid...

At 6:02am on January 6, 2017, Toni James said…


I looooove your writing!  How articulate!  And everything is so interesting.  We might have some things in common indeed!  :  )   I experienced kundalini too, 1984.  I was lying in bed one night and felt like I was forcibly sucked up a silver vacuum.  It started from my feet and went to above my head.  It was loud!  I was terrified.  It whooshed at me three times.  Didn't know WTH it was but I was booked into a meditation class starting the next week.  (I am still in touch with this teacher sometimes.)  There was no Google back then, and finding information was difficult, costly and took so long.  It was nine months before I even came close to answer.

The BEST answers I ever found were under hypnosis.  Perhaps you'd like to try that?  Not for the faint hearted, but you sound brave.  As the years have gone by I've remembered quite a few lifetimes that caused so much pain, both emotional and physical.  Some of the physical sensations have been with me all my life.  Yuck!  Sometimes there's been epiphanies - the kind that smack you in the head and you own them.  Sometimes there's been spontaneous realisations without me being in any special state.  It annoys me dreadfully that we get the test before we know what the lesson was.  LOL.  

I too have / had a high IQ and was meant to attend schools for the gifted.  Ha!  At the time my parents were going through a bitter divorce and my mother doesn't even remember anything about it.  It seems that my intelligence was not meant for academia and this was told to me by an astrologer.  It seems that every time I've tried to complete a course, 'outisde' forces had a hand in ensuring I couldn't complete it. LOL. Had to laugh about that all those years later.  I also have something called a mutable Grand Cross and a couple of Yods.  Oh well.  Whatever!  The astrologer also told me that if I didn't do earthly things (i.e. eat meat, party, have relationships) that I would be off with the pixies all the time.

Sometime in the 80s when I was visiting a friend, she told me she had a book for me, and went to the other end of the house to get it.  By the time she got back I was sobbing.  The book was Earth - Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library.  I've re-read the book since, and found that the impact was not as profound.  I even thought, 'You little buggers!  This is all REALLY just a game, and I don't want to play anymore.'  Aaarrrggghh.  The Plieades constellation is the only one I know.  I've gazed at it for years - to the north from here.

I have a nephew with Aspergers.  He has a degree in Civil Engineering but cannot change a toilet roll.  My sister says it's because there's no formula for changing toilet rolls!  He has been a difficult customer, but has no leaning toward things spiritual.  He supports himself well playing the stock market, which is like an artificial reef in the ether to me.  He will be fine.  

My latest interest has been 'background people.' I first read a little about them in a Dolores Cannon book some years ago.  There's a lot of info out there about them.  I was surprised!  It appears they only have the lower three chakras, if any, and are commonly psychopaths or narcissists, or even reptilians.  I've seen two.  Ugh. I wish I'd never known any personally.  But, think of politicians who poison this earth for profit etc.  It seems there is a battle between God / Satan, or Good / Evil, or Humans / archons on this planet.

And to our purpose in life.  I'm so glad I found my spiritual job at last.  I didn't know I'd been doing it all my life while I slept though.  It first hit me when I was 19.  Then at 26 I saw it, but at

At 8:22am on January 5, 2017, Living Light said…

At 3:07am on January 4, 2017, Arcturian Wolf aka Scott said…

I have to wait until tomorrow to read all of what is on your profile, yet I just wanted to comment that I too have had EMDR therapy, and let me tell you, talk about bridging and expanding the mind/perception.  We should discuss this and much more, much further.  You are very well met.  Talk to you some more soon.

At 2:56am on December 21, 2016, Steve Hutchinson said…

I am delighted to welcome you to Int Starseeds Network.

Unbounded Blessings of Love & Abundance,




If ISN has helped you on your path to awakening and greater understanding...please consider a donation of your choice. Namaste

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