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Started this discussion. Last reply by I'la'ha Oct 16, 2016. 13 Replies

Looking for any information regarding Mother Sekhmet. Thank you :)

The Power of 8

Started this discussion. Last reply by Adirudra Oct 4, 2016. 20 Replies

8 is all around us. My phone number is 8854, my drivers license number has 888 in it, and in numerology my full name even adds to 88. 8 is the symbol of karmic attraction and repulsion, of…READ MORE →

Looking for past life guidance

Started this discussion. Last reply by Turquoise Water Aug 1, 2016. 11 Replies

Hi everyone. I am looking for someone who can help me regress to my past lives and learn from them and apply them. Can anyone help?READ MORE →

Animal/Plant Guide Experiences

Started this discussion. Last reply by I'la'ha Sep 13, 2016. 2 Replies

Hi everyone :) I just wanted to start this thread so that we can all share our experiences we've had with life on this planet.I have had a few interesting experiences with animal guides. The first…READ MORE →


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Asc: 18 Leo
Sun: 15 Pisces 8th house
Moon: 13 Pisces 8th house
Mercury: 1 Pisces 7th house
Venus: 9 Aquarius 6th house
Mars: 19 Cancer 11th house
Jupiter:21 Scorpio 4th house
Saturn: 24 Aquarius 7th house
Uranus: 6 Capricorn 5th house
Neptune: 1 Capricorn 5th house
Pluto: 6 Scorpio 3rd house
MC: 15 Taurus (Aldebaran)
IC: 15 Scorpio (Antares)

Dominants Signs:




Dominant Planets:





Asc: 12 Virgo 8th house
Sun: 9 Aries   8th house
Moon: 7 Aries 8th house
Mercury: 25 Pisces 7th house
Venus: 3 Pisces 6th house
Mars: 13 Leo  11th house
Jupiter: 15 Sagittarius 4th house
Saturn: 18 Pisces 7th house
Uranus: 29 Capricorn 5th house
Neptune: 25 Capricorn 5th house
Pluto: 0 Sagittarius 3rd house
MC: 9 Gemini (Aldebaran)
IC: 9 Sagittarius (Antares)

Dominants Signs:




Dominant Planets:





Asc: 12 Leo
Sun: 27 Pisces 8th house
Moon: 25 Pisces 8th house
Mercury: 13 Pisces 7th house
Venus: 21 Aquarius 6th house
Mars: 1 Leo 11th house
Jupiter: 3 Sagittarius 4th house
Saturn: 6 Pisces 7th house
Uranus: 18 Capricorn 5th house
Neptune: 13 Capricorn 5th house
Pluto: 18 Scorpio 3rd house
MC: 27 Taurus 
IC: 27 Scorpio 

Dominants Signs:




Dominant Planets:





Asc: 6 Aquarius
Sun: 4 Virgo 8th house
Moon: 1 Virgo 8th house
Mercury: 19 Leo 7th house
Venus: 27 Cancer 6th house
Mars: 7 Capricorn 11th house
Jupiter: 9 Taurus 4th house
Saturn: 12 Leo 7th house
Uranus: 24 Gemini 5th house
Neptune: 19 Gemini 5th house
Pluto: 24 Aries 3rd house
MC: 3 Scorpio
IC: 3 Taurus

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
Sun Sign:
What Do You Identify With?
Lightbeing, Mermaid/Merman, Wise One, Lemurian, Empath, Human
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
Divine Blueprinter, Light Worker (Healer), Light Warrior (Guardian), Nature Worker (Earth Healer)
What Is Your Soul Origin?
Sirian, Pleiadian, Draco, Andromedan
What Is Your Soul Group?
Blue Ray (Archangel Michael)
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
Taoist mainly, with Buddhist and Hindu beliefs as well.
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
My interests include astrology, energy work, meditation, extraterrestrial communication, and most everything on this site. I have always been attracted to Ancient Chinese, and Egyptian culture. I practice QiGong and meditation daily. But I think that my discussions on this site will do a better job of describing me than I could ever do.
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
My eyes always gravitate to Orion's belt. Since I was a baby, I always looked to the stars. They've always fascinated me. I've always known deep down that I am not native to this planet. A psychic once told me I was from an aqua world. During that same reading, a psychic artist drew a picture of what flashed in his mind when he saw me. It was a fishbus, next to some streetlights. Think of the catbus from My Neighbor Totoro, but as a fish instead. Water is definitely my element, as my birth chart shows. I follow Vedic Astrology, but even in tropical astrology, I am a Pisces dominant. I guess I'm here to learn more about myself, and my origins. I see visions of lions and other feline like beings regularly. When I was young, a 'cat burglar' used to visit me through my window. Now, he still watches over me. I've met my star family, and it is reassuring to know that they have my back, but I want to work on becoming closer to them. They are white lions. I also have many visions of eagles and hawks. I see hawks in the physical realm everyday too. If my descriptions resonate with anyone, please, don't be a stranger. We can teach each other about ourselves.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I feel that there are many of them here to help us. If we only open our eyes and let everything flow, we can communicate.
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
Through googling questions I had about starseeds.
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ http://www.starseeds.net/page/guidelines ?
Yes I agree

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What's New?

I'la'ha replied to Kaigera Winters's discussion Do you ever get the spiritual feeling that your zodiac is wrong?
"you should check out astro.com to find your dominants. :) also, the sidereal zodiac is quite interesting. "
Jan 12
Falyn and I'la'ha are now friends
Jan 3
I'la'ha replied to Cardiac Jack's discussion Favourite Song Lyrics?
"This always resonated with me: WISE MAN - by Frank Ocean Wiseman closed his mouth Madman closed his fist Young man shows his age Judge man named it sin Bad man don't exist, no No evil man exists Good man don't exist, no No righteous man…"
Dec 30, 2016
I'la'ha replied to Kindle's discussion How do you know you're not just being manipulated?
"I couldn't have said it better Light. My only input is that the silence is a message itself and I believe you do know the answer to the question you're asking and that's why you're getting the silence. In a way, I think they…"
Dec 30, 2016
I'la'ha and Olibana Pelayo are now friends
Dec 20, 2016
I'la'ha loved Seed Of Erra's video
Dec 20, 2016
I'la'ha loved ROCKY ~ THE ~ WARRIOR's video
Dec 20, 2016
I'la'ha loved Seed Of Erra's video
Dec 20, 2016
I'la'ha loved Surya's video
Dec 20, 2016
I'la'ha loved ROCKY ~ THE ~ WARRIOR's video
Dec 20, 2016
I'la'ha loved Altheya's video
Dec 20, 2016
I'la'ha loved Jedirealism's video
Dec 20, 2016
I'la'ha loved Seed Of Erra's video
Dec 20, 2016
I'la'ha loved Midrash's discussion Understanding I-Ching (Yi-jing) and the yin yang symbol
Dec 2, 2016
I'la'ha replied to Kaigera Winters's discussion My Soul Animal - Orca/Killer Whale
"Love this.. Orcas also represent duality and exploring the subconscious. Orcas are such beautiful creatures.. have you tried universeofsymbolism for info one your spirit animal? they are very informative."
Dec 2, 2016
I'la'ha loved Kaigera Winters's discussion My Soul Animal - Orca/Killer Whale
Dec 2, 2016

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At 7:55am on November 4, 2016, Midrash said…
Hi ^^
At 9:20am on October 1, 2016, Jave Adeveni said…

You've got a really cool energy my friend. Humble power :) Keep being you! ;)

At 3:24pm on September 22, 2016, Adirudra said…

The star changes position, it was 'in' meditation previously hehe ;D

At 2:52pm on September 22, 2016, Adirudra said…

Thanks for the friendship brother I'la'ha. Brightest blessings! :)

At 10:27pm on August 28, 2016, Zero Lin said…

Thanks for the add bro, was actually in new york earlier. good times.

At 5:21am on August 26, 2016, Commander Randy said…

From one cat to another


At 11:45pm on August 22, 2016, Tehani said…
Thanks for the love, brother! Right back at you and then some! <3 ((hugs!))
At 1:04pm on June 8, 2016, ♎✨Kenny✨♎ said…

Love and Be Love that what you want to see right?

When you become what you Love all your mirrors reflect back the inner you and people will naturally like you.

practice mindfulness when feeling as if your anger is overwhelming and think to your self (what is there to be angry about when (you/i) have more to take care of and breathe it out and move on about your day)

other times it may be harder try and feel the life you want to see that day ahead of you and grasp it with your heart and mind and move thru it like you knew of it on the back of your hand.

At 10:26pm on June 2, 2016, Tehani said…

Thanks for the love brother <3  sending you golden light!  ((hugs!))

At 8:55am on May 30, 2016, Charlye Emily said…

Thank you so much <3 I wish peace on you <3



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"I was told the same thing when I tried to play baseball in school.  I didn't improve…"
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"Also, when I play video games, I can only play with inverted y axis look. Up is down and down is…"
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"Thanks for your response!"
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Tanner replied to Brandy Jones's discussion Wired backwards? I do a lot of things backwards.
"When I was a kid, I joined little league baseball and started on Tee-ball. My mom was on the…"
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Seed Of Erra commented on Arcturian Wolf aka Scott's photo

17 - 1

"I'm stealing this one ok? lol hugs"
56 minutes ago

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