Victor of Orion
  • Male
  • North Island
  • New Zealand
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Victor of Orion's Page

What's New?

Victor of Orion joined Paige Marie's group
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Light Storm's group

Divine Blueprinters

Are you a Blueprinter or feel a connection with them? Then, this is your space. :)See More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Cecilia Evans's group

Hybrid Children A Rainbow Bridge

This group is for those who believe or know that they have hybrid children. A few known races are the Shalinaya, Yahyel, and Essassani. These are Grey Alien and Human hybrid mixtures. There are many other non-human races participating in hybridization programs as well. This is a space for people to share their stories love and support for others who feel drawn to this subject. NamasteSee More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Savannah*Nai'Shara's group

Unknown Worlds

Cannot find your star families group? Or you have recently discovered your Home, but cannot find or looking for someone from there. Please join :-)See More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Naomi's group

Dark Souls

Welcome to the Dark Souls corner of ISN. This group is for people who have a fascination with all things dark and morbid. This could be represented by a photo, artwork, poetry, and the like. See More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Orion Warrior's group

Health Group

  This group is for those who are dedicated to their heath, want to help others become healthier, and want to fight the corrupted food industry (etc.).See More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Light Storm's group

Sassani, YahYel and other similar loving civilizations.

eEssassani is the homeworld of the Sassani race, who are a successful hybridization of Zeta and human genes. 300-700 years in the future from our current time frame. Their world is already established but they have been communicating and interacting with us here and now, often as mentors and guides. The Sassani ('beings of light') possess a combination of the best characteristics of the two races - human and Zeta Reticuli. They have the Zeta's telepathy, longevity, sensitivity, scientific and…See More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Mita's group

psychic powers developement & support

for sharing experiences, learning together & supporting eachother with previously rare abilities that are manifesting under the new energies; telepathy, telikenesis, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, atmokinesis, levitation, psychometry, to name a few. TSee More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Intergalactic Yoshi's group

Nature Workers & Earth Healers for Oceans

This is a group for anyone who is interested in all things related to oceans, marine life conservation, protection and exploration. Unfortunately our oceans are deteriorating quickly and there is less awareness/protection because unlike nature on land, the surface stays the same even if so much is changing for the worst below. We need to stand up for our ocean friends who live under the sea. They say that 95% of the oceans are yet to be discovered and there is so much still to be explored! Feel…See More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Yshatar Anshar El's group

The Ashtar Command

A place for all to learn more about the AC and themselves through the messages of Cmdr Sheron as received by Yshatar. Feel free to ask Cmdr Sheron anything you like.
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Light of RA's group
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Cosmic Spirit's group

Paranormal Experiences

A group for anyone who has had experiences with the paranormal. This includes any contact with spirits, negative forces, aliens, fae, and so on.See More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Euphoria's group

Starseed Gamers

This is a place for Starseeds that like playing video games.See More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Izabella Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ's group


Being an empath doesn’t necessarily show in a person’s expression, although often we’re fooled into thinking it does. Whenever we assume that the presence or absence of empathy will show in external behavior, it’s a mistake.An Empath also possesses a very sensitive emotional nature, that is typically difficult to self-manage. Books have been written on "highly sensitive people" and those materials are relevant to this topic. However, being highly sensitive is only one part of the formula for…See More
Aug 27, 2017
Victor of Orion joined Gunther Prien (Iku-Turso)'s group

Healing with Essences and Elixirs

This group is for discussion about making one's own crystal, plant/flower, tarot, etc. essences/elixirs.See More
Aug 27, 2017

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Profile Information

Relationship Status:
What Do You Identify With?
What Is Your Soul Origin?
What Is Your Soul Group?
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
None / Observer
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
Definition of me is very sharply accurate of the description
about orions in general.

* Analytical
* Thinker
* Uses Logic most of time to work things out.
* Less emotional than majority of most people

Wants what a lot of people on this planet want: Equality
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
Long story:

Originally information given to me by an indigo i knew (info off a good site) described indigos and i immediately was being 'described'
as being far far to specific and accurate for
it to impossible to not be an indigo

Later on (about 2012) i found out i was an Orion by comparison of at least 5 other starseed types. Orion describes me perfectly/extremely sharp definition of me personally.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
Like a lot of people, i have researched and watched many videos about different types of ET's.

My Opinions vary widely about the different races out there.

I can only say that the things which define and manifest the different behaviours of various ET races, is in it's self a very interesting thing. Culture etc, being influenced by different Genetics etc.
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
The usual way people often find sites on the internet.
google brings up references to keywords being used in search
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ http://www.starseeds.net/page/guidelines ?
Yes I agree

Music - Some of my faviourite Music

Artist:Bill Bruford

Album: One Of A Kind

01. Hell's Bells


02. One Of A Kind - Part One & 03. One Of A Kind - Part Two


04. Travels With Myself - And Someone Else


05. Fainting In Coils


06. Five G


07. The Abingdon Chasp


08. Forever Until Sunday


09. The Sahara Of Snow - Part One & 10. The Sahara Of Snow - Part Two


My faviourite song in this album is 'Travels With Myself - And Someone Else'.

I had this vinyl record since i was at least 8 or 10 years old.

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At 5:06am on August 27, 2017, Steve Hutchinson said…

Spiritual Growth

Victor, I am delighted to welcome you to my discussion group 'Spiritual Growth'. Just visit there any time to find new and uplifting posts to help with our spiritual upliftment. Here's the link: Spiritual Growth.

And Victor,  please feel free to add your Love & Wisdom to our group through posting discussions, photos, videos, etc. that help uplift us all.

Blessings of Love & Abundance


At 7:43pm on May 24, 2016, positiveevitisop said…
^ . ^
At 12:30am on March 24, 2016, Starlight said…

no problem thanks for accepting me

At 4:12pm on March 3, 2016, Jolan said…

You will enjoy this one ;) Also check the one I uploaded to the video's... 

At 3:27pm on February 25, 2016, Jolan said…

Hey Victor, I missed this interview with Drunvalo addressing the electric universe and what he call's 'cosmic tantra' : the energetic exchanges between the sun and the earth. This is adding greatly to our puzzle ;)


At 10:32am on February 16, 2016, Jolan said…

I all ready had made up my mind abt Anna Hayes AKA Ashayana Deane before doing a lil extra investigation just now to be sure... and it got validation... 


At 4:57am on January 26, 2016, Joy said…

Because you asked for a reading? I wanted to message you instead of posting it on the forum. I feel it is better because of the privacy to message the readings to the people. But if you don't want I will just post the reading on your wall.
Shanti Joy
At 6:32am on January 2, 2016, Zeeth Kyrah said…

I won't be able to read for you at this time, but I can confirm that you are a dragon Otherkin, and while many psychics can give partial information, most have trouble reading Otherkin fully if they themselves are not also Otherkin. Much confusion happens because of this, and that confusion can seem like corruption in the message rather than the soul or incarnate self simply not having a way to understand what is being observed.

At 3:26am on December 29, 2014, Leister Celesta said…
Uhh idk i just kind of saw your profile pic all over and i extrapolated from your name that you were an orionian and i was like cool someone really mental and then I friended you and yeah =3
At 2:23pm on November 6, 2014, Eric Allen said…

I saw your name had Orion in it and it resonated with me because at a near by wolf preserve the wolf I adopted her name is Orion :)



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Prioritize is important!

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