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Dr. Amy R Queen's Discussions

How we were created

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ra'AshKa Apr 20, 2016. 3 Replies

The twin flame concept is one that has been glossed over or plain denied by some. I'm here to tell you the truth. We were created as pairs. Each positive had it's negative. as is nature. Each man had…READ MORE →

The dark night of the soul

Started this discussion. Last reply by SilentDream Oct 21, 2015. 1 Reply

There is a thing that can happen to us when we are going through ascension called the dark night of the soul. As our DNA activated and we dig into the inner parts of us we encounter past hurts. When…READ MORE →

Tags: depression, dark, soul

Earth's Integration

Started Oct 21, 2015 0 Replies

Hello, The Earth is set to have an integration sometime during this my last lifetime. What exactly is an integration? It's when Heaven and Earth come together and form the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.…READ MORE →

Tags: Earth, heaven, integration

The Draconian Kingdom - the reptilians

Started this discussion. Last reply by positiveevitisop May 13, 2016. 81 Replies

Hello, I'm Lady Isis -Mary the spiritual grand daughter of the king and queen of Draconis. I'd like to talk a little about Draconian people. The planet Draconis is in the Orion constellation. They…READ MORE →

Tags: aln, Draconian, reptilian

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What's New?

Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Aronka's discussion Who is Jehovah?
"Jehovah created the races and planets along with source. He does not belong to any of the races. He is a God."
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Keokutah Warrior's discussion Memories of Ancient Egypt
"I don't have as many memories as I should but one nice Memory is from when I was Cleopatra the seventh. Caesar came home and was hiding behind one of the large stone pillars at the palace. He jumped out and surprised Caesarian picking him up…"
Dr. Amy R Queen loved Keokutah Warrior's discussion Memories of Ancient Egypt
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to BK Avinash's discussion The " GENDER OF GOD "
"God is a male and he does have some feminine attributes as well as a female companion. Her name is Asna. Gods name is Jehovah. Together they govern the universe. Most of what we know is about God and not his woman. God grants us inheritance along…"
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Aronka's discussion Who is Jehovah?
"Each universe is born from source with one God and woman to rule a universe. Jehovah is the name of our God who governs our uni verse."
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Ashanna El Iriel's discussion Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not 'a magician with a magic wand'
"It's great to see the pope acknowledge that the big bang could be the answer to how God did it when he began creation."
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Kaedyr's discussion Two middle names..
"I also have two middle names I usually only use one."
Apr 19
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to 52783's discussion Where would you like to be right now?
"I'd go to Hawaii"
Apr 19
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Jer's discussion How do you picture the events will unfold from now till the earth transforms completely?
"The world will progress with more people awakening. Then we have the integration to look forward to. Integration is when Heaven comes down and blends with earth. This is when Jesus returns and sets up his world government . The kingdom of heaven.…"
Apr 19
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Jer's discussion Is this the only planet of free choice?
"It's true that space here is limited. The Earth has all.she can handle. Soon we will experience integration. This is when heaven comes down to Earth and they merge. All the people from heaven will then be on the same plane as those on the…"
Apr 17
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to RainbowStar's discussion draco, reptilians, dragons
"That's so interesting. Your right we should be focusing on learning things about our bodies.I know draconian people can't have black pepper but I don't know anything about Dragon species."
Apr 17
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Star V's discussion 900 millions light years from Earth - who lives there?
"I dont know the exact measurement of how far away these planets are but there are other planets. There's draconis, and aldebaran where the k-9 people live."
Apr 5
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Cecilia Glaskas's discussion Does anyone know this place?
"Sounds like Nibiru to me."
Apr 3
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Carter Kangas's discussion Nibiru Collides With Earth- Vivid Dream
"I too have had dreams of nibiru. I dreamed that nibiru came dangerously close to the earth. It looked like planets revolving around each other on account of nibiru's moons. I had this dream quite a few years ago. I haunt had any nibiru dreams…"
Mar 31
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Ajka Redzic's discussion Otherkin/dark or demonic beings
"I am friends with two of Satan's demons. Their numbers are 17 &18. Demons have names but Re often called by their number. They are great fun."
Mar 31
Dr. Amy R Queen replied to Linds's discussion disconnected/depressed
"I also had the three in a row thing. Turns out it was pointing me to alpha centaurians. Alpha centauri is a three star configuration."
Mar 26

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
Sun Sign:
What Do You Identify With?
Anunnaki, E.T. Hybrid, Ancient
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
Archivist, Priest/Priestess
What Is Your Soul Origin?
Alpha Centarian
What Is Your Soul Group?
Yellow Ray (Archangel Jophiel)
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
Unitarian universalist with strong Christian ties
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I am Lady Isis-Mary, Matriarch of the Alpha Centaurians. I also go by Aset Rose one of my other names. I left this site years ago during a tough time and am happy to return.I served as a minister here and would like to again with Yshatar's approval. After years of contacts with my guides my Draconian guides gave me knowledge I needed. I have knowledge of how the universe was created I wish to share.During my hardship in these past years my Osiris was taken off world and died. I'm waiting for a resurection. It may take a long time.
The Angels urged me to tell that I'm Queen of Heaven. I'm a little shy of saying who I am. In previous lifetimes I wasn't taken well.This lifetime I've had no trouble so here goes. My new knowledge of my past lifetimes is as follows....Isis Goddess of Egypt, Cleopatra VII who was known for proclaiming herself the reincarnation of Isis.I had a daughter Cleopatra the VIII who is the creator of this site Yshatar. Mother Mary at the foot of the cross (Which I still remember),The queen of Spain once, Marie Queen of Scots,Several lifetimes in Amsterdam, a few as a Cherokee, I was one of the leaders who walked in the middle during the trail of tears. My Osiris walked in front. I was called Ida in Salem during the witch trials my Osiris was called Heimlich. I was burned at the stake. I had a lifetime in Holland and my most recent one was in Germany during WWII. I was in special ops/black ops with Ysha and some others. I was friends with the leaders but died badly a bunch of times and came back during the war.We all had that happen.I was married to the same man I married this time (I got confused)but none of us were with our husbands because we woke up. My Osiris was with me for a short time and I also dated Marilyn Manson. He was a lieutenant.Plenty of interesting stuff. I was told i was sitting at the military base looking at a prism and the rainbow it made. Which is the Pink Floyd prism. I thought that was cool.I'll end the lifetimes on that happy note.
I have access to information for people and need to be giving messages from off world.This includes the Draconian King and Queen who thus far have not addressed the people. They would like to. I hope to hear from Ysha soon.
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I know I'm a starseed from Alpha Centauri. We were here as part of the Annunakki brought to rule the Earth in days past.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
All of us including some of our hybridized Earth natives have some heritage. I do wonder sometimes about some of their reasons for coming to the planet.
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
I remembered it from before
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ http://www.starseeds.net/page/guidelines ?
Yes I agree

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At 12:37am on December 5, 2015, Anil Menon said…

Namaste Amy! Thanks for the connect. Love and Light! 

At 12:00am on October 12, 2015, LightningLoveSong said…


At 7:37pm on September 6, 2015, ann said…

Thanks for the friendship

At 3:13pm on August 16, 2015, Joy said…
Hey your spirit animal is

Mountain gorilla. An earth spirit.


She comes to help you connect with your inner peace. You are very strong. No matter what is going on around you there is a place within your own energy field that is peace, love and light. She invites you to sink into your own world. You are a being of peace and abundance. Live in your own values.

Where is your private sanctuary? Go there and connect. Spend time alone and enjoy self care activities to rebalance your core. What activities are good for you? What energized you? What gives you peace? Take care of yourself. You need only to radiate your true nature to be a greate blessing to the world. Don't let the world drain you.

When you are strongly connected to your core values you will move in the world in one assembled light.

Shanti joy
At 8:29pm on July 28, 2015, adeomus said…

Hi Amy !!

Thank you for your friendship, I'm looking forward to hearing more about you

love, addy



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