Sorcerous Beings, Mixed and in the Cracks ?


Sorcerous Beings, Mixed and in the Cracks ?

I purposely didn't advertise this group, knowing that the Universe would bring you if you do indeed belong here :D

I wonder how many of you are practicing Witches ( any Path), or would just like to know more,

but are also Starseed...Annunaki/ Sidhe/ hybrid ..

and passionately, eternally, Seeking knowledge, but sort of falling in between the cracks many groups, but none addressing this combination ? 

You don't always know what you're seeking, but you know it when you see it...then keep on following connections like Breadcrumbs ! 

Everyone must find their own Truths, metabolizing them in their own unique way... practice your Craft, and maybe learn more about yourself and your Intrinsic Gifts by putting all of our collective information together ?

Would you like a place to share and discuss your Magic, your discoveries, and to be with others who know what it is to have Joyful Epiphanies when it all comes together ?

  This could be the Place ! 

  love, Addy

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"It's easy to believe in magic when you're young. Anything you couldn't explain was magic then.

It didn't matter if it was science or a fairy tale.
Electricity and elves were both infinitely mysterious and equally possible
- elves probably more so."

~Charles de Lint

so true for all of us <3 , from:

Katrin Chrysaphis

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Comment by adeomus yesterday

Hi Jacob ! : D

thanks so much...i read your link, and it's a pity the gamers weren't wild about it.

It sounds like it would make a good book or a great movie !

love, addy

Comment by Jacob Sockness yesterday

Adeomus, this is what I found about the game. I'll leave it to others to look up gameplay vids and all. It seems like having an experience is just a result of the material in the game itself. I think the game designers are intentionally putting symbols or things to cause this sort of activity.

Comment by adeomus on Monday

*smiles* may not feel like it all the time, but i'm sure you will find your way.

bless you tanner.

love, addy

Comment by Tanner Lane on Monday
If its so and its right, that is cool. But I wont ask for anything in specific. I dont even have much of a clear idea of what it is I could ask help with. Actually right now I dont even feel that theres anything pertinent that needs any work to ask for. So thats pretty cool. Thanks for offering though. Its nice to at least know that theres someone I could come to ask if I need it. On the other hand, hopefully in not too much time Ill be able to help people and not be the one to always want the help. More comfortable to me when someone comes out of the blue and asks for my help and it tends to be something I can help with. Times like that were my favorite.

As for the lantern lady, I got lucky with her. Probably saved me from getting into something I wasnt ready for. So yeah, the panther or wolf might be able to help. I read somewhere that it isnt very wise to go traveling in the spirit world alone, and that we can ask our animal guides for help. One sounded cool, actually riding on the back of your animal as it takes you where you need to go. Sounds better than going blindly without any specific purpose than just being able to travel.
Comment by adeomus on Monday

hmm....your astral travel sounded like perhaps you were in a hazardous place, and the Lady with the lantern could have been Hekate, or a Gatekeeper, keeping you out of harm's way. Maybe you're not yet ready to travel between the worlds...if and when you ever are, i have a feeling you'll see that Lady again.

I have had some experience with distance healing, if i'm on the "same frequency" with the person ( there is no need to be shared anything )....if it feels right, i would try, and i never charge.

but if it's to do with any extraction or retrieval, i think you're right: you have to do your own intensive inner work to find out exactly what you need or to need to get rid of....if anything. Sometimes one only needs to get sorted out.

Perhaps Panther or Wolf can help with that.

Current topics, or things your eyes "happen to" fall onto, are never coincidence....every thing has a reason, and is always on time.

if you ( or any members) ever need to message me privately, pls do not hesitate.

love, addy

Comment by Tanner Lane on Monday
If someone could help, that might be nice, but ive stayed away from askig people to work their magic and try to clear whatever it is thag jumps in me. Partially due to fear of getting into anything with anyone else, and also a little bit of the idea that I gotta figure it out on my own if I want to be able to practice any extractions or deposessions later on professionally. A bit of misguided ideas kept me from looking for help at a distance. It's been said that shamans dont need to be in the same room to do any soul retrievals or exctractions, since they operate in the spirit world and one could go about their day normally as if nothing was going on and the shamans work can still be done. I always thought I would have to go into a shared altered state and be with the shaman every step of the way with whatever work is being done. I suppose if anyone else here is a practitioner eith experience who could look ito me for any sort of extraction and soul retrieval, I'm open to it, but it's a lot to ask considering I don't have the money to pay for any preofessional service. This would be a request for a free service, so Ill leave it as eh, either way its cool for now.

But Murdered: Soul Suspect is a game about a detective who gets murdered while tracking down this serial killer who has been huntig witches, and he doest pass on, so he continues his investigation as a ghost and has some help from a young witch, since he cac oly iteract with few physical items, like messing with tvs and phones, anythinf electronic. Why I brought it up was a memory I had ot long after playing the game. I the game, at some parts there are demons roaming aroud that you have to stay out of sight from, and tge way to do that is by hiding in some risidual spots that another ghost left behind. Basically hiding out in its essence and hoping that the demon doesnt come close and sniff you out of it. After playig thag game, one night I was in bed and traveled to another place that was mostly dark, and I saw all these dsrk misty spots hanging around and I remembered the game and thought, "Oh, I might be able to hide in one of those while I check this place out" So I tried it and jumped into one of the spots and this ghostly woman holding a lantern zoomed in really fast out of nowhere and got right up close to me and just like that I was booted out and back in my body. It made me think I wasn't supposed to be there. I havent had much success with traveling after that. Not like I used to.
Comment by adeomus on Monday


TW, i hope to feel those Energies real soon.....just came down with a whopper of a cold, just when i thought i squeaked through the whole winter without one for once ! sheesh....i guess Nature thought i was being cocky hehe....

but soon, real soon, there's much frolicking yet to be done !!!

love you all !!!

addy xoxoxoxo

Comment by adeomus on Monday

lol...Tanner, i'm so glad you're here !

it's not necessary to be involved in any formal traditions, we're all made of magic, and the more fun it is ( or the more trouble, really lol..) the more we learn ! And...that's a biggie for me : ) Doing it all together is Gravy !

hehe...someone around here might even be able to straighten out your kidney !

nope, have not heard of that game....what's it about, besides the obvious  lol ...murderous ghosts, huh ?

love, addy xox

Comment by Tanner Lane on Monday
Heyo! I joined this group willy nilly to comment on the spirit animals discussion, thiking thats what the group was, but now that I'm hrre, I might as well introduce myself and say hi. I considered myself a sort of sorcerer/magician for a while...practiced whatever forms of magic seemed to work ; learned as i went along what I can and cant do. I never really indoctrinated into any specific sects like Paganism or Druidry. Just played around and took things as far as I could. Got into quite a bit of trouble here and there, but how many of us havent? Diving into the mysteries of magic is like taking your first exam at Hogwarts without reading any of the textbooks. Hey look! I figured out how to open up a portal! Oh shit, somehing just jumped into my kidney.

By the way, has anybody here ever played the game Murdered: Soul Suspect?
Comment by Turquoise Water on Monday

Starting to feel the Equinox energies strongly. Bringing me balance...ringing through me in many layers of Harmony. OM MANI PADME HUM.


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