if there are any out there who are like me,

and have a hard time getting their heads around the Kabala, this link might be of use : )

If there are any out there who have had experience with the Kabala, please do share if you will ?

love, addy


Kabbalah Basics
There are many words to describe reality, but the ultimate reality is one. Whatever our religion or language, whatever word we use to describe God or the ultimate r...
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Thanks for the article, addy! I’ve always been drawn to the Kabbalah, and yet, I’ve always felt like "I just don’t really ‘get’ it." However, that is usually how I feel about everything. ;-) I think it has something to do with my astrological chart....natal Mercury in Pisces. "Knowing," for me, can only come on the deepest level and has to be connected with deep feeling.

With the Kabbalah, I think it’s OK to feel that way. After all, traditional people have spent practically their whole lives studying it. There are levels to it. Depths and heights. And places that are mysterious and not really easily accessible.

One of my 2 Life Spirit Guides is named Zohar, which is also the name of an important and ancient book about the Kabbalah. With a Guide like that, I should be able to understand the Kabbalah quite easily, right? Ha ha. Wrong.

Zohar, for his part, is a loving and fatherly Guide. However, he is also a bit of a Trickster. When I asked him "What is the Kabbalah?" he answered, "It’s a Love song." And I think he’s right!

He also sees the Kabbalah (more traditionally) as the "TREE OF LIFE," which contains the 10 "seeds" of consciousness (plus the 11th "secret" seed.) (My Guide, Zohar, loves trees of all kinds!)

The word itself fascinates me: KA BA LA. KA is the same energy as the Serpent Power of Kundalini. BA is about the Power of the Lord, or a "Master," (as in Master of the Craft) or of a being of great spiritual power, like an Archangel. B’Allah? Baal? LA is the song.

There is a connection to the Yogic Sri Yantra, also called "The Yantra of Creation." I believe there is also a connection to the Islamic Ka’aba, which resides in Mecca. The Zohar (book of the Kabbalah) uses the Hebrew word Mecca — the same spelling for the city of Mecca — for the concept of a window opening up into the heavens where the divine Light is.

The Diagram that illustrates the Kabbalah was first taught to me by my Tarot teacher, Ditch. He showed me that both the Tarot and the Kabbalah come from the tradition of Sacred Geometry. Both emerge from a vesica piscis, and then resolve themselves into a pattern which has also been called "The Flower of Life." It seems to echo the theme of "Tree of Life!"

In the Sepher Yetzirah, the book of Creation, manual of the Kabbalists, it is said that when God wanted to manifest Himself, it was by a bolt of LIGHTNING which created 10 spheres out of the void (or sepheroth).

In fact, this lightning forms, by its zigzag shape, an extension and a contraction defining the work of creation between two poles, or pillars. The right pillar is called the pillar of mercy (extension) and the left pillar, the pillar of rigor (contraction). Naturally, the centre becomes the pillar of equilibrium.

– Kris Hadar


Lightning is attracted to trees, so this makes sense to me. Lightning can also be experienced as a kind of wholistic visionary consciousness which runs through everything....like "the Force" in the Star Wars movies, like the Christian Holy Spirit, the Hebrew Ruach, South African Muti, Polynesian Mana, the oriental "Chi," the Yogic Snake-energy Kundalini, the Sufi Latifa, etc. It's about Light, both inner and outer. And this Light can be quickened to Life by Vibration.

Indeed, it's about opening the Eye....or each of the 10 "EYES"....to receive and accept the Light that is at the basis of All-That-Is. In this way, it reminds me of the opening of the Chakras to the Light of the Spirit. (Just as a seed must open to the light in order to, eventually, blossom, and fruit.)

And each of these "EYES" also receive and accept the Light from each other. It is a step-by-step process that, in the result, becomes a wholistic engulfing experience.

In the study of the Kabbalah, much has been said of the Right-Hand Path and the Left-Hand Path to Enlightenment. Though some connect the Right-Hand Path to "Masculine" and Left-Hand Path to "Feminine," I feel that there is no hard-and-fast rule about the Gender expression. Each path is valid.....and yet the Light must travel through BOTH, in order for the result to be complete. Each side is part of the full circuit. Polarity is important in this process.

My Tarot teacher, Ditch, talked to me about the different Paths. He said that the Right Hand Path was about Enlightenment through the mind, including Codes,Thoughts, Language, Teaching, Scholarship, Wisdom, Meditation, quieting of desire, etc. He said the Left Hand Path was about Enlightenment through the body, including Emotion, Feeling, Intuition, Instinct, Passion, sexual love, etc. For him, the Right Hand Path was about following the traditional "God," while the Left Hand Path was about following the non-traditional "Goddess." He asked me, then, which path I chose to follow. I paused and then told him, "The Middle Path." He said that was impossible and I must choose one or the other. I never did. I must have frustrated my teacher to no end..

I know, in my heart, that each side means nothing without the other. They balance each other.

One can follow one path in one life, but must balance it out in another life. The place of the Heart in the Tree of Life is the sphere of Tipareth. This is the Center of the Tree which expresses the Beauty of Love. For me, I do not need to understand much more than this.....

Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite books, which gives the view of the ancient and so-called "New Age" teachings from a Pagan and/or Wiccan perspective: 



The tradition of Judaism was influenced by, and some say also influenced, the teachings of Egypt and Babylon. Abraham, father of the Jewish tradition, was born in Ur of Chaldea. Moses, a great prophet of the Hebrews, was raised in the Egyptian royal court before leading his people out of Egyptian enslavement. The Hebrews were also held in captivity in Babylon, creating opportunities for a rich, mystical melding pot despite the social injustice. The Persian Zoroastrians also had a tremendous influence on Hebrew philosophy.

Hebrew mysticism is embedded in the system known as the Kabbalah, which was primarily an oral tradition embedded in the Jewish texts until it was written about in the Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Formation, dating between the third and sixth centuries A.D. Though primarily a Jewish system, with possible influences from Egypt and Chaldea, the numerical associations with the creation of the universe have similarities to the neo-Pythagorean teachings.

Modern magicians speculate as to the source of this lore, and wonder if either the practitioners of the magickal traditions of Egypt and Babylon absorbed information from their Jewish captives, or the Jewish rabbis took this foreign lore and embedded it into the Kabbalah.

Kabbalah means "to receive," though some say it means "law" or "tradition." According to the writings of most Jewish scholars, the Kabbalah was given to Moses on Mount Sinai when he received the Ten Commandments. Modern magicians state that the angels gave the Kabbalah to Adam in the Garden of Eden. The information most likely came from the tradition known as merkavah mysticism, a form of spirit travel in which the practitioners "mapped" out the spheres of creation, which eventually led to the formation of the Kabbalah and the later Tree of Life glyph.

Although Kabbalistic studies have been an underpinning of the more esoteric branches of Jewish faith, the system branches off into several traditions, sometimes denoted with different spellings, though many teachers and authors are not consistent with the spellings. There remains the primarily Jewish tradition, the Kabbalah, traditionally reserved for Jewish men of good standing, over forty years of age, and with a family. The study of the Kabbalah was considered dangerous for those without such grounding.

Another branch fuses Kabbalistic thought with alchemy and Hermetic magick, and is usually spelled Qabalah or Qabala. Primarily a vehicle for ceremonial magicians throughout the ages, many images and symbol systems have been graftedd to it, as the system seems able to absorb almost any other symbol system. Qabalah has influenced modern neopaganism because ceremonial magic has influenced the pagan revival.

A third branch of this system fuses Kabbalistic lore with Christianity, creating a Christian Cabala. Central to the mysteries of this line of Cabala are the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Historically there has been a great deal of crossover between Cabala and Qabalah, as many medieval magicians were also Christians. Kabbalah, Qabalah, and Cabala all have many simularities in their teachings, making the differences in the traditions difficult to discern.

* * *


Shamans were the first to use their otherworldly journeys to create maps of the nonphysical worlds, the unseen roads. Through trance-inducing techniques, including drumming, dancing, herbs, and meditation, shamans can send their awareness out from the body to explore the etheric realities. There they encounter a vertical axis, which takes shape as a mountain, ladder, or most popularly, a tree, known as the world tree, the center of the universe.

The world tree is found in many mythologies , including those of the Norse, Celts, and Siberians. Many modern shamanic practitioners continue to use the image of the tree, as the roots give access to a realm below and the branches give access to a world above.

* * *


Another tree model used in our effort to map reality is the Tree of Life, a glyph drawn from Jewish Kabbalah and used extensively in Hermetic Qabalah. It is not a literal tree (and some have difficulty seeing a tree image in the symbol), but is more like a ladder, with ten spheres, each representing a different LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS, both in the universe and in ourselves. The ten spheres are known as sephiroth (sephira, sing.), which translates to "emanations," referring to emanations of energy from the divine source creating our reality.

Each sphere corresponds to a number, an aspect of astrology, an archangel, and a SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. Magicakally there are also associations with animals, stones, plants, and scents. The sephiroth are arranged in a specific pattern of sacred geometry that visually describes the relationships between the ten spheres, which are connected by twenty-two (22) paths. Each path corresponds to a tarot card and a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. These associations map the process, spiritual and psychological, needed to move from one level of consciousness to another, and the system of Qabalah provides texts, rituals, and meditations to facilitate this process.

The ten spheres are numbered in order from the least dense and most spiritually pure sephiroth to those that are more dense, more personal, and more human in scope. Some think of the Tree of Life as being rooted in the bottom, tenth sphere (Malkuth), but the older depictions actually describe an upside-down tree, with its roots in heaven. There is a similar image of an upside-down tree in Hindu texts such as the Bhagavad Gita: "The blessed Lord said, ‘The wise speak of an eternal Asvattha tree (sacred fig) with its roots above and its branches here in this world. Its leaves are the Vedas (holy scriptures). Whoever understands this tree know the most sacred wisdom.'"–chapter 15, sloka 1.

The material world is the manifestation, the fruit, of this heavenly tree. Within the fruit is the seed to grow a new tree, a new root, into the divine. Each of us is the tree. Each of us contains the mystery, the seed, that will lead to a continual connections with the source.

From a Qabalistic perspective, ASCENSION, at least the first stages of it, is the CLIMBING OF THE PATH from Malkuth to Yesod, ultimately making our way to Tiphereth. Ascension is not a simple meditative projection up the tree, but a true fundamental SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS, of reality, up the path. Instead of human consciousness being rooted in Malkuth, it move a step higher to Yesod, or even Tiphereth. In the process of ascending the tree, we do not necessarily lose our physical body; we simply find our awareness centered on another level of consciousness. The physical world of Malkuth is no longer the sole priority. We still have our body in Malkuth, but the root of our consciousness is centered in another, higher realm.

–from the book Ascension Magick (Ritual, Myth and Healing for the New Aeon) by Christopher Penczak

MY FAVORITE RESOURCES on the Qabala are STORIES. My favorite books are given below, along with some links to the authors and on-line book previews:

The Lightning Papers, 10 Powers of Evolution by Pamela Eakins and Brian Thomas Swimme

This book is a Love Story PLUS also a whole College Curriculum of Visionary Cosmology: Science, Spirituality and the Evolution of Consciousness.

Author and Professor Pamela Eakins also conducts a Mystery School here:



"We must be skeptical and scientific, but we must take the long view as well as stay open," she suggests in her book. "We must not forsake the material for the spiritual, just as we must not forsake the spiritual for the material. Matter and spirit are not opposing forces. They are inseparable."


Tarot of the Spirit By Pamela Eakins



Magic of Qabalah: Visions of the Tree of Life

by Kala Trobe


This book includes:

·Specific guidance for connecting with the Tree of Life

·The qualities, symbols, and purposes of each Sphere and Path

·Guided visualizations for internalizing Qabalistic energies

·Explorations of traditional and contemporary applications

·The connection with the Tarot

·"A Qabalistic Tale:" a story based on Tree of Life symbols

·Chapter-by-chapter journeys into each of the ten Spheres

The Magick Bookshop and the new Magick in the West End, (both by Kala Trobe), are a collection of short stories that brim with imagination and come straight from the theatre-lit, gaudy, blinding, yet, bewitching streets of London's West End - and all seen through the eyes of a magically-minded young and aspiring occultist at one of Londons most well-known esoteric bookshops. The stories in these books also illustrate the teachings of the Qabala.


Interview with Kala Trobe (above)

0. Your most recent book is about Kabbalah. How did you become interested in studying the Kabbalah?

My mother's side is Jewish, which may explain part of my natural attraction to this mystical system. However, the book is on Qabalah—I use the "Q" to differentiate it from traditional Jewish Kabbalah. My interpretation is of the Western Mystery Tradition—highly eclectic, and influenced by Israel Regardie, Dion Fortune, Crowley, and so on. So my interest came both from my Jewish roots and my interest in High Magick, which started in my teens.

Kala Trobe:


LINKS about the Kabbalah:

Diagram of the Tree of Life:


Overview of the Kabbalah:






Diagram of Historical Overview:


Kabbalah Centre:


The Kabbalah and the Zohar:

(One of my favorite articles!)


Sacred Geometry (related to the Kabbalah)



Oracle by Orna Ben-Shoshan (King Solomon oracle cards) Amulets


Spiritual Romance of the Kabbalah:


Angels of the Kabbalah:


Invoke The Sacred Sound That Can Heal and Transform | taught by Osher Elias


Relation of Kabbalah and Tarot:




Hermetic Qabala



the sri chakra yantra



Oh TW....you should write books, your style is so...wonderful !!! ( "wonderful" is so lame..but i cannot think of a word that describes how your writing makes me feel lol !)

I love the way Zohar is the Trickster lol..reminds me of Uriel, with the unexpected sense of humor !

And the way you explain everything...

but what struck me is the brave way you stood up to your teacher....and, btw, The Middle Way is something remarkable in Buddhism as well, but it seemed instinctive to you !!


love you !!!!!!!!!


This does shed a lot of light on the Kabala, for me, TW....thank you !!!

and, the imagery of this makes total sense to me: "The blessed Lord said, ‘The wise speak of an eternal Asvattha tree (sacred fig) with its roots above and its branches here in this world. Its leaves are the Vedas (holy scriptures). Whoever understands this tree know the most sacred wisdom.'"–chapter 15, sloka 1.The material world is the manifestation, the fruit, of this heavenly tree. Within the fruit is the seed to grow a new tree, a new root, into the divine. Each of us is the tree. Each of us contains the mystery, the seed, that will lead to a continual connections with the source...."

also, i wonder if we ourselves are not striving to attain this state, by searching continuously ?

In the process of ascending the tree, we do not necessarily lose our physical body; we simply find our awareness centered on another level of consciousness. The physical world of Malkuth is no longer the sole priority. We still have our body in Malkuth, but the root of our consciousness is centered in another, higher realm.

What do you think ???

love, addy xoxox

awesome !

and, to top it off, the symbol of this publisher is Anubis !! : D


hmm....it DOES look like the tree is upside down !!!!!

xoxox addy

wow....all this info !!

it'll take awhile to go through it all, but what i've scanned is chock full !!

and..i can see why this article is one of your faves  : )  !!


Here the Zohar uses the actual word “Zohar” to describe the splendor and energy that glows from the heavenly Sun. This explains why Zohar is also the name of the noon time prayer in Islam. It is called the Zohar Prayer.    Why?

Because the noon time sun is the strongest sun of all. And, even more important, the energy that emanates from the heavenly sun is called Zohar!

thank you thank you for all the work that went into these posts TW !

love you much xoxoxox !!!!!


Thanks, addy.  I think I feel that learning about the Kabbalah brings me closer to my Guide, too.  ;-)  Or brings him closer to me....

I've known Inner Traditions for quite a while and never noticed that!  Good find, addy!

The story of Inner Traditions is a fascinating one:




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