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Girl Scout Cookies Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Auto Feminised Seeds over internet directly from Nirvana with prompt and inconspicuous transport to any location around the world.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is a reputable marijuana cultivar sold as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate solely female canna weed herbs while common seeds grow pollinating and female canna bushes at roughly split percentages.

The flowering pattern of Girl Scout Cookies Auto is Autoflowering. Auto dope variations bloom careless of light schedule whilst photo-periodic varieties react to light cycle.

The Girl Scout Cookies x Auto male genes of Girl Scout Cookies Auto bring forth the finest traits to this cannabis phenotype. The harvest has fantastic terpene compositions that bring forth sensational scents and tastes.

Bagging Girl Scout Cookies Auto Feminised Seeds by Nirvana empowers you to crop this phenomenal cannabis cultivar inside, outdoors, or wherever you want. The grade of the load is first-rate.

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Girl Scout Cookies Auto Breeder Description

Girl Scout Cookies Auto (GSC Auto) is a combination of the best GSC with Nirvana’s finest auto breeding plant, creating a fast-finishing auto which leans more to the Kush side, thanks to the indica dominance. A tough plant that can withstand colder climates and which will produce excellent results indoors and outdoors, with a superb resin, terpene profile and THC levels ranging from 16-21%. A well suited strain for beginner growers with limited space and those looking for a medium height plant.

GSC Auto grows into a tight, compact plant that will grow one main cola with some sturdy side branches. She is a medium-sized plant that will not get too tall, meaning stretch during flowering is easy to control and it’s great to conceal in a garden or on a balcony. Inter-nodal space will be short meaning she is recommended for growing closely together in a Sea of Green. Her structure will be more indica dominant and as she flowers, expect thick, calyxes to develop and stack up in a pointy structure.

GSC has a very sticky resin coating and just touching the dense buds during flowering will result in an earthy, sweet, mildly spicy, cookie dough fragrance. Plants do not require very much maintenance and can even finish in as little as 9 – 10 weeks from seed, producing yields of 350-400 g/m2 making her a great choice for commercial growers, hash-makers and those new to growing cannabis. During the final few weeks of flowering, expect this hybrid strain to reveal her true beauty as she matures with displays of pink, purple and magenta colours.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is one of Nirvana’s stronger auto-flowering strains testing at 16-21% THC. It leaves smokers in a dreamy state of euphoria, accompanied by a relaxing physical effect while remaining quite social. She is great for creativity making it a good choice for musicians, artists, writers and any with a creative side.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto Growing Information

Sprout your Girl Scout Cookies Auto Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Uphold the planting mix wet by adding water, except do not let it get swampy.

Endow the seeds with illumination at the moment when they’ve sprouted. Provide plant feed at the time that Girl Scout Cookies Auto has fulfilled its germination growing state.

In the vegetative phase, support your dope plants to advance and produce mass. Habitual examination and fertilization will contribute to a booming MJ grow.

The flowers are finished after a flowering period of 63 – 70 days from seed, entirely caked in resin and buried in trics. This marijuana variety is venerated for its excellent fruits.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto supplies a lucrative crop of marvelous Indica / Sativa flowers that supply enjoyable passions.



CBD Content


Flowering Time

63 – 70 days from seed


Girl Scout Cookies x Auto male

Flowering Type

Medical Properties


Pack Size

5 Seeds

THC Content

16 – 21%