Negative Alien Essence awareness


Negative Alien Essence awareness

The Latin word for alien is aliēnus meaning foreign, unconnected, another's, contrary, unworthy, averse, hostile, mad.  I believe this translation fits the beings about whom this group has been made.  I have long recalled detailed events which took place in another life, and these depicted vengeful spirits entering the physical dimension before attempting to integrate with living beings. 

Since coming to this site I have been presented with evidence of their existence, however this appears to be a subject which is either taboo or that nobody seems aware of.  It is my grave responsibility to present evidence which will enable people to be well informed of a malevolent race, which is still well documented in human history under various guises.

I aim to expose these ethereal beings whose agenda is counterproductive to the Earth's ascension into a higher state of living.  I had initially hoped to keep any mainstream religious evidence completely OUT of this subject, but sadly I must confess that there is a staggering amount of evidence to support my claim in the Qu'ran, 1611 KJV Bible, and Torah.  That's not to say I haven't found evidence in other areas such as the Emerald Tablets of Egypt, Hopi oral history and tribes from the Lake Nemi region in Italy.

From occult practices in Hollywood, to the Majestic 12 signed into power by Nixon it is clear that what has been labeled as the Negative Alien Agenda is active on Earth at this time.  I would use the term myself however it has been heavily linked to apex clones and Reptilians on Earth, which only serves to confuse the true identity of beings that work behind the scenes.

I recall beings accepting that alien essence after being promised the fulfillment of certain desires, and whether we speak of humans or our ET kin doing the same it is imperative that this subject be broached.  As individuals who open ourselves up to the infinite we are more exposed than the average human, and so we must grasp an awareness of these beings existing.

The point of this group is very simple: just as we casually accept the existence of Reptilians, Apex, Pledians and Orions we must also accept that these essences are real.  Because their goals are wholly unknown it is the task of members here to search for traces of these beings on Earth, and expose their presence through the sharing of information that confirms their identity.

I do not support any sort of instigation against such beings, because all evidence so far suggests that these are the souls of misguided individuals who are not ready to reach for another dimension.  These beings may be hostile and dangerous, however negative thoughts will only serve to empower them.  In recognizing that they are misguided we can protect ourselves, and others by encouraging positive thoughts which lead to affirmative action in the course of daily life.

So to put it plainly aggressive spirits should be considered aliens (we can't dismiss the possibility that they aren't all from Earth) because they come from another level of reality.  Their involvement in early Human development, and historical events since then proves that a negative possessive force exists.  They are very active today, and as Starseeds we must begin to accept that they are out there.

Let's show the world that they've never fully been out of contact with aliens, but many of those the Humans call on are part of the same force.  Perhaps we can teach these lower dimensional beings the value of life before they fall further down the cosmic chain of reality.

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Comment by Leppender on September 2, 2017 at 11:09am

This group is NOT about negative ET's despite popular opinion. It's about lifeforms whose spectral essences BECOME negative over more than one lifetime. Is a soul its own species? Is neural energy a species?

Comment by Leppender on March 12, 2017 at 10:00pm

I have been very busy these past few months attempting to confirm a rather unnerving discovery (which at this time may not be related to the group subject), while attempting to overcome serious health issues. My personal journey has literally led me over thousands of miles from where I first started, but please bear with me as I am still hoping to expose certain truths.

I began this group while living along some very well documented parallels, which have been observed and built upon by stonemasons for more than a century. Now I come to you from a region north of 60, and I ask that you think positive thoughts while I search for evidence of things humanity has forgotten.

Comment by Leppender on December 14, 2016 at 1:29am

Hey all things have been hectic, and for some reason I couldn't find this group after making it!  I just spent the last four days drafting a serious email to a religious analyst, so let me recover and I will be putting together a presentation I've been working to develop.


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