Im sharing this from part of Lisa Renee's Energetic Synthesis Asension Newsletter, which I found a very interesting point of view, that im sure many of you will resonate with:




As we progress in the Ascension cycle more of our Starseed and Indigo children are starting to emanate their core essence and evolutionary purpose for incarnating on the planet.  We have an array of biological ages where our Star children are starting to get to the age where they are clearer about their inner core self than the adults are. This is creating many conflicts with the current educational, religious and parenting styles in society. Over the last twelve years a new breed of consciousness has incarnated on the planet, and many accepted the clarion call to help ascend and heal the schism of polarity. Many Star kids hold a polarity integration template of Androgyny designed for the Unity of the polarities and now are revealing this outwardly as their core essence. As they biologically advance as young teenagers, many kids are bewildered at the hostile or enraged responses they receive from the old reptilian calcified regime. This negative response runs the gamut from their biological families, and inept and ill equipped educational and social systems.


As we acknowledge these beloveds for their role we can apply the compassionate witness to see them for who they really are. We may see a teenager and young adult movement into homosexuality, bi-sexuality and confusion or bewilderment about their gender roles and sexuality. We may see more young adults that we cannot traditionally label as a “male or female”. This is an aspect of gender reconciliation designed to integrate and unify male/female polarities that is transpiring within the Indigo communities. This is a part of their contribution to redefine male and female roles as exploring new and alternative ways of being.


The issue is that confusion about this behavior, misguided ego deceptions can be emotionally traumatizing for the youngster. There is an incredible astral delusion used through 2nd chakra seduction to believe deviant and irresponsible sexuality is okay in the name of creative freedom. This ensnares the Indigo desperate to achieve freedom in this enslaved planet through misguided perceptions and internal angst. As we witness more and more Star kids declaring their homosexuality and bi-sexuality the social attitudes need to get a grip on this changing paradigm and clear negative ego judgment aimed at these youngsters. We will need to open dialogues to teach and support them to learn self love and self acceptance first in order to engender unconditional loving relationships based on integrity and energetic responsibility. This group has been highly confused and has a high suicide rate. Adult Indigos that are same sex oriented may be called to support these young adults or children. The goal is the elevation of higher consciousness perception to support their core essence to express without the lower chakra pain and trauma distortion.


It is important to note that the social label of being “gay” has a spiritual purpose that has been hidden or bastardized. The distortion to disrupt that lifestyle has been enormous in the draconian mind control through organized religion. Many souls choose to be “gay” to learn to unify inner energetic polarities that were not completed in the previous life cycles. Some have come to reverse the frequency fence by holding the reverse polarity in their body as an override to the 555 grid. Some come to establish new neurological templating for the human mental body. Some Starseed souls are totally androgynous on their planet and have come to Earth to learn what gender is. Although there are organic principles of creation that have male and female energetic principles, those principles do not manifest neat and clean with a pretty bow on top. There is no easy and absolute answer to the myriad of purpose that this has manifested on the earth. However in learning to have loving compassion for all of life, this is certainly another area that humanity could learn a lot to learn empathy through.


May we take a moment while reading this to send loving compassion and prayers to all of our Indigo children and Human Family that were “born this way”. We honor and love you!


Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.


Love Always, Lisa


© 2011, Lisa Renee

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Awesome post, I loved this so much :)

I feel like one of the Indigos this was aimed at, and also one the adults that can help :) It is a bit traumatizing, to see how some of these kids talk about each other sexually, and the jokes that they make, but I guess they are just being young, I don't know, but I don't talk that way, and I don't find it very funny....Whats a bit more disturbing is how the parents and organizations are acting about it, but some parents really do make an example for all. However, some jobs are very supportive, such as giving health benefits for one's same-sex partner, with requirements being 6 months living together, I think?

Starting to try to be a bit more fluid with my androgyny, instead of letting emotions dictate what gender I feel, but to change it at will, and dress up at will, and embrace my feminine side a bit more. I know that I probably tried to hide it in the past, to fit in with other guys, being a bisexual man in my past, and you know how the more effeminate ones get teased and harassed a bit, and it was 'cooler' to be the more masculine one that no one would have any idea. Also, in women starseeds and females who are ascending, the masculine aspect can be rather hyper in it's expression, so I'm trying to balance.I did a Tarot card reading to assist with the integration, and it was rather amazing results, the cards were giving me some kind of advice on the matter, to understand my aspects.

I believe 100% the Indigos are here to redefine gender roles, and what can be expected of males/females in the world, on Earth, and even if these kids do nothing more than have extreme styles, or hobbies, they will still make an impression. But they should try other things, like activism, and joining groups, but I truly believe that one's psychic vibe is all that is needed to create change as it integrates with the grid. Sadly, a lot of their deaths will leave lasting impressions, too....



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