Hi all beloved people, and angels.

People say Atlantis was about 15000 years ago, and according to this video we have Polar shift on earth every 13000 year, link: https://youtu.be/U8NNHmV3QPw

Now it is almost 13000 years since last polar shift.

If we soon will have a repetition of Atlantis, will the polar shift come first, or after?

I had a dream few months ago, I was in Milano in Italy when I had that dream, the dream was about a polar shift, it was scary how the sun fast changed its position , I believe it's a real memory from past life.

Today I was first wondering that maybe we will create a new Golden Age on Earth and then it will be hit by polar shift.

Then I was thinking maybe the polar shift will come first, and then we will build a new Atlantis, lasting for 13000 years until the next polar shift.

They write much in Galactic mails that we should soon go to Agartha, maybe because it will be difficult to live on Earth the first years after polar shift, and then a new Atlantis will be build quick.

Or maybe a new Lemuria will come first, and then a polar shift, and then a new Atlantis ? Or maybe I am not enough updated.

I don't know if polar shift will cause much disasters right away when it happens, but ofcause it will be difficult when it start to snow in places it is not supposed to snow for example. And beneath Sahara desert where Atlantis is supposed to be will not be as hot area as it is now.

What is your thoughts? <3

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Wow then the hole in North Pole that leads to Agartha will not be in North Pole anymore, but in equator ! Probably surrounded by green land, not snow and ice. The land beneath the ice in Antarctica will be visible too
My suggestion is to stop watching that youtube channel.

The polar shift refers to a magnetic polar change not a physical one.

The magnetic poles may shift or flip, this will not cause any earth movement. Your compass will show south as north snd north as south.


Hi Daniel,

I have not thought too much about the geographic or climate changes what I heard and kind of resonate with is that when that happens the Earths magnetic grid will disappear for a moment before it shifts, there won't be magnetism and that would affect our personal energetic field.

I am not sure about this but: if there is a polar shift could it be that negative people shift into positive oriented people and the "good" people turn into negative? every aspect of life will be shifting polarities?

Someone said that those who are in perfect balance won't shift or won't feel a big difference since the aspects that are considered negative are in balance with the positive.

Apparently, the heaven (whatever heaven is) changed places with hell at some point, the angels fell and stuff like that, unfortunately, I don't know big detail about that, somebody just mentioned it.

I also heard or read that after that 0 magnetics point the shift might take place but it could also happen that the polarities remain the same, it is unpredictable.

Actually, the world's axis does deviate slightly after major earth events like earthquakes/tsunamis.....it usually gets some tiny fine print in the news if you look really really hard, but i suggest googling it.

Have any of you noticed that the sun/shadows are just a wee bit "off"  at whatever time of year ?

Have any of you noticed that the springtime comes a wee bit later now, the other seasons too ? I know that for years my husband got spring flowers from the garden for me at mothers' day...but recent years they've consistently bloomed a couple of weeks later...

Nothing esoteric, imho, but it's not a joke when we say "i felt the earth move" : )

U find many articles about it, https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/244221-south-africa-may-epicent...

If a polar shift occurre most people on Earth would "wake up" and a golden age would raise in the middle of the chaos, don't you think?

It just can not be a coincident! Atlantis lasted for about 15000 years and ended for about 15000 years ago, that's what I've heard, and Polar Shift happen every 13000 years..... we better wait till polar shift then :p

the poles are shifting but its notting to worries about says my lightbeing friend earth will not die out sure some natural disasters will happend soner and later but hey its notting to worries about if u live in a good site of earth like north sweden or something like it lol huricanes will come and die out all humans will not live true them it yust depends where u lives ,the supervolcano of yellowston e will not blow out in full force but hey i wouldent want to live nearby any volcanos lol any how there are safe places on earth here i live is one of them lol

,, sure the bad senario some talks about is that our protective ozone layer will wanish and all hell will borke lose but hey my lightbeing friend telss me that wont happen so dont worrie and land mas will not shift in one day it will take very long time yust as usualy as it is to day,,and our alien friends controlls our sun and the magnetic fields of earth

usa the reptile infested country wanted to build new atlantis in usa the newworld order was their last atempt and things like gun controll is also in their newworld order plans but hey notting working out for them ,they wanted tottal controll of earth in the time of atlantis they wanted to controll lemuria that was an more enlighted paradise ,, the atlantis and lemuria was in war with eshoder but no one of them come out like a winner those atlantians still run the satanic infested usa and this whole earth mas media

they wants tottal controll but the age of light will stop that the gods have said this shit of newworld order will stop
They write much in Galactic mails that we should soon go to Agartha, maybe because it will be difficult to live on Earth the first years after polar shift, and then a new Atlantis will be build quick.this u said is pure bullshit notting bad will happen to earth because god dosent alow it we will live as we are no agarthans will ewer help u from notting lol if agharta even exists i doubt that wery mush it dosent exists on this earth maybe it exists in some other dimension or something it isnt here on earth anyways
my light being friend tels me that there is no doorway to any agartha in the north pole

Daniel Rønjom said:
Wow then the hole in North Pole that leads to Agartha will not be in North Pole anymore, but in equator ! Probably surrounded by green land, not snow and ice. The land beneath the ice in Antarctica will be visible too

Galactic mails is full of bullshit there is no enlighted soul ho wants to make any atlantis on this evil planet hahahaha

atlantis wsent very friendly it was infested by evil souls that wanted to rule the whole earth those damn aliens still runs this earth behind our gowerments the satanic masters of usa that murdered almost 4000 peoples in 9/11 these bastards loves atlantis and newworld order they dosent like humans ho try to activate pinal glands or any thing else they wants humanity to be retarded so they can be easy to handle they yust wants power and controll of the sheeps here is where we starseeds comes in and destroy their fantasy land i am a true starseed i see true their evil deceptions this whole earth is infested by these dark owerlords if u want to rebuild anything u can rebuild Lemuria they was mush friendly i thinks anyways they got in war with atlantis and i think they both wanish in the struggle but the atlantis war lords still exists on earth i think this because the satanic rulers of usa wanted to rebuil atlantis but that have been stoped by good we are here to fight of the satanic deception we are here to live free and love eshoder

interesting comments Atylmo

yeah maybe polar shift will not make any disasters, but if south africa will be the new NorthPole they must go to live somewhere else, hehe. maybe scandinavia will be hot like spain, who knows.

I believe maybe terror will stop because the terrorists see that the guy in NewYork few days ago was stopped, so terrorists may be afraid of coming to prison.

God bless all <3

Atlantis had many ports and sub hubs that they built around the world. the main city was destroyed do to their ruler at the time. they had the biggest naval fleets around the world. and they took tech with them. this is why you get so many people saying oh Atlantis was in Europe, the Americas or near the arctic, Africa. the pole shift had nothing to do with the fall of Atlantis their tech was high enough to negate the damage and be safe. many people just go under ground and there is much evidence of this including in religions.



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