Your intellectual input is needed - Seeds and others please read

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read and/or contribute to this thread.

I have been here as part of ISN for the better part of a decade now, and this community has been integral in helping a lot of seeds discover themselves and begin their awakening process. We have a great community, and I am getting ready to undertake a large project to address the needs of starseeds and humans alike.

I am in the process of preparing a book to address two different things:

1) The information that starseeds crave as they become self-aware and progress through their awakening. The questions that drive us, the desires, the feelings, the common experiences.

2) The explanation of what we seeds are, for the sake of the humans who gain an awareness of us. There are so many of us coming to consciousness now that we won't be kept out of mainstream awareness much longer. The humans can be enemies or allies when it comes down to it. Humans fear what they don't understand, so I want to make sure we have the information in place that will allow them to understand us without fear.

Question for all people:
Should these be prepared as a single volume, or as two separate books?
For the rest of the questions, feel free to respond with just the letter/number and your answer.
Numbered questions for starseeds
1. Of all the information you learned about yourself as a starseed, what did you have to work hardest/search the longest to discover?
2. What did you learn about being a starseed (about yourself) that most helped you on your path of awakening to your starseed identity?
3. What questions/objectives do you have that you have not yet been able to find clear answers for?
4. When humanity collectively gains awareness of us, what is the one message you would want to give them?
5. What information (if any) do you think should be withheld from humans?
Lettered questions for non-seeds
A. Have you (or anyone you’ve known) had any fears about the motivations of “aliens”? If so, what are they?
B. What is the most surprising or interesting thing you ever learned about starseeds?
C. What questions do you have about starseeds that are still unanswered?

In answer to why this information compilation isn't just to be put into posts on our forums:
I love our site, and we need to continue drawing our community to it. But the internet is still impaired in its ability to fluidly translate written concepts between languages. Whereas books can be translated so that publishers can release them in different languages all over the world. Opening the door to a wider audience is important for us helping our community directly, and for making sure there are more human allies as awareness of us spreads.

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Hi Camille
Try single book.
1. My individual ray of ascension/remembering and manifestation of its projected timeline and the area of influence/effect inside and outside of The Dream and its somewhat "alien" holographic matrix.
2. I did achieve Source connection and channeling.
3. The light of God and The Spirit of Fire aspect.
4. Proof of the God/Goddess construction of the Matrix and its multidimensional portal clearance.
5. Nothing other than whats strictly personal.
Love and Blessings

I understand and appreciate your response on this. I agree with you on how we need to approach our lives. I personally don’t have any fears. Pain is just as legitimate of an experience as joy is, and most of us are here for the experience, not for vacation. Fear is an experience for those who have just one life to live and lose.

I asked the question in terms of what should be shared or not shared in order to get the perspectives of individuals who are at many stages of their awakening, or allies. Considering the possibility that there are individuals who don't want humanity to know something about them is part of establishing a complete consideration and strategy. I am a master strategist, so I consider and process all possibilities. The wording was chosen to elicit consideration in the reader so they would contemplate and give their sincere response, as you have. So thank you.

The primary focus here is not on the humans. My only concern for them in this project is in how they treat us. The primary purpose of the project is to aid starseeds in their path, and that means negotiating the best relationship between humans and seeds (just like international relationships between countries). People can acknowledge that they are different and still treat each other with dignity and respect. I'm working on the optimized way to make that happen. Again, gathering perspectives to aid in that end.

Thank you very much for the well thought out reply. Duly noted.

its a nice project of yourself. i would like an introduction first abut what starsseeds, aliens are and that we are everywhere out there...not only on earth xd.

Question for all people:
a single book should be enough, cause its better to have all information in one book.

1. not all starseeds are here only to provide help, some have to learn other lessons that can be learned on earht pretty well. for me i'm here for passive help and i struggle with selflove/selfacceptence and healing old wounds. being yourself is hard to achieve in this soceity

2. have passions, dont force something, be honest to yourself and the answers will come to you....caus ethey are inside you. you just have to listen

3. there are most of questions left about my origin cause there are not all the information here about lesser known origins, galxies, etc.

4. dont hate us, dont fear us, dont cast us aside....we are the same as you and also can feel hopeless, in pain....we are not allknown ;)

5. difficult qustion indeed. every information can be harmful or helpfull...its all about there ability to udnerstand and accept it. but in general i think detailed information about evolved science shouldn be in your book.

in addition, i think you book should also have some pages about the feelings of starseeds. many feel hopeless, many feeling homeless or have the strong feeling/ seeking of true home out there. the twinflame theory...you know the topics you read often here ;) cause these are commens topics for starseeds and spiritual people too. and i think humans that not familiar with this topic wil udnerstand these people bettere after knowing this (if they wont XD)

good luck dear one :)

1. Of all the information you learned about yourself as a starseed, what did you have to work hardest/search the longest to discover? I think I haven't found it yet actually... The hardest thing to discover is oneself and takes a lifetime!
2. What did you learn about being a starseed (about yourself) that most helped you on your path of awakening to your starseed identity? I learned my soul contract, and it was so clear what I was here to do...
3. What questions/objectives do you have that you have not yet been able to find clear answers for? I'd like to know more about my gifts to this world... I know I have abilities but I'm not sure how to make use of them.
4. When humanity collectively gains awareness of us, what is the one message you would want to give them? I'd like them to know that we are all working towards the greater good and that there's nothing to be scared of.
5. What information (if any) do you think should be withheld from humans? None, they deserve for us to be transparent about who we are.

Hmm. I think you could make 2 books, because I feel the target audience is very different and you will probably have to use a different language level/vocabulary with unawakened humans vs starseeds...

1. I 15 when i first start awaking and i went down many oath and learn and took it with me through each path and boom! I was aware what i was and started seaching for others and now im here.

2. Oh man that all my emotions i was feeling was like being ambush but now know thrre all not mind. I can learn and adapted to peole i am kind even to the evils and find a even balance. Learned the lies and truths and can say im more solitude now but i very okay with it.

3. I believe my question will be answer when it is ready.

4. There are goods and evils everywhere but cleanig your soul and open your heart to others and you'll be surprised of the outcome. Hold your light together and let universe soeak to you.

4. As much as i would like to say all info should not be hidden. But being taugh one way for so long can cause the average man to insanity. But slowly yes nothing should be hidden.

Have a good day


Maybe two books but packaged together like complete book series or a single book depending. depending on how much is written. A single huge book may be quite daunting to some, but people shouldn't have to pay for two volumes separately. (unless they want to of course)

1. For me it's who/what I have been and am exactly as that is still unclear. I have no past memories that I know of, but I know I am a starseed.

2. Learning how to read and understand my intuition and allowing it show me who/what I should and shouldn't trust when searching for info. When exploring all sources I could find of information, keeping an open mind yet also being critical of what I find is was crucial to learn.

3. Again who and what I am and have been. aka my memories.

4. No one is better than you, nor are you better than anyone. We are all equal. Be kind, and helpful without letting others use you. Spread love. Forgive but never forget. Respect others. Also the classic "We are not alone" :D

5.No information should be withheld.

Love what you are doing by the way. I'll probably even buy the book myself when it comes out. :)

Love, Light, and Peace. :)


Single book will do.

1. About my origins and past lives, till now I dont have the full picture.

2. Having characteristics unlike normal people, being aware of other dimensions, electrical sensitivity etc, is not something weird but rather the energy field is different and a sign that we starseeds didnt come here for fun, the characteristics are reminders of our purpose once we step into this dense place

3. The origins of the Universe - what is truly meant by the alpha and the omega?

4. That they have focused too much on this virtual reality and forgetting what is truly real.

5. Full disclosure ASAP is 100% necessary, nothing should be withheld.

Love and blessings for you,

I believe that, given the scope of your project as you have defined it, you can adequately summarize everything in one volume. But as you begin to plan and organize, it should quickly become clear whether that's a realistic goal.

1. What have I had to search the longest to discover? In all probability I haven't discovered it yet. There's a lot of time ahead of me, and a lot of answers yet to come. But of my journey so far, the most difficult discovery has been the logic, technique, and finesse of self-work.

What is the motivation of self-improvement? It must necessarily be the recognition that there is something in the self which ought to be improved. But why ought it to be improved? There is always the matter of navigating the conceptual minefield, seeing our undeveloped assets not as weaknesses or deficiencies but as untapped potential, room for growth. Or, put another way, we must not mistake striving to be better for trying to get better. We are wellsprings of potential yet unrealized. But there is nothing wrong with who we are.

Then technique, which is really more a matter of discipline. It demands a constant vigilance, self-awareness and reactivity to patterns and habits that do not serve us. Relapse is frequent, and it is difficult not to become frustrated with ourselves. We may feel weak, incapable, victimized, or as though we lack control over ourselves. It is a natural response to error, but it is counterproductive. To err is natural. We need not berate ourselves for stumbling as we teach ourselves to walk. Maintaining a positive and proactive attitude is fundamental to the process.

And finesse is the most complicated issue, because its logic is sufficiently subtle that we never realize the need to address it. Self-improvement implies a duality of mind-- that there exist simultaneously within us an institution, the ego, and a reformer, the will, as discrete entities. But they are both really the same thing, aspects of one self. So we may fall prey to the illusion, or delusion if the absurdity is recognized but never challenged, that we can fundamentally change ourselves, of ourselves. Not so. We may change direction, we may change our ambitions and motivations, we may refocus our attention on other affairs, we may even change our behavior. But this is all force of will, doing nothing to condition the force of ego which first gave rise to the habits we seek to change. If we wish to change fundamentally, we must be acted upon by an outside force. We must engage with the world and with each other. That is how we grow.

2. I consider the awakening as something apart from the journey. My awakening was not a progressive endeavor. I did not read the signs, examine the clues, or assemble the puzzle. I was shaken awake all at once by an encounter so spiritual and profound that I could never return to sleep. This was exactly what I needed, or my skepticism would have kept me from engaging the spiritual world in any measure. So if the question asks what was most helpful in awakening me to my identity, it was this vision, this catharsis. But if I rephrase the question to ask what was most helpful in keeping me on the path, it was the collective impact of each intuitive insight, every bit of knowledge that I did not or could not know prior to revelation which, upon reflection, proved to be true. The likes of naming constellations and celestial bodies I didn't recognize or had never seen, perceiving star races as others would also report seeing them, remembering historical eras in regions which I hadn't studied, and so on. It was the affirmation that my experience was real, had to be, because it defied every other explanation I considered.

3. I have answered every question that matters to me now. There is much I do not know and much I have yet to do, but I am comfortable not knowing, and I am confident that I have the tools that I need to accomplish my goals here.

4. This is where I want to caution you. It does not matter on what world we originated or from what plane we descended to arrive here on earth. We are here. We are human. We are each of us facets of humanity. This is true not just in the biological sense but in a spiritual and anthropological sense as well. The starseed phenomenon is now part of humanity's identity. It is a subculture and a directive which is now part of humanity's history. But if I am still asked to relay a message to our collective humanity, I'm afraid I cannot. I am no one to guide our people. Whatever wisdom we desire I cannot impart. We must realize it for ourselves.

5. If we withhold information, then we have not really informed anyone at all. The truth is necessarily holistic, else it ceases to be true.

Hello Camille Phoenix,

I am not so sure if the line between humans and starseeds is so easily drawn that you may even make 2 books to explain one and the same truth to two audiences.
It does not seem right to me.
I never figured out how people can be so cruel and devilish, but I cannot be sure that the bad ones are human and the good ones are starseed. Many humans and starseeds are "possessed by other entities, programmes, concepts..." in my opinion, meaning, they do not exercise their free will or do what makes them truly happy.
I feel you should start with the chapters and relevant input, then single it out. Even if you make two books, you might want to also include information, rather then exluding, just to make sure that the right information is given in case that the human turns out bo be a starseed and vice versa.

I feel it could be important work.


1: Don't know it yet.
2: There is a grand plan, it has all been taken care of and prescribed to a large extent. There is nothing left to do except enjoy quite a spectacular spectacle for the rest of infinity:)
3: Soul contracts, specific points of hardship that could not be avoided and their purpose.
4: We have nothing to fear from you. And you have nothing to fear from us. We are the same as you guys just with some extra features.
5: None. What could be withheld? Is there a distant vibe of "us" starseeds vs "them" humans, kind of like X-men avengers:)? We are living in a human incarnation with ties.

Hope, you do not find my previous comment on maybe two different books inappropriate because I might be wrong as far as a future is concerned in which we will desparately need such information as you proposed to give in 2 separate books. Just the present situation, in my opinin, is too much confused for two completely separate books. So it is only concerning time and change occurred. Two books might definitely be of extremely high value in the future.

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