Dear family of lights,

I had not been here actively due to my busy schedule and animation work.
I had requested for a healing for my skin cancer years back and it helped a lot.
Now, I am going through another crisis which causes my nerve pain and numbness.
I couldn't walk properly and out of work for almost 2 weeks.
I had seen 3 Doctors and they couldn't find the actual problem which causes it.
The numbness and nerve/joint pain usually starts at 7pm and end at 6am, I couldn't sleep nightly.
And I have to skip my work to sleep in the morning after 6am and feel so exhausted now.
I am not sure is this the scalar weapons attacking the lightworkers or some kind of illness or cleaning of past life karma  (definitely not Ascension symptons cause it is not pleasant at all).
So, I need your kind and compassionate heart to send me the healing prayers and energies to me.

Hereby, I thanks you in advance for your kind assistance and kindness.
May the LOVE be with you always!

Hereby, attach some nice music and animation for your kindess :-


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Beloved Eliyahu Ahavah,

Thanks you so much for the healing energies and response.
The pain is getting lesser and I can walk slowly now.

May the LOVE be with you always!

I'm sorry to hear that you are in pain Piperon.

I will send you love and light.


Beloved Ash,

I sincerenly thanks you for the healing energies, much appreciated.

May the LOVE be with you always!

Hey, Piperon, sad to hear that you are in pain, will beam you on.   Many of the ascension symptoms are not pleasant and man people get joint issues.  Having said that, it may not be ascension symptoms.  Is it sharp pain or dull pain is nerve pain and dull pain is usually inflammation.  Things that calm both of these would be TURMERIC and GINGER eat lots of these....another thing that is good is oil massage...full body works best for sometimes the cause is not exactly where the pain is and full body oil massage gets the energy flowing and calms the nerves.  Could this be from sitting too much at the computer...that gives me pain in my hips and legs.  Do some stretching and stretch your back from side to side.  Is this like sciatica where you get shooting pains down the leg?...sciatica. is caused by a pinched nerve in the back; the numbness might indicate a pinched nerve, too.   Just thinking aloud...  I will check back with you and see if we get more ideas..  Hope you are feeling better soon..

I just checked and you can easily get homeopathic medicine in Singapore...go to a homeopathic doctor if this continues...they have several meds that can help this.   Since this is acute and not chronic, you could try BRYONIA potency C 200......this works for when you have pain on movement so you have to stay really also lubricates the joints.  Rub oil on your lower back as well...

Beloved Living Light,

Thanks you for your valuable advices, will look into these remedy and hope I can be cured fully in due time.  Your divine service is greatly appreciated.  It seems you had describe everything I am having to deal with now, the English medicine can only ease for a day.  I am trying out the Chinese physician and hope they can help me.  Thanks for everything!

May the LOVE be with you always!

A chinese physician sounds good, especially if he does acupuncture...

Here is some info on back pain due to sitting at a computer and what to do about it.....I will get you some links...if it is a problem of the cartilage broken down between the joints of the lower back and the nerve being pinched, then there are ways to rebuild this.... eating bone broth is one way..

´´If you are to avert low back trouble, you must decompress the base of your spine by getting up at least every two hours. When you are up you should drop down into a squat, which pulls the spinal segments apart ´´

you can google ´´sitting at computer back pain´´ and there are lots more articles..

I had bad sciatica before and couldn´t walk, but I repaired this and it has not come back for over 10 years....

Beloved Living Light,

Thanks you once again for you valuable info.
But I don't think mine is due to computer, many of us are suffering from such pain now, the hospital is filled with many of the same symptons.
I thought it was the Zika or Dengue virus that caused the joint pain but the Doctors said I don't have fever, no red-eye, no body raches - so they conclude mine and others are not Zika or Dengue (I had Dengue twice).
They are suspecting a kind of new virus strain.
My personal friend called me this morning and told me he has the same pain too and he is having high fever.  So, I advised him to admit to the hospital immediately.
I believe this attack is very common in Singapore now.
Perhaps, the dark knows what is going on.

May the LOVE be with you always!

Piperon...ok, now I understand better...I had dengue once, so I know what you mean.  We will focus on removing a virus from the body; chinese medicine could work for that and acupuncture as well.    Call the homeopathic hospital (there are several in Singapore ) and ask if they have had any luck clearing this. I will do some research...

or a tropical virus that causes joint and muscle pain you should eat garlic, ginger and TURMEIC (an Indian spice, it is bright yellow and the hindi name is HALDI).  Also drink lots of green tea.  This will reduce inflammation and make the immune system stronger.  Be sure to let me know what the chinese doctor says..

Oregano oil kills virus..not many things do and antibiotics do not work for virus..


Here is another good one..

Astragalus Root

Astragalus root, another powerful antiviral herb, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, and its main use is to boost the body’s immune system. Scientific studies have shown that astragalus has antiviral properties and stimulates the immune system, ...



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