The Earth is a place where we can experience so much hardship and sadness. But even though it can be hard, I do think it is still a beautiful place. It is where we can grow, make friendships, love, have a family, teach others, experience the beautiful scenes of nature, and know ourselves and God more. Sometimes, I think, there is no other place I would rather be right now, because we are all needed here, and Earth is such a special place.

I would like to dedicate this thread to raise more positivity and make you ask, "What is your favorite thing about the Earth?"

I am excited to hear what we all come up with!

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It's a wonderful place...

without the people. :D

That's horrible, but I remember seeing nature films showing places around the planet without a sign of civilization and thinking how beautiful it all is.

I love the beaches, the light, the canyons, the air, the oceans, everything :)

Humanity(at least majority)and nature, outside of that nothing.

Endless diversity. It's certainly never boring.

I love her eco system. It never fails to amaze me how wonderfully it works, and thrives...and keeps going and adapting despite all of the harsh changes. 

I love how the sun sets and rises here, with beautiful pinks, reds, oranges and the clouds! 

And also...this may sound crazy. But I love the SOUND. I can only really explain that by saying that all of the nature sounds I've ever heard here, accompanied by the energy, is lovely. 

I love this planet. And even though we have very corrupt systems in place...we have some truly beautiful cultures that still thrive based on nature and the planets magic. I feel very fortunate to be here now, experiencing it and meeting some of the amazing souls that I've met along the way who have fought to preserve and love her...

How about you? :)

I enjoy nature, especially the woodlands. I love looking at all the little critters that live there. 

appreciate the veil. Some people view it as an obstruction but it provides an incubational environment for a lot of people. I appreciate everyone whom have been working on building telepathic rapports despite the environmental conditions and hopelessness at times. I really have confidence and faith that we'll help this planet become the sort of heart chakra megazord the galaxy deserves.

I like her rivers and lakes. Mountains, snow. Rain. The animals. Bees and wasps are some of my favorite. People give them a bad reputation and are afraid of their sting, and they all lash out....not all people of course...but common people lash out and attack the bees because they dont understand them. Bees are loving. Wasps too. If youre friendly with the wasps, theyll be friendly with you. You can invite them to crawl on you and theyll do it happily. Sometimes theyll even give you a little kiss or a dance before flying away to thank you for being their friend. I like the grashoppers. Crickets, frogs. The way an open field looks like with a bright full moon shining on it. I like some of the people. Particularly the Indians (Native Americans). Many of us stress the importance of seeing all people as equals and not differentiating through race, but the Native Americans are different to me. I dont think there were ever a better people. I like Trees. I love the beach, specifically parts of san diego. Theres a nice laod back vibe to the coastal areas there, and the food is awesome. Sushi, pizza, kickass sub sandwiches. I love beer. Wine. Tequila mixed with squirt. Hanging out with a drink and music and close friends by a bonfire.. I like driving cars, drivig fast. Late at night when few people are out, the lanes are mostly clear, I cam drive without worrying about the people in front of me or behind me because there are none. I can blast my favorite cds, windows open with the wind blowing in my face, seeing the moon right above mr ay times throigh the open moon roof. I like skateboarding. Baseball. Bacon and all things potatos. Video games, puzzles, painting, drawing, writing. I like to see movies that make me cry. Seeing a story that makes me feel again, hurt a little fot someone. Hear music that makes me cry, send shivers through me, makes me dance, sing. I love comedy. Standup comedians telling their jokes, using their characters. I like the drugs. Mushrooms oh i love mushrooms. Mushrooms help me to love mushrooms.. mushrooms help me to love trees, the sky, the clouds, put me back together and clean up my mind, mushrooms brought me back to the source, and I didnt have to leave. Mushrooms showed me that we are already in heaven....or could be. Most importantly, that it isnt a "There" in some far away place...but that its in us. Love the mushrooms. I dont like being around people in general, but i like some things about people. I like the way they play music. I like the way some females look. Most females actually. Sure, it might be a little shallow, but I do like seeing a naked woman. I love sex. I love masturbation. I love dirty jokes. I love dark humor. Scary movies. I like peanut butter. Popeyes Chicken. I like playing elextric guitar, banging the crap out of a drumset with my bandmates. I like feeling the wind.

Besides the people, the nasty shit that we make, the way we treat each other, the way I have worn down, worn out, broken inyo millions of pieces millions of times, filled with anger, hate, paranoia, mud and slime, sick and dangerous....even part of me likes it to some degree. But besides all that, this place is pretty cool. It just needs a little work.
Beasts! I love the beasts. Particularly werewolves. Theyre considered more of a Myth than an actual creaturr, but I believe in them. I have always had an affinity for werewolves. Some of my favorite dreams were as a werewolf. I never attacked people as the wolf, but I could run fast on all fours, and it was beautiful. Theyre ferocious beasts. Strong. Wild. Hungry. I think theyre beautiful. Wether or not they came from this earth, I dont know, but all things werewolves...I love it. Thank you mother earth for showing me werewolves
First off I want to say I totally agree with you about that bee/wasp part! I just find it so surprising to find someone who likes bees. As a kid people would terrorize the bees and wasps. one kid squished a wasp and left it half alive (I put it out of its misery) Though I'd always try to get people to leave the bees alone some people just wouldn't listen. On a less depressing note my mom once accidentally attacted a queen by feeding the bees and they all moved to our back yard (yikes!) there were hundreds of bees swarming around. You could go near them and they wouldn't harm you strangley I did'nt get bit once! Wow I wrote a lot (jfc). Sorry I tend to go off on tangents. Lol XD I just appreciate someone who can understand bees.
Thats cool. I never hear anyone else say they like bees. The wasps either. My dad tries to kill them when he sees theres a wasps nest and it pisses me off. He wont listen to reason. They have this nice buzz to them, like if youre inviting, they fly to you and send you a little wave of their buzz. Kind of like a little happy drug. Also, i thought wasps eat only wood because they tend to munch on our wicker chairs, but they also eat meat too. I fed one some of my cheeseburger and he chomped a little off and carried it away before coming back for seconds. Theyll always be my favorite. Its been long since ive had any encounters though. I will say, going through a swarm is brave. Only once have i been in a swarm and it terrified me. Very mice to meet another bee enthusiast

Bees are beautiful creatures, I agree! They are very open to those that approach them in kindness.. At one of the schools I went to as a child we would take nature walks through a creek and a forest nearby to connect with the earth. There was a hive in the area and our teacher taught us how to handle and pet them. I was so scared at the time because people always say bees will sting when touched, but nobody was stung and you could sense most of the bees really liked that contact 



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