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Because they don't deserve me xD

I dont know, maybe you can try to write more on the topic and maybe you can gain deeper understanding about the causes.

I suggest you investigate and resolve your emotional pain. Teal Swan does a very good video on how to achieve this. I plan to work with her process myself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3V_Gtfr_YA

maybe they don't. tho who of us deserves anything. we've all stuffed up big time in some way or another. <3

Midrash said:

Because they don't deserve me xD

Maybe they dont.We should never expect too much of ppl. Ppl are just ppl and the best way to deal with them is be cool and know the time to use the ignore buttom.

i cant say it applys to you but maybe i can give you a hint.

i hated humans a very long time myself and even thought about methods to clear there existence from this planet.
but one day i realised where the hate came from.
for me i hated humanity cause they hurting gaia, hurting the beings on that planet and hurting themself. it strongly pains me to see and feel all this hurting another.
but why hurts it so much? the cause is love, i love life and every being from the depths of my heart and to see and feel this pain myself changed to protection mode. this protection mode was hate, cause when i hate them i cant feel pain anymore, they cant hurt me anymore...i thought.
hate doesnt come from nothing, it has always a reason, the reason is love.
you can hate people but why? cause they hurt you, being rude, ignore you, violated you. there are many reasons. it can be from this live or an past life.

you need to listen deep inside you why you hate them, it can take some time, maybe some years or just some days. its up to you.
i dont know why you hate them, only you can know. but i hope this story of my can give you some insight.

i donnt hate humanity anymore. it still hurts but i have faith that one day everything will be ok again. look at the little steps some people make. for example this week a car drifted away from the street and fall on the side. the driver werent hurt but the point is so much people stopped and helped getting him out or just standing aside waiting to help if needed. these are moments of hope you should enjoy.
they are not all bad and im sure they will make it someday ;)

As I told to my (most beloved) fiance two days ago "it's only possible to hate those you love. Hate stems from anger, which stems from fear (of loss or control) and despair, which are both rooted in passion. Passion is also the root of love and joy, but when your love is rejected or your joy crushed passion gets twisted, until all one can find are the negative aspects of that emotional force.

Now that you know the root to your feelings it will make examining yourself honestly a bit easier.



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