Hello everyone!

About one year ago my awakening blasted away my whole environment (friends, family, job & flat) I now find myself totally on my own sharing a flat with three highly unconscious people. I get social funds from the German state and therefore I'm not starving. As for now I got a sick note from the doctor but that doesn't matter so much to the employment center and they might wanna force me to work or cut my money soon. I don't have a professional education so they might give me one of the last wanted jobs they can find.

I'm going through a lot of physical transformation right now, having trouble to concentrate, loosing memory sometimes, feelig exhausted and having difficulties with the linear way of thinking. I think even if I wanted I couldn't perform a "normal" 3d job at the moment.

Well, that's the situation I'm in and I was thinking what can I do about it? I so very much wish to move out of this flat and more than that out of the country. Just feel like it. But without money? Well, if I had a place to live my parents might give me the money necessary for food.

Besides internet I don't need much more. So my question is, does anyone have a room or place or idea to offer?

Basically this are just thoughts. I mean, the other question is how do I leave the country without money? But well, nevertheless I wanted to have asked my question anyways! Don't know why exactly, I just do it.

Love & Namaste

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Hang in there.  It is not much to offer and I am moving back United States and I have irregular internet.  Things are not much better here in the United States.  I understand your concerns about a job and things.  It has somethings less to do with unawakened and awakened.  ''


I have two other people and one is awakened other is not.  It is the world we live in now. I am similar situation as you are.  Just hang in there.  Something told me to answer this posting. 



The grass is seldom greener on the other side. Moving away would likely just present you with new problems.

I'd suggest that you exercise more, eat better, and meditate on a regular basis. Your physical and mental issues seem to indicate that you may just need to start taking much better care of yourself.

Since you're unemployed and the government is paying for your food, there may be government-funded educational grants which you may be able to get. You should look into it. With better education, you may be able to get a job which would allow you the financial freedom to live on your own. THEN, if you decide to live in another country, you can save your money, move, and then find a good job in your new location.

Peace and Harmony

Don't worry I'm not thinking about moving because I want to escape something. I just feel like moving, that's all. I also feel highly guided by my intuition and higher self. They've actually led me to break up my studies, to where I am right now and I know they will lead me out. I'm just an experimental person that's why I posted here. But even if someone would offer me a big flat on Hawai I wouldn't move if my intuition says no.

I Think You Are entitled to stay in another E.U. Country for 3 months on benefits?

I'm not sure of the exact rules and regulations Sarah but have a look at the official websites1



Hello my lovely brothers and sisters,

thanks to all of you for your ideas and offerings! I've gone through huge changes since I signed up here and right now these changes are ever more increasing. Nothing is like it was before at the moment. Don't have much words for now but if you want to know more check out my profile. Love you all and thank you dearly!

Hello Zanthi! Thanks very much for sharing this. I feel I'm really about to activly take up my mission soon. Check out the link from Tina in this forum. She brought my attention to a project where they want to build up a healing centre in Bulgaria. I've already offered my help but haven't recieved an answer yet. However as the changes I'm experiencing right now are ever increasing I don't know if there's not even more to come! I'll keep you posted if you wish! :-)

zanthi said:

I'm in the same predicament, Sarah. This process of awakening and transformation broke up my schooling about 3 years ago. As of today in fact I've pretty much lost my job because this process of change makes it impossible to hold any kind of normal job. I'm not dismayed, but I know the time to make a decision about the next step of this journey is upon me. For years now I've toyed with the idea of selling what possessions I have and going to live in an off-grid community to test myself as to whether I can really live the simple life. I know there are some communities that pay you a small amount if you want to live and work there. I'll be watching this thread as I'm so in the same boat it's not funny!


check out this site!! it is a database for intentional communities of many kinds all over the world....if you dont know much about intentional communities i would love to give you my thoughts on it :)



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