THE ELECTRON/PROTON YEARS (3100 year cycles)

We all have our beliefs, I believe we are born to the "CYCLE OF ELEMENTS"

My birth element is z101 Mendelevium, Perhaps why I was drawn to the periodic table.

My date of birth 6/12/1964, 6+12+19+64 = z101 Mendelelium.

Being born of the "Elements", explains why we bond or react to some people better than others.
Every day and every person is ruled by a set of element cycles,
Does your birth element reacte to your partners, or does it form a stable compound? or perhaps you have the same birth element & form a molecule?

There is much you can work out through the "Element Cycles",
My full birth cycle of "Elements": Potassium-Gold-Bismuth-Americium-Mendelevium.

a,Century, 1900's = z19 Potassium
b,Decade, 1960's = 19+60= z79 Gold
c,Year, 1964 = 19+64= z83 Bismuth
d,Month, 1964 December =19+64+12= z95 Americium
e,Day, 1964 December 6th =19+64+12+6= z101 Mendelevium

FIND YOUR BIRTH ELEMENT By adding century+year+month+day.

If you are born in the 1900's, you are born of Potassium z19 (Alkali Metal), but our children who are born in 2000's, are born of Calcium z20 (Alkali Earth Metal).

I use these words loosely "Protons, Electrons, Elements", These are labels we have attached, to make sense of the "physical world",
Once i realized our universe exists within the Proton, You realize electrons/protons through the elements can also explain how we "perceive time".

I have worked out “some of the expansions of time" using an "Extended periodic table, z1 to z172

And have come to realize our next major expansion happens when we expand to Element z172,

THIS WILL HAPPEN ON THE 31/12/3099, 31+12+30+99=z172, This is a 3100 year cycle(to the day) There are cycles within cycles, I realized each of these cycles signifies a major event for the "human race".

After the 31/12/3099 = z172, We drop back to 1/1/3100 which is 1+1+31= z 33 Arsenic, and the cycle goes on.

Here are a couple of 3100 years events:
1a, 3100bc Humans develop 1st writing system(cuneiform)
1b, 3100bc major events http://www.onereed.com/articles/3000bc1.html

2, 6200bc 8.2 kiloyear event http://www.wikihistory.org/index.php?n=Main.6200BCE

This shows how time moves through the elements, It takes 3100 years for each cycle to travel through the elements, from z1 to z172.

31/12/30/99 AD EXPANDS TO Z172 FINAL ELEMENT IN PERIODIC TABLE, It will be a major event yet again, as we cycle into a new cycle/calender.

There are many of these cycles within, Here are some of the Major cycles:
a,3100yrs, b,533,200yrs, c,91,710,400,yrs d,15,774,188,800,yrs

1, 3100 years is how long it takes to go through a lessor cycle z1 to z172.

2, 533,200 years bc, 172 x 3100=533,200 is the next major cycle, 530,000bc is when it is thought the "Human voice may have gained its full vocal range at least 530,000 years ago, A leap forward for mankind.

3, 91,710,400 years bc, 172 x 533,200=91,710,400 is the next major cycle, This takes us to the "Cretaceous period", Turonian – (89.8-93.9 MYA), This is when "Modern Mamals" evolved.
At the beginning of the Turonian an anoxic event took place which is called the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary event or the "Bonarelli Event". These extinction events, are also creation events.

4, 15,774,188,800 BC, 172 X 533,200=15,774,188,800 BC, This is 15.77 billion years, This is what I believe is the real age of the "Universe/Big Bang event".


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i get z138 what would that be?

Hi Empress, I do not really do "readings', But to me our birth element, is like the outer shell of a atom, this "Element" I would liken to our 'outer face'(personality),
The known periodic table goes to element z118, I extended the table to z172 a few years back following the electron sequences, I done this after believing the Noble elements where what we called the chakra's.

When the table was extended to z172, it made me realise I could put two tables together (YING/YANG) OR MATTER/ANTIMATTER.

But getting back to your birth element, z138, which would be an "alkaline Earth metal, these elements are "shiney metals' so you would shine has a person, they are very reactive with other elements, which may lead to explosive relationships with many other elements/people,

Has with @Setesh below in the comments, who sits next to you in the table z137,
You will both find, that your ideal friends/companions would come either from the "Noble elements" which tend not to reacte to other elements, so would be a calming factor on you both
Also those born to Halogens would make great partners for you both, has alkaline earth metals &Alkali metals form "Metal Halides" with "Halogens"

Metal halides, have higher melting/boiling points than your elements alone, Metal halides are used in certain lamps, they increase the quality of light, and the efficiency.
They also together form Polymeric structures, So the joining of your elements to "Halogens" give you that stability to counter your high reactivity.

Once you know your birth element, you can find out how it reactes to other elements people/days.

Hi Setesh, I have mentioned you in the above @Empress comment,
Your birth element is z137 which is an "Alkali element", these are the most reactive elements,
Your full birth cycle:
a,1900 century = Potassium
b,1994 year = nihonium
c,1994 october = transition metal
d,1994 october 14 = z137 Alkali Metal (birth element) highly reactive.

These Alkali metals are the most reactive, these start the new cycles,
Because you have two alkali metals in your birth sequence, I expect you have had a short reactive life up to yet, it would make you a very creative person(like @Empress above).

Your ideal partner would be the same has #Empress, A Halogen or A Noble element

below is my ying/yang tables, the light blue are the Alkali elements, these are were the expansions/cycles happen.

Hi Sunshaker,

I got z147. If you have time could you tell me what that means?

Love, Light, and Peace :)

Hi Taylor, I believe your birth element z147 would be a "Transition Metal", part of group 11, which consists of copper,silver,Gold & Roentgenium,

Very stable elements, least reactive,You perhaps keep a cool head,and are not easily angered.
Also these are very dense elements which makes for great conductivity of Electricity, which I believe would make you a good conductor of energies,

Because of their "softness", when "alloyed with other metals", they gain a greater strength and stability, so your ideal partner/companion could be another metal.


Hi Sunshaker, :)

This seems pretty accurate. Not to mention 11 being my favourite number :)

Thank-you for taking the time to respond.

Love, Light, and Peace



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