Hello everybody! Here is my mind. It's might be subjective, narrow and wrong. But i can't sit anymore and think that i have to say it! You should know that i prefer telling true in any kind of language. And now i think that i should use specific language to explain it with enough success. Here is a wall of text. It's a call. With love.

The subject.

When this planet was in crisis, a lot of people accepted the call. But when they borned, they got a problems:

  • Oblivion of past, mission. So much incarned people were lost here. But oblivion helps to be equal to humans. It helps to create contact and help people understand. Else they may misunderstand and create new religion. Now you can try to refresh your memory, but only for your responsibility. Be careful! Do not scare others! It's dangerous!
  • Suppression of evil society that try to neutralize people. Problems with evil money system made to make people obey and suffer. A lot of looses here. But it's needed to pass to be example for others. Else they will not accept you like equal human, which overcame troubles of this planet. And people will know that that's possible. And they will became want to try it.


If you're responsible.

Think about your mission here. Is it making money? Loosing life in school, study, work?! If you're wasting your time, stop it now! You are responsible for your actions or inactions! Remember: blood of people is on your hands too! Not only on killer ones! Because you're able and have mission to fix it! All the stuff happening here is because of you: deaths, hate, violence, slavery, slowing of soul evolution. Stop wasting time if you do. Ask yourself if your study, work, internet and travelling are needed? Take your full responsibility now! We should free this planet now! Start it! Do it! Born yourself! Now! You may not have another moment! Else billions of people may die. And they will die because you wanted to reschedule, to rest "few more days, and after i will start". It sounds like "this hamburger is last, since tomorrow i will never eat it anymore". Nuclear war or global cataclysms may start at any time!

Mother born you, but you need to born yourself by your self! Until this you're decaying half-dead corpse. Sorry for this, but it's my experience. And i think that you're great and will do a good work!

If i am criticizing so much, do i have a plan? Yes, i do! Start doing preparation. You shouldn't make mistakes because dealing of damage is possible. You should carefully prepare and carefully act. Here is a Knowledge that you can't get using internet. It may be told only by FACE TO FACE. The subject is that WE NEED UNITE AND SHOW PEOPLE HOW TO DO THIS IN HARD CONDITIONS! AND THEY SHOULD DO IT TOO! At the moment i can show you some information during internet, but you will need to get the Knowledge. One of possible ways is meeting me or another human to get Knowledge.

People should be fully united as soon as possible, else mass deaths are able to be and a lot more dangerous: slowing of evolution of souls! People should pass this experience by themselves!

You are awesome!

You are awesome! You are heroes who is in this hell to help others to pass it! You're fully respected by me! And i trust that you will win hard conditions and lead people to do it! Love you so much. So much love! So much hope that you will do it! Keep focus on Light and Love, take responsibility and born yourself!


Will add some information soon. If you have any questions, ask them.

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Ill start by taking care of my actions and striving for Honesty and Integrity
It also means who I vote for, because that's what affect many people, I make sure they want equality
I could also burn my vote in theory, but if i do,the real bad guys get in power. There are many who want power ,fame,and to destroy our world,nature and each other.

So I consider who one votes for important, as important as what one works with

Important not to work a thing that hurts others or self

It's better to have a low payin job than to have a high paying job with no soul joy in
Cannot buy us to happiness

The lowest payin jobs often the most joyful for me
Because its the reward in making a difference

But I would avoid things that hurt others.. maybe slaughterhouses, perhaps mcdonalds
such things
would avoid microsoft too, they're bad for you, all they do

Good article

It's very awesome that you understand it. But if you (or not only you) are feeling fear, guilty or something like this, you need to release it fast. Take this information with love and joke. Like a game. And let negative energy flow and go out.

If you need any instructions, advises or answers, ask me.

Love you and don't know how to explain "wanna give respect to your honor".

i thinks its some of what you wrote is a good idea.
but there some critical point thats hurt me and makes me angry, if im free to speak truth. if not dont read below xd
first: we have blood at our hands too? sry no. dont blame everyone for things they didnt do. many peoples are not out there and kill people or hurting each other. many just want a happy live and try to achieve it on there own. they have there own reason to be here. these little words of yours have the bad taste of agressive enlightment. sry to write it that way, but its not ok that you blame others for living there own live.
sure they sshould be aware of what they do and think a little bit before acting, caring a little bit more about others. but dont generalize everybody to the same.

second: you write we should stop wasting time. define time. whats wrong about to allow you to take your time in this life? you cant rush or force evotuion. this needs a lot of so called time and selfexperience/selfawarnes. you cant force enlithment or awarness. you are ready when you are ready. some humans are and some are not. some starseeds soul are and some are not.

everyone has is own way of doing things. they will take action when they are ready. and even if some live there life for themself to be a better example, this is also enough. i hope i just understand it wrong what your wrote there. if not i cant do something about it. its your opinion but i think you are to harsh and generalize and blame even people that do nothing wrong.

blessings dear one :)

Everyone is busy with their survival in life. You have to pay to live. It's an evil system, yes, but so it is.

Looking for a job that sustains you but also is good for society is a hard thing but it is possible indeed. I am still trying it.

Also like Mr Jackson was singing: 'I start with the man in the mirror'. Do you inner work, then live by example and it might project outward to society. The more people do it the better and the more powerful the effect will be over time.

Everyone should to do what he should to do. Here is measure for every deal. You're right, may be it is your own path. Everybody carries his level of responsibility. Listen to your heart.

You say aggression like it is "bad". Here is nothing bad and nothing good. Also, "aggression" is not hate. Aggression - is an ability of subject to protect (means trying) himself and his objects. Not to hurt others or make them fear.

Sorry if you got hurt by me. But did i really do it? Or may be it's not me? <3

Agree. But we can be independent. We (some of us) should to build own society where we will be protected and partially isolated. Where we will be able to act at full 100% power. Isn't it?

if it was not your intentions to force or hurt then its all fine ;) no need to feel sry

The subject that it is me. The reason is that silence is more dangerous. Sorry if you got hurt by me again, but we should do anything

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