Twin Flame / Soulmate synchronicity after I decided I had to move on

Even after disconnecting and deciding to move on from someone I thought to be my twin flame, I am still getting strong prods from the Universe that she is "the one."

The history with this girl and I is long and complicated and I don't feel the need to get into it. All that matters is that our relationship was heavily founded on the fact that the Universe was strongly insisting it to both of us in the form of synchronicity.

For example, during a conversation at the picnic table in her backyard, we somehow got to the topic of procreation, and as soon as we made the psychic connection between our objectiveness and subjectiveness on the topic, a falcon flew out from a tree just 5 feet or so over us and then went elsewhere. It was incredible. We both just looked at each other wide-eyed, then changed the subject. 

Needless to say, things didn't work out. She was afraid of the significance our relationship held. I was afraid of being unable to meet her needs. We grew apart, and I just moved over 1000 miles away from her because I got a job offer.


But even here, the Universe is telling me that our relationship is not over.


1. I am staying in a hotel room until I can find an apartment. Right outside my window is a billboard advertising the local hospital, which is named "Lovelace Hospital." On it there is a woman holding a baby. She looks nearly identical to the girl I'm talking about. The text on the billboard reads "tiny miracles."


2. The bartender at the bar I went to tonight looked identical to the girl I'm talking about, and had very good advice for me as a newcomer to this town. All day I was seeking direction in my new environment, and I found it at the end of the day when this familiar looking bartender pointed me in the right direction.


3. Consulting my Runes about these things as an oracle has offered even more validation. Not seconds after I decided to ask about it, Rune #20, the rune of Journey, literally jumped out of the bag. If you look up Ralph H. Blum's interpretation of this rune, you will see that it is very auspicious for this situation. The 3 main topics of this rune are "Communication, Union, Reunion."


I know this post might seem like I'm obsessing over this girl. The thing is, I got past the idea that she was the only one for me long ago. I wouldn't have moved away if I still felt the same way about her. Yet now that I'm here, looking for new opportunities and expanding my horizons, all signs are still pointing to her. I'm not really sure what to make of this, but I plan on following the prayer cited in the interpretation of the Rune that showed itself to me in response to this situation.


"I will to will Thy Will."

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I still can't tell if we were just a lesson for each other, or if we're the missing pieces to each other's lives. But I'm not trying to find that answer anymore. I am leaving it in the hands of fate. My only hope is for some form of clarity instead of these ambiguous hints.

Blue Ray said:

If you are meant to be together then she will come back to you.

Sometimes these things have a way of moving your forward to the best possible outcome to both of you.


sounds like you are in love homeboy haha..

I went through all this with someone but he never gave me the time of day, and I had to move away from him. The whole situation embarrassed me terribly because I was obsessed with him but nothing ever came of it. Unfortunately, I still get synchronicities with him regarding his location and his name. It bothers me because it's so many years later.


In fact, the past day I've been contemplating throwing away things I had saved like notes on all the synchs that happened with him years ago. I bought a feng shui book yesterday that says to release all things from past love interests so that your present can have a fulfilling love. I've had a boyfriend for quite some time now who I love very much, and I want to help us move forward by clearing out those old papers reminding me of the past person.

Have you heard of Runners and Stayers?
I've gone/going through this currently, and have been prodded by my guides time and time again that this particular male is my Twin Flame. Even when doubt arises, i always "accidently" find something that brought me back to the same conclusion that he is my twin flame.

Runners and Stayers happen when the time is not right. You meet eachother, get along great, then when you want things to get serious you repel. The Stayer, the more spiritual of the two, will recieve signs and recognise the energy. Whereas the Runner, doesn't and because the time is not right, they are drawn away. Your spirit understand the conection and the energy, but the consious does not. So the runner will tryat other relationships (each will inevitably fail). It also is mistaken for a Karmatic Tie (whch was what i thought it was).

I don't know if this is true to you, but I hope it helps in the least :/
Love and Happy Blessings to you

Those signs are the proof that she thinks about you so much that she connected to your personal universe. She' really loves you :)

Good luck!

Hi Edward.  I've had both a soulmate and a twin flame encounter...


I'd say the difference between the two is that the soulmate draws out unknowns within yourself where as the twin tests everything that you feel to be true in your heart...  So with my soulmate there were all the hallmarks of a spiritual relationship - the feeling of knowing that person before, synchronistic events and an affinity I didn't have with anyone else.  However, there was always something not exactly true for me and it sent me on a search for myself (which was lead by the mind) to cure this uncertainty - the result was that eventually I grew from it and no longer needed to be involved with my soulmate at a romantic level. The twin is soooooo different.  They hit you straight in the heart and you know this to be the case - it's the classic concept of cupid since you feel like you're being stabbed right in your centre.  You feel instantly like you could never break the bond because the feelings you have come right from the heart.  This leads to the ultimate self conflict since they seem to share your heart centre though they embody all your opposite values (the polar energy).  You have no doubts about this.  


In terms of your own situation it could be either your soulmate or your twin but in any instance the universe will help you to gain what you need from these relationships if you do the inner work.  It might help you to look at your own doubt - is this about how you feel for the girl or how you feel about the universe and the direction it gives you?  Soulmates and twins are always helping us to hold our own - they taught me that the universe doesn't want to carry you, it wants you to find your own feet so dig deep with the uncertainty you're feeling :o)  Trust your own feelings about the relationship as much as you can.  I hope this helps and makes sense!  

Agree with you Makessah that it's helpful to not be led by the 'twin flame/soulmate' concept as this distracts from reality.  It's no use focusing on ideals as they become a religion and distract you from the reality of all relationship experiences.  However, soulmate and twin flame (also see Jung's anima/animus) concepts are useful for describing the powerful connections you can have with people that move you beyond personal love to deal with your own spirituality and these are not always of the romantic kind.  If I hadn't come across the soulmate/twin flame concepts (through synchronicity) I would have thought I was going mad! Well actually I did go mad...  


I have to say that before both of my encounters I was not really that spiritual but that the two relationships forced me to seek out explanation as they were so 'other worldly'. Our interactions with others are the only ways we can understand our own nature of self - they hold up a mirror to who we are.  There is nothing like the twin flame since they are the other half of your soul - the yang to your yin.  They embody the same values but come from a different energy standpoint.  My 'real' learning from this relationship is that my own consciousness has been divided and I wanted to know why - the conclusion was to know myself and that this is therefore why God split him/herself too.  Suddenly I could see how God is one and we are all a splinter of this consciousness.  You can see in this context why the twin is the ultimate learning experience and why they only come together in their last lifetime before ascending.  Duality collapses!  It was also through the twin I connected with source and started receiving 'messages' - a shock to me at the time.  The twin is the 'entry'.


Adam I love your lingo - AFLO!  When the twin happened to me I just kept thinking 'I've learnt enough leave me alone'!  No more learning!  I just want a normal relationship. Sigh... that wasn't to be the case!  


Hi Edward,

your situations sounds a bit close to mine.  See i was with a guy for close to 5 years and I thought and still think he is the one.  We broke up. Messy arguments, lies, other people etc... a whole lot of things happen.  I'm currently practicing tarot and I got the lovers card  which make me think he is the one.  but, it seems like I am going to have to move on for the time being because the situation as it is now just hurts to even think about.  Anyways, I wish you much luck and hope your twin flame come back to you.


I know what are going through Edward. I too did things like moving on and all other stuff(and i tried doing it many times), but at the end of the day its the truth that we can't forget our twin no matter how busy we might get or how hard we try to forget about our twin. I too get signs whenever i try to hopelessly forget about my twin. I know its fate that works overtime in this connection. My suggestion would be to just go with the flow and let destiny unfold in its own time(i know its easy being said than done, but it works). And as far as clarity is concerned u might have heard about "when student is ready teacher appears". Its true with this connection.Believe in God and everything will fall in place in its own time.



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