Whenever you guys are online or come across a piece of information do you get vibrations and goosebumps throughout your body? Sometimes it gets so intense, and i've started to use this as a sychronicity and to really pay attention to the information im delving into, and also when im noticing synchronistic number sequences. Does anyone know exactly what causes this. I really have a feeling it is my guides, but at other times i feel it is truly coming from within and an inner truth that i am just remembering. Sometimes it bursts me into tears and makes me clear some emotional stuff. I've gotten to the point where im sensitive enough to be able to initiate this sensation just by centering myself and/or placing my hands on my heart. Does anyone else experience this or use this in any other way? thanks :)

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i feel it in my heart chakra my heart vibrates and flutters so fast but diffrently depending on what is happening like if it's a neg person it dose this flutter thing then i feel love projected to that person(s) so it is my heart that dose the deserning it is weird i know but thats how things are working for me i'm extremly empathic so things kinda work diffrent for me.i know when i'm being lied to real quickly upon reading people.

Yes, this is the inner guidance system or intuition. .. getting in touch with how things make you feel...

Yes, I get this during my readings. I saw a clairvoyant, she got it too she called them "Angel bumps"
You might also be experiencing self induced autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR
I get both, so it will happen as confirmation in readings and happen myself if I relax and play carol of the bells in my head or read something like kalil Gibran..

sometimes! goosebumps/tingles and number synchronicities for me, Occasionally when my heart starts beating faster without a stimulus, it usually has to do with my guides nudging me to do something at that place and time. So as and when it happens, I pay attention, its not just coincidence.

Yes :)

I get exactly that - not just online though; in everyday life too.

I've taken noticing this to mean that I'm more in tune with truths and what the universe is trying to tell/show me. It's like the opposite of alarm bells going off.

I'll be interested to hear other members thoughts too!

Thanks for your response! And so very well described... I've had a couple of similar experiences (although yours sounds more powerful and long-lasting) and know how difficult they are to put into words.

Do you experience this clarity and connection more consistently now? Or is it something that generally occurs through meditation or other spiritual pursuits?

Finding where you can learn and grow from the hard times is the real strength in spirituality :)

And you're right about maintaining the connection... In all honesty I go through phases myself where I can feel it and open myself up, but then also phases where I am less disciplined in certain aspects of my life and it falls by the wayside somewhat. The good thing is that I feel as though I'm on the right path in general however.

And it's interesting what you say about meditation etc not being necessary, as I was listening to a speech from Alan Watts recently which stated exactly the same thing. He said that people can get lost in / or even addicted to meditation and certain pursuits whilst missing the point. Meditation can be a great door to achieving a more enlightened mind, but you have to pass through the door and stay on the other side of it in everyday life to have really achieved anything. (That was the just of what he said anyway, but I'm sure he worded it much better, ha).

Thank you for sharing this.

Yes, exactly! Sometimes it feels like it is because I am thinking a thought that is so in alignment with my soul purpose that my frequency is jumping so much higher so quickly that it creates this physical response. Other times it feels like spirit or my guides are trying to alert me that something is true; I get them a lot when I am channeling a spirit or getting readings from other psychics.



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