I was curious about these experiences, been wanting to ask it for a long time. It's probably common for starseeds and other highly evolved beings that the human world doesn't make sense to us and I've had this experience myself too. Kinda trying to fit in but it feels so false.
I could just go somewhere and ask "how does a normal person think??" but it would be more fitting to ask "how did you think before you awakened and how much has your views about everything have changed after it happened?" I want to hear your experiences as everyone has their own story to tell.

For myself the biggest change so far has been that I've been more able to validate myself instead of looking someone to validate things for me just in case "I'm just imagining it". :D

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Yes, I feel similar to you. I don't feel I've changed that much and people around me don't notice much change in me. To me, I see I'm much more self confident, independent, relaxed, honest, open, fierce, caring, full of will power and focused. I was like that before, but now it is all much more in me. I don't go much into periods of depression or negativity as before. I feel like I know my purpose and I don't wander around a lot anymore. The biggest traps I've fallen into through spirituality were thinking having ego and dualistic views on earth is a bad thing. I almost went nuts like that. I'm balanced now and grateful.

Hmmm. I suffered from depression and anxiety when I was graduating in High School and being around with people was a bit hard. I never really asked myself why Im suffering with the disorder. I just go with it and keep it inside. and I would often found myself looking at the sky. may it be night or day. and it keeps me calm for a bit. During college, I have to force myself to overcome the depression and anxiety. I worked real hard and I don't know how I made it. After being able to finish college and working for a few months, I went to Japan to take a rest for about 3 months. by the time I came back to my country, I was lucky enough to get into the government and work near our house. During my first few weeks, I was asked to travel again for work and I can remember asking myself "why me?" "I want to end it now". that's when SYNCHRONICITY started. I started seeing numbers and and immediate answers to my questions through numerology and well, just by observing the environment. I never felt so connected in my life. I still experience synchronicity but not as frequent as last year. I'm afraid I'm loosing the connection a bit and that might only mean I have to refocus again. Nothing much really changed, except for the connection I'm having now. I think the only difference I can see is how I perceive things. I'm much more aware with my energies.

my psychiatrist link the disorder to a specific event that happened when I was in High School. but I think it was more than that. the event was only a trigger but not the cause. Up until now I haven't really find the source yet but I think it was brought by the frustration I have for humanity. and I still get frustrated by how the world works but there's nothing much I can do but to pray.



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