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Ask one question, not to complex.

Shanti Joy

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Hi Joy,

Thank you for taking time off to offer us readings. I would like to know if I am on the right path and if they are things that require improvement.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Thank you!
Hey Minnie

You get a card called The Dream

You are encouraged to put in effort on dream work

A lot of healing messages are coming to you in your dreams.

Try and find techniques to recall your dreams better like meditation before bed - candle gazing- binaural beats or work with a crystal such as amethyst or lapis lezoli.

If you are walking around with a feeling of uneasiness is because you are healing your heart chakra. There are feelings that needs to be acknowledged and released but they are old stuff. Your mind is projecting this feeling outwards into current relationships do not pay attention to it, it is just illusions.

The core issue you will find by making a dream journal where you write down your dreams and interpret their symbolic meanings.

You are on the right path just looking the wrong direction.

Turn your attention towards your dreams and you will find your path again.

Shanti Joy

Hey Joy,

thank you for doing this. Using a Gaia deck my question is simple.

"Is there something Gaia wants to tell me?"


Hi Joy.

Is there a message for me? Thanks for this offering. :)

Thanks Joy,

I am feeling blue and depressed and angry over a nasty separation.  It's affecting me.  Will I get over this ad move forward with my life and stop putting so much energy into this?




Will 2017 offer me something positive and or major change?

thank you for you offer =)

Hello there! Thank you for doing free readings! I sadly don't have money for readings so I am very thankful that you are doing this. My question is am I on the right path. I sort of stole the idea from Minnie! I loved the question they asked.

Cards are fair. Never revealing to much or anything at all while providing advice and wisdom.

So question.
I have found it. How do I grow with it and expand it.

Hi Joy, any message would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. :)

Hello! I'll give this a go if you have the time.

Q. Will I meet an E.T. person before the end of the year?

Hey Lukas

You get a card called the jewel within a teardrop

You are being guided to release your innermost wound concerning an attachment to a particular person.

The love is stuck in the wound. And if you don't let it get unstuck it will be hard to again experience that deep bond with another person.

Love is never lost but is at the moment the flow is blocked.

Allow the richness of being vulnerable and feel for another person again enrich your life.

Be willing to admit how deeply you really care for others and find strength in compassion for yourself.

Shanti Joy
Hey Maria

You get a card called moonlight

You are being guided to spend more time under the night sky under the moonlight to replenish your energy and to strengthen your intuition even more.

You need a time to pause and find stillness, the moon will inspire zen.

There are a lot of new inspiration to you in the coolness of the moonlight. It helps you to tap into your receptive side. To be truly open to the unknown. In the night when the moon rules the gate to the mystical realm opens. We need more miracles.

It will also help you to your creativity when it comes to channeling. In that way it will open up for more ways of information to come to you in unexpected ways. Where your gaze goes, music, changes in the body and so on.

Shanti Joy

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