Starseeds and wanting to return to there orgional species/civilzation in the multiverse.

Has any one else felt like leaving this world and go back to where we came before being human earth dosent look good with all the chaos war crime ect and i have been feeling a strong pull to leave i sense home is far away somewhere in the vast existence of life.

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many of u feel this. its an ongoing topic^^
but you are here for a reason. your higher self, so you^^, choose this time and place to incarnate. one day you will learn why ;)

We incarnate here because there is a need that each of us can help to fulfill. Sure there is darkness all around; that is why starseeds, angels, elementals, and so forth are coming here. We come to experience, learn, grow, teach, and sometimes even guide.

Everyday I feel this way, but since I am a hybrid I have a hard time understand
humans actions. Always know you will one day go back home to your star family,
they have been watching and guiding you in this life.

It has taken me years to overcome the feelings of longing for home (although I still feel it when my heart is heavy). The only way to manage this feeling is finding acceptance within your own skin.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. To be human is to be caught up in the constraints of linear forward moving time, which is something that a lot of starseeds struggle with because many of us led lives that were NOT affected by time. Living with three dimensional matter is also a struggle, since we are used to a different level of dimensional physics (EG levitation, psychokinesis, teleportation, etc.)

There is also the factor of being seperated from the source of all creation. We're each one fragment of the eternal life that is, was and always shall be. Accept that until this life is over you are having a human experience, and over time you'll make peace with your own fate.

I would prefer to alter this reality structure so that the natural game theory of society perpetuates a stable free, just and fair society for one and all!


everyday. everyday.

Portal tec is outwhere, it's meanwhile even known (more or less) how it most likely works.
Though it would be very very costly to built it and also risky to use it
on error and we will reach nowhere...
But such tec can bring you to every place.
It's about a crystal, which rotates at a certain speed and interacts with
certain sound frequencies to open up a portal. and everything about it
must be highly accurate. So it would cost at least 10.000 to 20.000 to get all
the things needed for that and even then no guarentee if it really works,
because the whole stuff was channeled as a riddle basically with some schematics.

Then the elites...they do have real working portal technology, but we can't access that.

So ET-help is the only solution to leave this planet. And not just any ET-help,
but from a species, who would do us a favor to bring us to the desired place.

and sorry for not adding. I was a bit insecure, because I could not figure out
from your profile, with what alien species you associate yourself or are interested in.

and yeah, earth is a dark place, but they shielded it from it's natural state
and made it even darker than it would have to be. so if they hadn't done that,
then we would maybe not have that longing, because we would feel a more cosmic
integrated state. But from several environmental factors, it's hard to feel
this way. just look at the night sky. 10 years ago I could see a bunch of
stars there and meanwhile just 1 or 5 stars. So there is something just wrong.

We are basically just filling the holes, that other people made and no one
thanks us for this. This is the situation.

They should send us some evacuation ships over, something like a lifeboat
so to say.

This planet is invaded either way and how can we help if we basically have nothing to say, because you can throw in one important thought
and it will get drowned in a flood of information. so maybe it can help
10 people, maybe 100, but beyond that, hard to reach something new this way.

the real journalism would not even take us serious and the non-mainstream
news are under constant trolling and downrated. The scientist are mostly
brainwashed already though many of you could just outsmart them all.

yeah, having a human experience as more or less half-humans. Genetically seen
we are not really earth humans, not even the earthly humans are 'really' earth humans. this is just a place, a trap, to store us here.

I'm sorry for sounding negative here, but get the sugar out and you got the
salt in the wounds. still we have to make the best of it, but how can we, if the structures are designed in a way, that we will fail in this attempt?

and who makes the structures, same people like 6000 years ago.

Trump is a good guy, he can balance a lot of stuff, also the earthbound reptileans,
but about other races, don't think that 'all' of them would care for humanity, some really rather think like, 'what in it for me?'
Pleideans surely do, also of course a bunch of other races care for humanity, but not all.

But that's not even the problem. The problem are the 85% of humanity, who behave like sheeple and can't see thru things. Just watch the newest Simon Parkes Interview, he's draco, but he's a really good guy and tells a lot about the problems in humanity.

I feel this way all the time. Too much corruption, hatred, violence. So ready for happiness to happen hear. Where people help each other and not having to worry with making an income.

I don't feel that i need to go home at this point, because my mission here is not completed. With the horrid problems in the United States, we need those of us who can raise the vibrations to remain. But - I don't have any sense of what others need to do, only what I need to do. And when my work here is complete, I will go wherever I am needed. It isn't easy being here.... there is a sense of yearning..... but I am committed to purpose. Thank you!

Faye: there is much work to be done and I think we are needed here.

...since incarnating.

Every thing is upside down on this planet. I missed my home planet most of the time, but i am here to help earth people.



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