I had what can only be described as a kundalini awakening at the beginning of this year. Ever since I have had a lot of questions.. many that I have gotten the answers to.

I have read and watched a lot about starseeds, aliens, other dimensions etc. and I do believe I'm a starseed but am having trouble narrowing it down. I think there is a lot of disinformation on the subject so if there is anyone who could be of some assistance please let me know.

Thank You
- Kat

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there are many definition of a star seed. but when activation of DNA happens many things can become distorted. its not only DNA activation of your physical body but your soul. you hear many people say they are a mix of things Pleiadian, draco, and the list keeps going on.
your soul keeps knowledge of all your past lives but a true soul form is the life it had your first round of existing. it is your base soul dna genetics. people become confused about being many species when the physical body is remembering all it use to be in the past. but a lot of that past life DNA is not full its in peaces.
the only thing that stays is the first life DNA.

but the awakening does 2 things. it activates the ET DNA in your physical body IF you have it. there is a base body build for human species. however there are people with more ET genetics than some. this usually is the people who have star seed families/ parents and their interactions are much different than whom those who just see their "care takers"

star seed families means you share DNA with them to a certain percentage on a physical body level or soul level. either of those can allow them to interact with you. and they chose the degree of interaction. from visits you are allowed to remember and ask questions. sharing information like racial information, tech knowledge, history, interacting with them like a normal person would.

ET care takers are ets who show interest in some one for most of the persons life time. they can interact with the you to some degree usually not sharing information like racial information, tech knowledge, history, but keeping tabs on your health and development here on earth. they may or may not allow you to remember interactions with them. some star seeds who have families go threw this process before the next stage of interactions.

it can be very confusing for those who do not share the same et race physically as their soul race. for examples say a draconian soul is born in a physical body on earth that shares Pleiadian soul DNA ...abilities and traits may be very confusing as both sets would come out during the awakening process. learning about your true self will help with the confusion threw meditation and soul searching. know ones self before truly trying to identify your self as a race...there are many many ET and dimensional races not even mentioned in the blue books or who visit earth. so do not place your self in a et race that is just on the internet. write as much as you can down and ask questions to those who do automatic writings to et races. this will help confirm things. just do not give them much info about your self to cold read. the ones i did i only talked to them normally and gave very few clues of my race. and mine are not in the books i was impressed with the ones i interacted with. it took me over 17 years to find out what race i am.

this information is a lot to digest for 90% of people so take it in stride if you continue research and study in depth it will make sense. if anything remember its not about what races you are but who you want to be and what you do to contribute to the multiverse flow of balance. trust me its hard not knowing. and some times there will be no ancwers that others can give you.

Greetings Kat!
Welcome and congrats on reaching out! A kundalini awakening is no easy venture despite it's beauty, and it can be quite overwhelming. The sheer fact that you have chosen to reach out for advice shows your strength! I have been on the awakening journey for a little over two years now and I have managed to find my origins and learn much! In my experience the best attitude to adopt is one of curiosity and open mindedness, (Which it seems you possess). Below are seven links to different websites that are pertinent to the awakening journey/ assimilation of unity consciousness. All of these different links have been helpful to me and I truly hope you find some value in them as well! As I am sure you know it is of the utmost importance to cultivate and exercise a healthy sense of discernment when seeking wisdom and truth. There is indeed much disinformation out there, mainly due to the sensitive and trans-formative nature of who we all are! It is in the interest of a few to keep the truth obscured, however this has no merit to the inevitability of re-unification of self, and All.

1. http://www.theeventchronicle.com/

-- A very informative alternative news website which speaks about the current status of Earth and the energetic and spiritual liberation from malevolent forces. I have been following this website for years, It helps on the mission!

2. http://phoenixtools.org/stages-kundalini-awakening/

-- The Stages of Kundalini awakening. Lots of in-depth information and it has been quite helpful on my journey.

3. http://www.chakras.info/12-chakras/

-- Information on our chakra system. Learning about these in detail is one of the fundamentals in order to step into SELF. On the path of awakening learning how our individual energy interacts with the energy around is infinitely helpful.

4. http://www.truthcontest.com/entries/the-present-universal-truth/

-- A very thought provoking article on the power of NOW. After I read this awhile back my perspective of reality was shifted; "Those who seek shall find". :)

5. https://lonerwolf.com/soul-group/

-- I recommend this one only for once you feel you are ready to connect and commune with others in your soul group. I have found through experience the ones who are supposed to be around us will show up in our lives at the best times for our overall spiritual evolution. When or how this happens is not always preferable, in fact it may be somewhat uncomfortable; however within this discomfort a valuable lesson can always be found! Our ego wants to control, our heart follows the flow of life; look within!

6. https://higherdensity.wordpress.com/tag/merging-with-i-am-presence/

-- Merging with the I AM presence. An extremely powerful skill to learn is to be able to recenter ourselves when we become overwhelmed or otherwise disturbed. This meditation has helped me quite alot. I have found that simply using "I AM" affirmations help tremendously. Words hold power. All thought-forms, no matter how far they become actuated are powerful; as they each hold a certain amount of creative energy. Power words such as: Love, I can, I AM,-- Are some examples of vibration raising words. Words that exude the resonance of density such as: Hate, I can't, but, -- Tend to lower the vibrational resonance of our being. Since in this present dimension we communicate primarily through verbal speech I humbly implore you to research more into the power of the spoken word.

7. http://askingangels.com/healing/crystals/protective-stones.php

-- I am not sure if you are interested in Crystals or stones however many souls along their awakening journey find that they are very useful; including myself. Nevertheless this is up to you of-course!

I wish you all the best Kat and I am delighted to have seen your post in hopes that some of my information/ recommendations may be of service to you in your life.
Infinite Love, Light, and Peace to you!
Namaste, <3 Carter K.

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