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So I was told in a channeling that Im from the pleiades, and I do portray the so called "typical" Pleiadian traits. But my question is have we not lived throughout the universe as multi dimensional beings? Not just in one star system. Or do we classify ourselves by the star systems we have most incarnated with. Or do we in this lifetime bring in the essence of a certain star race. Im sure this has boggled many of you, let me know what you think!

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The entire concept behind people pointing to a star and saying "I'm from there" has always made me uncomfortable. I think this "major shift" humanity is facing isn't just for the humans, because if it were the ET's who have made contracts with governments would be disclosing by now. This is a shift for ALL races, and part of that shift is accepting that we're all from the same cosmic family.

I've seen how people change when they are told which system they come from. I'm tired of seeing the confusion and strain in starseeds who are already feeling disconnected from their celestial homes. IMO if someone remembers their past life (or parallel life, or genetic history, or whatever) than that is part of their personal journey. If someone does NOT remember it perhaps there's a good reason for their amnesia (if you've ever have a PTSD flashback you'll know it's not helpful).

I'd like to see people saying "Well since I'm living a human life I've got ancestors from all over the Galaxy, PLUS there's a good chance I lived even further out once." If the possibility of having interstellar heritage isn't enough for us what hope can we hold for our human counterparts who long for more? We need to set the example for them by showing that we CAN accept our heritage without letting the weight of past lives hold us down.

You are probably right in saying that there can be one 'origin' that leaves more of an imprint on someone's soul, at least it seems logical... Souls are like source, expansive, and look for many layers of experience and types of embodiment out there. You probably heard that of all et's that are implicated with earth, the pleiadian treat's / psyché have influenced earth human psyché the most, due to pleiadian colonies that often go under the wide banner of atlantis and lemuria.
Beyond bringing the essence of star race as you stated, ideally we can see our selves bring forth all that which our souls have expanded upon and into, your personal twist to life based on your experiences as a soul. greets

Leppender said:

The entire concept behind people pointing to a star and saying "I'm from there" has always made me uncomfortable. 

To be fair, when I was a kid I pointed up at a blue star (Rigel) and claimed it as my own, before I ever knew what a starseed was. :)

Remember they are all labels, and we are all one. I've learned that puttting those labels on us tends to give us the perception that we are separated when in fact we are all together. I'm not saying that you aren't from the pleiades. I'm just saying don't limit your identity as a separate entity but rather as a whole if that makes sense. Never forget we are all one.

Obsydian said:

Leppender said:

The entire concept behind people pointing to a star and saying "I'm from there" has always made me uncomfortable. 

To be fair, when I was a kid I pointed up at a blue star (Rigel) and claimed it as my own, before I ever knew what a starseed was. :)
lol if you always knew than that's a whole other ball of wax. I was more referring to people who did not know their origins, and are depending upon others to tell them. Blame a lack of coffee & vitamin D.

To know the story of your journey through the stars, begin by loving Earth and all her creatures.(creature meaning all conscious beings including rocks and the earth herself) the record of our journey is in our DNA. Our DNA is a gift from Mother Earth.
If we truly love her, and ground our energy to her in love, she will begin to reveal her secrets. Many are already doing this. In truth, our body consciousness is part of
Our soul energy. We, the people of Earth share a deep soul connection to Earth, to each other and to all of Earth's creatures. Earth consciousness is our birthright and
Our responsibility. All energy mingles in the multiverse, it is what makes us one.

as me i belive i been incarnated in many other starsystems and other galaxys in our unknown universe it is very hard to think sombody only been incarnated in one starsystem ,,and what ive lerned the soul have been building its consciousness ower a very long time probelly longer than this earth have existed before the starsystems of pleiades and older than the stars in this galaxy it maybe is infinitive only the gods knows how long that is lol i can understand there is many ho arent sure what their soul is since life is so very big

some even claims that there exists other universes there we beeen incarnated ower infinitive time and our souls been in all different dimensions there it exists countless of worlds there our souls have existed all souls dont even incarnate on planets

I never understood the wide multi-dimensional association that starseeds tend to think that's common to all. Maybe it's more about a mix of their own individual faith (in the Source) with their starseed'ness? What defining a starseed? The origins of our soul (as aliens reincarnated into humans), or our souls' goals (to identify ourselves as starseeds, maybe believing or not in "souls" but having starseed life-goals as: growing as individual, eco-awareness, self-awareness, universal-awareness, to get better as individual and as citizen of this planet etc). 

A multi-dimensional being is one who is able to switch of reality, dimension and universe during one life time, as an ability to fully portal him/herself into other realities as it is to cross a door, to constantly live at the edge of multiple dimensions while never being part of any (to literally BE the portal who leads EVERYWHERE). However, many tends to consider themselves as multi-dimensional beings since being able to do astral-projection, to have imagination, visions or to dream (these partially gives access to other realities), but it's extremely far from what a real multi-dimensional being is.

There's no shame whatsoever of having been "only" a 4D creature, in fact it gives a much greater comprehension of this universe/dimension (and its tremendous potential) when compared to the one that multi-dimensional beings could possibly have (they simply float in a perpetual "in-between" phase mode). However, many look at multi-dimensional beings as being some life supreme achievement (and therefore some often twist the terms to refer of themselves as being one/been one to boost their own human ego as: "i been a mutli-dimensional being y'a know! My soul is 2534 years old much older than your's!" lol)... fine for them, but the spiritual evolution is really far from stopping there. There's countless multi-dimensional beings who choose to reincarnate themselves as 4D creatures for very good reasons: to continue their own personal evolution and to enlarge their understanding and knowledge/wisdom about themselves and this universe.

Extremely common our community; many of us' souls been "recycled" quite a few times, we traveled much. It's far from rare to stumble on people who have lived on 2-3+ different planets/dimensions. Far from multi-dimensional, but sort of "poly-planet/dimension" traveler souls. By comparison, on an Earth scale, a multi-dimensional being would be one that is able to travel as many times he/she wishes in every countries of this planet (like a plane pilot who constantly "visit" countless countries and who can repeat it as much he/she want, but who's basically a lonely citizen of nowhere who don't have time to stop anywhere to properly visit it and to get an emotional attachment), meanwhile a poly-planet/dimension being would be one that took its time to travel in (2 or even 100) countries that he/she like, more than once but maybe not as many times he/she wishes (due to physical/financial responsibilities in his/her's original country, therefore he/she feels nostalgic of his country when elsewhere, and nostalgic of the place he visited when he's home).

I been created as a multi-dimensional being and remain as one for a countless period of time (but who seems to me like some sort of a huge meaningless and endless blur) until i chose to become draconian and finally get a meaning to my life (more focus on me, my dreams, my ambitions, my life goals, my emotions, my identity, my evolution and my contribution to this world etc). Therefore, maybe i can't point to the stars as my soul homeworld, but i can point to one star who been the one who deeply changed me more than any of the others all together, and finally be somewhat nostalgic.

Many starseeds are at their very first(s) reincarnation(s), and therefore it's more than natural that they are deeply attached to what they left behind (and then like to point at the stars to be homesick). But at their defense, there's no relevance about how many lives we lived before coming here, nor about our soul's age, nor about our previous origins... after all we're all "stuck" on Earth! XD 

its all defintion
the true origin is the source itself we all come from/ are part of.
but i think to define it a little bit your origin would be where your soul is born and had his first life if we exclude the source from that topic.

but i heard that when you get a reading about it that often that often the system with the most imprint is popping up and is stated as origin. thta would lead to misunderstandings i think.

we live in a dimension where we need defintions at the moment. so we seek answers that way and often oversee important things. dont be fixaded too much ;)

as you said you pointed on that star, that just can mean you need to remember it as part of lesson. maybe unfinished karma or just a memory that should help you in this life. but you had already made a plan before incarnate here, so it has his reasons and you will learn what in time^^

Exactly, i don't see how a soul emanating from the Source could consider itself as multi-dimensional due to its Source origin and the Source's multi-dimensional nature, like do all humans consider themselves as Africans (and therefore stealing African's culture and identity) since Africa is the cradle of the human specie? Whatever if a soul been created/recycled in the Source, the Source itself not defining our origins and nature but only the first places we been incarnated and the vessel we had do. Along multiple incarnations, some incarnations might becomes more relevant than others (karma impact, emotional burden, unfinished businesses etc)... how many incarnations people (consciously or not) "flushing" away due to what seeming irrelevant to our actual eyes (however it still brings confusions when having to point at one star).

The reason of my previous long comment is that i hope that starseeds who have "smaller" past lives luggage don't feel bad or lesser. As i see my actual human vessel getting old, i look behind myself and see how much i learned during this human life. Huge past lives luggage or small ones does'nt really matter, we're all small bricks ment to build greater than ourselves.  

As it turns out the subject is a two way street. Another member of this site confronted me the other day, stating that he thought it was bizarre that i identify as a piece/fragment/shard of Source. (FYI we all are).

Still though, identifying as a piece of Source was considered "Bizarre"

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