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Hello all, and thank you for reading.

I seem to have attached an entity to myself, (whatever that actually means), and what I notice is that it starts as a vacuuming in the base of my spine, and I start to feel my energy sucked until I am shaking, heart pounding, and out of breath. This is happening constantly on and off unless I stop it with my mind, and well it's not even 10-20 seconds it starts happening again unless I am distracted or in high states of love.

You can see that I have never started a discussion before, about anything like this because I usually end up healing my issues on my own, or time heals it,, but this has never happened before. I can't sleep at all because of this, (unless I finally and hopefully give in to exhaustion), that is why it is 3 am on a school night, and it can take serious effects on my physical health if I am not on a constant 24 hour mental guard. My guides have told me that this experience will help me in the future, and that it is apart of my soul path. I have DEFINITELY learned lots of lessons that have strengthened me, but tat this point it is suffering. I am 15 years old, and I would go to somebody that offers healing/clearing services but unfortunately in this world you need money, and I have none.

I don't know what many of you might offer me, but I would be grateful for anything. If any of you could help in a healing/clearing for me, or know someone who offers services for free, I would be in eternally and forever grateful and in your debt. I understand that healing can be performed by distance, and if there are any requirements to me being receptive please know that I have school 6 am - 3 pm monday - friday.

I also want you to know that I know where I acquired this situation, and I do not need to explain that over again, and that I have been asking constantly (because that's all I can do, 24/7) for the past two days for all my guides, ascended masters, angelic beings, all the highest beings of love and light, whatever you would like to call them , to assist in healing this situation, and I have multiple times performed healings on myself. Perhaps this healing from all the beings of light I have asked will occur later from now at a time that is best,( ?) but I am very tired of dealing with this and I just want to rest.

Thank you all for reading this.

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Hi Abby.

I sense that all your connection with the forces of light makes your "energy/conciousness " rise beyond the limits of your current "base template".

Your Love/Light and "unneeded emotions" and your "Prana/Chi is transferred and sucked/stored into a "off-grid" transdimensional "black hole" . Creating the "zero-point power core" for your future Trans-stellar Light "body".

This is all part of the current harvest/returning of "souls" and future seeding of the transdimensional star human.

Try to ask your future self inside the "black hole" to reverse the flow of "information" and Transform your draining "darkness" into personally enriching information and marvel at your future wisdom.

Love and Blessings



Love and Blessings


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