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Hello all, and thank you for reading.

I seem to have attached an entity to myself, (whatever that actually means), and what I notice is that it starts as a vacuuming in the base of my spine, and I start to feel my energy sucked until I am shaking, heart pounding, and out of breath. This is happening constantly on and off unless I stop it with my mind, and well it's not even 10-20 seconds it starts happening again unless I am distracted or in high states of love.

You can see that I have never started a discussion before, about anything like this because I usually end up healing my issues on my own, or time heals it,, but this has never happened before. I can't sleep at all because of this, (unless I finally and hopefully give in to exhaustion), that is why it is 3 am on a school night, and it can take serious effects on my physical health if I am not on a constant 24 hour mental guard. My guides have told me that this experience will help me in the future, and that it is apart of my soul path. I have DEFINITELY learned lots of lessons that have strengthened me, but tat this point it is suffering. I am 15 years old, and I would go to somebody that offers healing/clearing services but unfortunately in this world you need money, and I have none.

I don't know what many of you might offer me, but I would be grateful for anything. If any of you could help in a healing/clearing for me, or know someone who offers services for free, I would be in eternally and forever grateful and in your debt. I understand that healing can be performed by distance, and if there are any requirements to me being receptive please know that I have school 6 am - 3 pm monday - friday.

I also want you to know that I know where I acquired this situation, and I do not need to explain that over again, and that I have been asking constantly (because that's all I can do, 24/7) for the past two days for all my guides, ascended masters, angelic beings, all the highest beings of love and light, whatever you would like to call them , to assist in healing this situation, and I have multiple times performed healings on myself. Perhaps this healing from all the beings of light I have asked will occur later from now at a time that is best,( ?) but I am very tired of dealing with this and I just want to rest.

Thank you all for reading this.

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Hi Abby.

I sense that all your connection with the forces of light makes your "energy/conciousness " rise beyond the limits of your current "base template".

Your Love/Light and "unneeded emotions" and your "Prana/Chi is transferred and sucked/stored into a "off-grid" transdimensional "black hole" . Creating the "zero-point power core" for your future Trans-stellar Light "body".

This is all part of the current harvest/returning of "souls" and future seeding of the transdimensional star human.

Try to ask your future self inside the "black hole" to reverse the flow of "information" and Transform your draining "darkness" into personally enriching information and marvel at your future wisdom.

Love and Blessings


Hi Abby, 

Your message for help was definitely heard in the astral realms hehe. I took a look at this with my collective, my guides, myself, and my mother. The answer I got is very similar to the one Rolf already posted but I will tell you what we saw for you and this below. 

First thing you should know is this is not an attachment, possession, attack, or any negative energy. You have absolutely nothing to fear here :) 

This is actually something you created for yourself before entering Earth in this incarnation. It is a sphere of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity to do your work at the appropriate time. 

You are still growing and aren't ready to handle that yet, especially all of it at once like that. 

It is important for you to close this connection and move it out for now. This can be done by recognizing it is part of you and you control it. 

Close it and move it to where you feel is right (outside your body for example in your aura field, but check in with yourself and guides and move it to where ever feels it's right for you). Then when you are balanced again and have rested up, you can try putting a tiny "sipping straw" in the sphere and take tiny sips of energy as you grow and develop on all levels of your being. This way you can slowly adapt yourself to it instead of being hit with all of it at once like now hehe. 

This is an incredible source for you and what you are to do here. I think you just forgot about it and it really shook you up and scared you, had something very similar happen to me within the last couple of weeks so I understand hehe. So again there is nothing for you to fear! You have full control over this :) 

Wow! This is quite the interesting and unexpected scenario I have found myself in.

When I first became established with this energy sphere of mine, I was in a state of panic and fear, where ultimately because of a simple lack of knowledge/experience, I was not ready to accept, whilst also understanding and realizing the power of my consciousness and how it shapes my own reality and experiences, I found myself in a perceived 'trapped panic' where I was also very aware and very afraid that I was just as well likely and possibly attracting this experience by giving so much conscious thought and energy to. So when this energy sphere suddenly decided to activate itself and make me aware of it, it as you say, quite literally hit me with all of it at once, leaving me with an experience that left my physical body on near collapse/passing out, and very ungrounded, unless I consciously redirected the activity with my mind. So clearly when this happened, while in the midst of this very disturbed state of mind, I perceived it as a 'foreign energy' sucking all of my lifeforce out of my physical being as a result of what I'd just then manifested with my own consciousness, unfortunately.

Such an experience was quite literally the perceived reality of a ' worst nightmare' for me. A state of constant mental guard and overall suffering of being, whilst also having the feeling of your physical life and vitality vacuumed out of you from an unrelenting 'unknown force', the only break determined by your mental fortitude, which often just thinking or 'tricking' myself into thinking about that 'vacuuming feeling' would trigger it right away. So usually this 'break' only lasted between 10-20 seconds, explaining why I could never fall asleep.

However, this situation clearly was a huge learning experience for myself.. not even sure I'll be able to relay my whole feeling of experience just yet. Having to test myself into reclaiming all of my spiritual power in that timeframe, to overcome something that was actually my creation in the first place.. whilst also realizing being in that higher state of unshakable love for all lifeforms/entities regardless of their possible 'ill-wishing' for you, and the total acceptance of all situations you may find yourself in, understanding that you are eternal and nothing can truly 'harm' you in any way and finally realizing and embodying the understanding that this world/universe we perceive is only a game, and all we're doing here is remembering / learning how to navigate this game, until we find that we no longer struggle or resist anything. These are all of the mental concepts, relayed here, that were presented to me by others on my journey or things I had to realize myself. I remember sometimes just being so angry that I would let something, allow something, to make me feel this way and I immediately ceased the feeling of my life force being drained away, every time it reactivated itself. Other times I found myself so tired that when the feeling came, I would say again, ''I do not allow this to happen to me" or, "I do not let you do this to me" and there was no change at all, because I was experiencing a feeling of total loss in my own spiritual power, which at one time being able to fully realize.

Clearly I was not ready for this, (I had no idea such an energy sphere existed at all), and I need to rewire my mind to be much more harmonious with itself... Still not even entirely sure what this energy sphere is and how it works, but from what you'd told be about 'sipping' the energy, I have been able to just think of taking this in and experience feelings of this sparkling, pure, golden energy bursting into any chakra or part of my body that I want. I still feel that constant humming/buzzing at my tailbone, so I am not entirely sure if I've closed off the connection completely, or even if I should.

And of course, I truly want to thank you Nix, and Rolf, for looking into this for me! If not, well... I might've gone insane. You have my eternal gratitude*** :)


Love and Blessings


Hey Abby, 

Hehe I don't think there's too many ways for us to predict these things. Especially with all of these energies coming in right now, stuff just pops up out of nowhere that we aren't prepared for and it can be really stressful. And it takes us a bunch of tries to really be able to accurately figure out what it is and sometimes we do need to get help from others or other opinions to narrow it down hehe. 

On Christmas I had to deal with an attack that was sent from my father (he wasn't aware of it but apparently he's being used as a dark channel) that was sent to me in binary code in words on text or email. The attack was for my mother and it went through me and put a death mark on her. Fortunately my collective/guides already started treating it before we had realized it (it was originally sent about a week and a half before that). I was able to deal with it on Christmas with my collective and guides help, but whatever was in us was dark and evil and very targeted and planned. I just had re-acted my vision gift and was just barely beginning to use it and had to use it to put myself into the darkness and plant a bunch of my own images and thoughts in it (just called it a blessing) to remove it. 

Then the next day I ended up helping remove an attachment/possession from someone that had been sick in the hospital for 4 years with serious lung stuff. I used my vision gift and saw the negative energy was in her lungs and all through her blood. I had to modify my original image so I can embed a heart + inverted heart with spirals to basically screw it out of her. Then I used my gift to enter this dark crap again and embedded my image like millions of times throughout that energy in her blood and lungs to remove it. All while my collective, guides, the person with the attachments (with her full permission of course), and her guides helped, and an advanced healer was helping too. 

Now of course I have to ask myself is what any of what I just typed what really happened? Did my mother's fear manifest this "attack" on her? Did my father's subconscious and thoughts manifest this happening without him knowing it? Was this some sort of my own manifestation or illusion? Did I even use a vision gift or did my guides and collective just take care of it? I think it was a group effort of everyone involved, but came down a lot to the person who had the energy and their belief that we could help her remove it. It could be any of those things or something completely different, or maybe nothing at all haha. This is the spiral of questions and possibilities that help make that insanity feeling all the more intense lol. 

The images I made that I inserted into these negative energies I also believe my collective and I manifested these creations into this time period and now are available for anyone to use to deal with these things. Because 2 other people are already using the images I made and removing and protecting themselves with them. But maybe that's just an illusion too hehe. Maybe they just simply act like a placebo or training wheels and it's the person's belief that they will work that makes them work. Since I believe without doubts they will work, maybe that's the only reason they work for me too lol. 

After those 2 days in a row of inserting myself and seeing this darkness, I was really shaken. Instinctively I cut all connections and put up every wall and barrier I had and was paranoid another attack was going to happen and it really shook me in many ways. I started losing my mind. Trying to sleep when you think reptilians will attack you and only being 2-3 weeks into the mix wasn't exactly an easy thing to get through. The experience forced open my healing abilities and I was not ready for them or to be confronting darkness/negative energies. This then lead to my healing and light shining on all of my shadow self and darkness. So my shadow self and darkness all surfaced in an instant and I became toxic and honestly I believe I even cut my connection to source for a few days to a week (or at least that's what appeared to happen, not even sure if that's possible). Then really started losing my mind lol. I finally realized (after my guides/collective relentlessly kept sending me signs till I figured it out haha) that I had to deal with the shadow self and this darkness. So after I was shaken about darkness and negative evil energy, possession, attachment crap, I then was forced to examine all of my own darkness and feel all of that and come to terms and accept all my fears (so many more than I thought there was lol, pages and pages of bullet points written out of them). 

I just had started my awakening on December 2nd and this was only about 2-3 weeks after that started so I was extremely unprepared. 

I guess the point I was trying to make with this long story haha was that I don't think any of us can really predict what will be sprung on us right now. There is absolutely no way I could have prepared myself for all of that lol. I also have accepted that whatever happened during all of that, is over now and I don't think I will have the answers to what really happened, not now, maybe later, maybe never. I don't really care anymore, just looking at it as the next thing that comes up I will tackle it and get through it then. So I wouldn't stress yourself out about being unprepared for the next thing that is sprung on you or feel bad in any way about this. You really seem very advanced already and were already aware of where this thing was in your body and had already figured out a lot about it. You also asked for help and worked through it hehe which was also you handling it. So you definitely didn't do anything wrong at all, quite impressive really! I think for any of us, when we first encounter something dark it just really scares us, regardless of the nature of it, but we always come out a lot stronger! 



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