I wanted to do some spirit animal readings again.

If you feel connected to working with spirit animals I want to help you connect to your guide.

We all have totem guides that are with us throughout life and temporary guides and shadow animal guides.

I dont know which of them that will make themselves known. But I will ask for the most relevant guide to come through.

Shanti Joy

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Always ready for this
I'd enjoy one. Thank you.

Hello, I would like to participate.

One for me please. Thank you

Hey Joy,

I would love to have a reading about this subject :)

Thank you so much!

Hi, sure why not :)
Love and light

yes please :)

Hi Joy,I would like one too.
Yes please and thank you!
I would love one, please :) thank you

Hey Joy I would really like one of these. :)

Hi Joy, I would like a reading also. Thanks

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