as some of you know i was born awakened. to those who do now know this can mean a verity of things. abilities, past life memories, no to little vial restraints, astral travel, healing. it comes naturally to me there for i have not had to learn it from basics of physics. i have been teaching basic energy manipulation and mage science for about 2 years now. i am finding do to my natural abilities i did not not need to learn how to do the basics on a level of some one who has never had to. this had made things complicated to teach others. i had to learn from the top to bottom. instead of bottom up. you may think this can be a advantage but it has much draw backs. going from a higher being way of thinking to a lower one is very very different. they do not see the universe the same way on how it functions or how to manipulate the surroundings in a harmonious manner. they know absolute nothing of there own body or energy. i find this equally so for watching this planet as well. though it seems more backwards way of doing things and some times soulfully immoral on how others treat others. i had a discussion with a member on here. he wanted to awaken but did not know how to. or what to direction to look in advancing his knowledge. .

will power vs forced control.
the hardest part i find when people start learning the ways of energy manipulation and that they are more than just a body is the reality of it all. they try to control everything instead of just being one with it all. and that is where they block them selves the most. something that is soo vast can be unsettling to some. it causes a imbalance to force something vs to become one with it. learning on a level that you may not truly understand logically. after all ones logic is based off ones knowledge and understanding of what they interact with. will power is much different than forcing something.

why so cryptic?
i find a lot of students and people in general want knowledge to be given to them strait froward and not earn it. there is problems with this. one is that the people teaching may have contracts with higher ones or ets. this means they can not openly give info out right with out them getting into trouble. in order to doge around this they have to be cryptic to make people think! and as always you must ask the right questions that includes wording them properly. people will not achieve the right mind set if not finding the answers them selfs..most can not go from only knowing basic math to physics with out much confusion. the other thing they have issues with is accepting new knowledge. there is much knowledge that is not taught in schools and seems questionable at first or its just to out there for them to wrap their brain around. they shut out everything and do not continue do to the outlandish information..but when they stick with it and do the studying to understand it everything falls into place and becomes so obvious they could not believe its was not seen. this experience helps the mind ease into the stages one needs to know more safely. and it may change how you view the world bring a higher knowing of one self and the world around them. will this mean you know everything ever taught no. it does not matter what path you take in awaking your self wither it be religion, atheist or what ever. the out come if done right will be the same. you do not have to be religious to be awakened!!!!! it is hidden in religion if you know where to look as religion holds much info. but everyone hears the word and turns their nose...not a good thing to practice if you want truth. iam not saying convert or even believe but you need to read between the lines of religions...what do they have smaller stories? beings/ creatures in them? who to transcend into enlightenment or favorable afterlife? and the more hidden sacred geometry.

the power of sound and vibrations.
this is basic knowledge of normal human science. everything has its own vibration down to its atomic structure. this is very important to learn early. and why every is soo hyped about the music with numbers and hertz. there are healing vibrations. for science look up how to levitate items with sound on youtube. crystals and rocks have there own power and energy as well.....look up crystal batteries. rocks can help people re adjust their natural energy flow..though not all people are the same depending no what your soul resonates at...for most people they will go well with any rock ...for creatures or beings of void or darker energies. smoky crystals, tigers eye, black obsidian, will benefit you. its not what they are used for exs protection, or chakras, its the energy they resonate at. they are a lower vibration closer to void energy,..*not chaos energy! anger, depression, lust,jealousy is chaos energy* remember emotions are vibrations too! all i have to say is meditation, meditation, meditation.

those are a good start. and much research can be done in many directions. feel free to ask questions i will answers to what my contract allows me to..and what knowledge/ experience i have can give. no i do not have all the answers but for research i did have to take the full journey to become knowledge in the science i do know now. even with all the astral traveling, et experience and paranormal i still had to connect things here.

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