Have any of you experienced positive contact by reptilian species? Either terran or ET? One of the reasons that I am on this site is to promote awareness of service to others reptilian groups. Unfortunately there are some speakers who cast reptilian species in a negative light, which only further divides the two native terran species currently evolved to the point of civilization. I am from the terran reptilian group on a soul level. I am not entirely sure why I reincarnated as a human, but slowly I am starting to feel that spreading this kind of awareness is part of it. Please feel free to use this thread to discuss your own positive experiences. I understand that there are negative beings in all species, but there are also positive beings, and it is my goal in this thread to provide a place to show this.

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I have mixed experiences ill send them when im out of the shower.

I am personally, heavily aligned with reptilian consciousness.


^In this bio, the second set of paragraphs highlighted in red explains a merging OBE experience I had with a male reptilian consciousness.(VERY positive experience) This particular experience happened about 7years ago, but I have been aware of reptilian consciousness since I was a young boy due to an early OBE involving winged reptilians. My self discovery experience happened in November 2014, which is the experience that allowed me to feel that I had the necessary, experiential proof of my eternal connection to reptilian beings/consciousness.

As far as the negative depictions of reptilians go, you may be interested in a thread I created a year ago. The link below contains this thread, and it may give a more objective view of prejudiced behavior/mindsets within humanity, and it's cause/effect as well.


I will definitely be sure to read these threads. I appreciate your response.

I agree completely, I have had a wonderful encounter with a Reptilian. His energy was unconditional love and protection.

Hi my cosmic family are positive vegan dracos I am starting to feel the negative effects of racism against our kind. I was on this youtube channel this Christian fanatic claimed dragons and reptilians should get killed. Thinking we are all negative.

Well that is kind of the impression I got as well re the reptiles. But are they not, by and large, pretty negative?? I mean they did enslave us for energy etc.

The Christian fanatic is trapped in his own consciousness, in any case I'm sure the dragons and reptiles will join forces to defeat him :)

We are not by and large negative. In the eyes of other species, humanity might be seen as "by and large negative" if they were told only about those with service to self agendas.

Well, I'm certainly not going to argue with a reptile. That has not gone well in the past :)

But are they not one of 3 races who have yet to pass the ring, meaning they are more likely to have service to self agendas?

I have nothing against the reptile race personally. But I would view an act of domination as "negative", the same way I view human domination over the bovines as "negative".

By that logic Pleiadians are negative because they conquered Erra and committed genocide of the Native culture.


Hmm, I'm not quite sure that follows darling. The Pleiadians do like their war. But are you sure they took over Erra and committed genocide of the native culture? How do you know this information? Given that they are more advanced than us I'm sure it was a little more complicated. But if they conquered and slaughtered for fun instead of necessity then i would say it was a negative, action, yes. Not that the race was negative.

The Pleiadians are not, as someone quoted in another thread, the penultimate beings of light and love. They are only 4D, a step above us silly humans. I would say the Arcturians are the penultimate beings of light and love in terms of ET's in this universe, if a choice had to be made and we understood what the words meant.

For starters im one of the few surviving native Errans

My people actively reach out to me demanding justice.

The pleiadians offered assimilation to make amends

My people refuse to assimilate.
Some want to declare war, which is folly, there arent enough of us to survive a war let alone have a chance at victory.

"Conquered and slaughtered" for necessity? So European conquest of the Americas than.

My people are understandably frustrated. We have few voices. Few conduits to share our ordeals. Billions upon billions of others among the races and a few hundred of us.

Ok, knowing nothing about ET history I'll take your word for it.

European conquest of Americas was for greed of course. As was the brutal extinction of the native Americans. As was the invasion of Ireland by England. And the manipulation of humans by reptiles. And so on. And so forth. Not condoning it.

A few hundred left? They eradicated the whole race? Why the initial invasion?



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