Have any of you experienced positive contact by reptilian species? Either terran or ET? One of the reasons that I am on this site is to promote awareness of service to others reptilian groups. Unfortunately there are some speakers who cast reptilian species in a negative light, which only further divides the two native terran species currently evolved to the point of civilization. I am from the terran reptilian group on a soul level. I am not entirely sure why I reincarnated as a human, but slowly I am starting to feel that spreading this kind of awareness is part of it. Please feel free to use this thread to discuss your own positive experiences. I understand that there are negative beings in all species, but there are also positive beings, and it is my goal in this thread to provide a place to show this.

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I have mixed experiences ill send them when im out of the shower.

I am personally, heavily aligned with reptilian consciousness.


^In this bio, the second set of paragraphs highlighted in red explains a merging OBE experience I had with a male reptilian consciousness.(VERY positive experience) This particular experience happened about 7years ago, but I have been aware of reptilian consciousness since I was a young boy due to an early OBE involving winged reptilians. My self discovery experience happened in November 2014, which is the experience that allowed me to feel that I had the necessary, experiential proof of my eternal connection to reptilian beings/consciousness.

As far as the negative depictions of reptilians go, you may be interested in a thread I created a year ago. The link below contains this thread, and it may give a more objective view of prejudiced behavior/mindsets within humanity, and it's cause/effect as well.


I will definitely be sure to read these threads. I appreciate your response.

I agree completely, I have had a wonderful encounter with a Reptilian. His energy was unconditional love and protection.

Hi my cosmic family are positive vegan dracos I am starting to feel the negative effects of racism against our kind. I was on this youtube channel this Christian fanatic claimed dragons and reptilians should get killed. Thinking we are all negative.

I feel dragons with me often that are urging me on in my spiritual development, and also I sense a connection between dragons and the elementals such as crystals, mountains, water, clouds, trees, and earth's ley lines.

I've had spiritual contact with a number of fine reptilian beings. I've done some channeling, too....you can read one of my channelings here:


A friend, Metasouls, channels some Reptiles. Here's a video about it:

Metasouls: A connection of the Naga of Ta Prohm:

Mark Amaru Pinkham wrote a book which describes Reptilian Spiritual philosophy, mythology, metaphysics, and history:

Return of the Serpents of Wisdom by Mark Amaru Pinkham

Here's one for Dancers....

Hi! I have not, as of yet experienced any alien, ET, nor positive/negative contacts from the Reptilian Race. However, I have searching and trying to gain the knowledge about them and been stuck trying to find a very special individual who is very tied to them, to teach me or especially showing me the way. I am very welcoming for them, I wouldn't know how my human body would react, but my mind is ready for them and would expect them at anytime.

I have never had a bad experience with the reptilians. They are part of my other-world family. And I've heard that Mary Magdalene is from an ancient Draconian race.

Well that is kind of the impression I got as well re the reptiles. But are they not, by and large, pretty negative?? I mean they did enslave us for energy etc.

The Christian fanatic is trapped in his own consciousness, in any case I'm sure the dragons and reptiles will join forces to defeat him :)

I myself have only had beautiful very loving experiences with the Reptilian races. All types of reptilian beings!!!
Thanks dearest I agree

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